Candy placed the folder, her phone, and her shake on the kitchen counter and took a seat. The folded slip of paper caught her eye and and smiled, she loved it when master left her notes!

Her fingers reached out and grabbed it, unfolding it so she could see his hand written note, and her pussy tingled with excitement.


Bringing home surprise tonight.

Make sure to have dinner ready by 5 and wear that pink outfit I like.


P.S. Oh, you can’t cum until I say so, but feel free to masturbate several times today.

Candy ran her fingers across the paper several times, the smile on her lips broad as her free hand slipped between her legs. She started to rub her clit through the tight black leather pants she had only just managed to slip in to after her morning workout and routine.

She leaned back in the chair as best as she could and masturbated for a good half hour holding the letter up in front of her the entire time.

Finally, bringing herself to the edge several times, she sighed and stopped, sitting upright and folding the letter before setting it just above her folder. Then, opening her folder she started to do her chores and balance the books of the house before she could head up to the bedroom and masturbate some more.

She was so excited, she loved surprises, especially when master brought them home.

Candy frowned as she look in to her walk in closet, the entire left half filled with pink outfits that Master liked. After all, she didn’t keep anything he didn’t like, and so she was having a hard time figuring out which outfit he might have been referencing.

Was it the frilly one that really showed off her tits? Or the curve hugging one that really showed off her tits? Or the latex one that showed off her tits?

Stepping in to the closet, she ran her fingers across the shoulders of the hangers as she moved deeper and deeper in, until finally a little electric thrill ran up her fingers and she stopped instantly. Smiling she looked at the outfit that hung on the hanger and smiled, god it was perfect.

She quickly changed in to it and admired herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom, the tight pink corset squeezing her waist in, the sheer pantyhose matching it perfects, and the towering heels pushing her ass out.

She walked over to the chair by the mirror and sat down, sliding her ass to the edge of the seat and then letting her fingers run over the slick pink material of the thong that went with the outfit, bringing herself so close so many times until the alarm on her phone went off and she pouted. She had to stop or dinner would be ruined.

She almost didn’t the punishment being so sweat that it was almost worth disobeying masters command. But in the end she relented and headed back down to the kitchen.

Candy could hardly believe her eyes, there on master’s arm was Cynthia, her younger sister. She tottered over to her and wrapper her arms around her, “Oh my god Cythia!” she squealed as she embraced her sister.

“C… Ca… Candice?” Cynthia managed to get out, seeming confused and disoriented.

“Play nice Candy.” master said and she released her death like grip on her sister and took a step back.

“Sorry!” she replied timidly and hung her head down.

“Candice… what… what’s going on?” Cynthia managed to get out as she looked her sister up and down.

Candy looked towards master and he smiled at her, sending a shiver of pure lust through her body. He reached over and took Cynthia’s chin in his hand and turned her head towards him.

“Call her Candy, she prefers it. As for what’s going on, I told you before I don’t take kindly to little miss know it alls interfering with me so I’m taking care of the problem.”

Cynthia’s brow furrowed and she seemed even more confused, but master was apparently done explaining and instead walked towards the kitchen. Candy quickly grabbed Cynthia’s hand and chased after him, the poor confused Cynthia unable to do anything else, followed along behind her.

Master sat at the dinner table and Cynthia joined him as Candy ran to the kitchen and brought out dinner. It was a gourmet meal, three courses and desert, all prepared perfectly.

Throughout the meal Candy kept stealing glances at Cynthia, the confusion and disorientation never leaving her eyes. But Candy still admired other things about her sister. Her long natural brown hair, much like she had once, was in perfect condition. Her simple makeup and strong features looking so different tha her won, but she knew that was just an illusion that Candy worked on every day.

In truth, they were almost twins, born only 11 months apart and up until a year ago, both hard working driven business professionals.

That had all come to and end when she’d met master of course. She’d come out to review the business her family had a significant investment in and found many irregularities in it. She’d threated to go to the authorities even. That is until master explained to her how she really didn’t need to worry about it.

He’d explained how she had so much more important things to worry about, like how she was going to get his cock in to her pussy and how she was going to convince him to let her move in to his home.

She could only imagine that the expression on her face was much like Cynthia’s was now.

Finally, desert was served, at least to master, she didn’t eat dessert and so she hadn’t made any for Cynthia either. Master took a single bit of the home made cake and savored it for a moment before speaking.

“Candy, why don’t you and Cynthia provide some after dinner entertainment while I finish dessert?”

Candy stood up and started to gyrate her hips, stripping as she made her way over to Cynthia’s seat. She ran her fingers over her sisters head and body, slowly kissed her on the lips and then pulled the chair out from the table. Taking her sisters hands in her own, she guided her up until she was standing and soon Candy was stripping her naked as well.

When she was done, Cynthia stood naked with Candy standing behind her. Candy wrapped her arms around her sister and slowly brought her back to the chair, sitting down so that shared the seat. Candy reached down with both hands and spread her sisters legs wide open, then started to rub her sisters pussy and maul her breast.

The confusion quickly left Cynthia’s eyes, replaced by need as she gasped, “Oh god, oh god, oh god!”

Candy leaned in to her sisters ear, “Yes he is a god, a fucking sex god! Look at him, don’t you want to suck his cock? Don’t you want his cock in this pretty little pussy of yours?”

Cynthia’s eyes snapped over to him, the words making her even hornier than Candy’s fingers, “Y… Y… Yes… I want his cock… I need… I need his cock…” she gasped as Candy continued her assault on her body.

Candy leaned in even more and nibbled at her sisters ear, “Then all you have to do is say your name and his name…”

“C… C… Cyn… Cynthia?” she managed to get out, confusion starting to come over her once again.

“No silly… not that old boring name… the name that a sex god would call you…”

“N… n… no… I… don’t… please no….” Cynthia managed to get out just before Candy slipped her fingers in to Cynthia’s wet pussy.

“No? You don’t want his cock in your pussy just like my fingers are now?”

“Yes… Yes! YES!”

“Then say what you know to be true…”

“Oh god, oh god, S… Si… Sin… Sindy!” Cynthia, now Sindy, cried out as her body shook from the force of it.

“Good Sis, very good, now what’s his hame?”

Sindy looked over at master, her eyes hungry with need, “Master! Master! MASTER!” she cried out as an orgasm crashed over her.

When she recovered, the two sisters kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining as they did so.

Candy was the first to break the kiss and smiled at her sister, “So sis, are you ready for desert yet?”

“Oh god yes!” Sindy replied, returning the smile.

Candy bumped Sindy off the edge of the chair and on to her knees, Candy joined her as the two of the crawled under the table to find master’s cock and the yummy desert that it contained.