“Fuck, not again!” Kimberly thought as she tied her shoe and looked over to the man approaching her. It was David of course, her pervy old neighbour.

She’d headed out for her daily run and was just finishing up when she’d noticed her shoelace untied. Not wanting to twist an ankle or anything, she’d bent down to tie it again, but now she regretted that decision. It had given David enough time to emerge from his house and start walking towards her.

Oh, he would have a perfectly fine excuse of course, she’d passed the community mail back at the corner and she could see the keys in his hand as he approached her.

“Hi Kimmy.” he called out as he came to a stop just in front of her.

“Fuck…” she said under her breath with a sigh as she finished, “It’s Kimberly David, we’ve gone over this before.” she replied as she stood up and faced him.

Her eyes cast up and down him quickly, not finding anything different than any other day, she rolled her eyes in disgust. How could such a old, balding, fat man walk around outside in such a ratty and dirty house coat?

“Sorry Kimmy, habit I guess.” he replied, reaching up to stroke the several days of stubble on his face.

“Whatever, I’ve got to go.” Kimberly replied and stepped to the side and started walking past him.

“Hey, I’ve got a quick question…” he said as she did and instinctively, and to her regret, she turned her head and raised an eyebrow.

“What’s 621 divided by 9?”

Kimberly scrunched her forehead, it was such a weird questions, her mind didn’t seem to be able to quite grasp it. But then a cascade of thoughts poured her her mind and her face went slack.

A moment later she blinked several times, smiled and then turned to continue on past David to her house. A quick shower and change of clothes follows as she headed out to her backyard, over to the gate in the fence between David and her property and through it. She flounced her way through the sliding doors and in to his bedroom where he was laying naked on the bed waiting.

“’bout time Kimmy.”

“Like, oh my god I’m sorry baby! But, like I totally had to show you my new skirt!” Kimmy replied and twirled around, sending the tiny skirt out from her body and showing off her bare pussy and ass.

“I’ll totally make it up to you baby *giggle*” she half squealed as she climbed on to the bed and between his legs, crawling up between them and then placing her lips on his hardening shaft. She flipped her hair to one side and then slowly descended, keep eye contact with him all the way down.

Her nipples were hard, her pussy was wet and her whole body shivered in pleasure as she reached the base, she held his dick deep in her throat for as long as she could until she had to slide it out so she could take a breath. Then she did it again, and again, and again.

By the fourth time her eyes were watering and she was slightly chocking by the end. She kept it up until he finally reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her up and off of him.

She slide up his body, the material of her thin top providing little protection for her hard sensitive nipples as she did. Finally their lips found each other and so did their tongues as his hands grabbed her ass and gave it a good hard smack.

He broke it off and she quickly sat upright, grabbing the sides of her top and in one fluid motion pulled it from her body. Tossing it to the side she shimmied up his body a bit and then leaned over, letting her tits fall on to his face, his lips wrapping round her nippled and sucking on it.

One of his hands came up and found her free nipple and took hold of it, twisting it between his fingers and he nibbled on the other one.

“Oh god baby, suck that nipple, twist that nipples, play with my tits!” She rocked her hips as he continued, her wet pussy rubbing up against his bulging stomach as his other hand squeezed her ass even harder.

After several minutes his lips came free of her nipple and he pushed her backwards slightly, taking the hint she quickly positioned herself above his hard member, taking it in one of her hands and guiding it in to her pussy.

His hands reached up and grabbed her tits as she rode him, hard and deep.

“Fuck Kimmy’s pussy baby! Fuck Kimmy’s horny, slutty little pussy baby!”

Oh god she was fucking him and it felt so good! It was like his dick was penetrating every cell of her body at once and all she could do was ride it out… literally!

“Fuck Kimmy! Fuck Kimmy! Fuck Kimmy! Fuck Kimmy! Fuck Kimmy! Fuck Kimmy! FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK KKKKKKIIIIIIMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” she cried out at the top of her lungs as she felt his cum burst in to her and he grunted like rutting pig.

She collapsed down on to him, her whole body expended, as she panted trying to catch her breath.

A sharp slap on her ass brought her back to the moment, “Hey, you’re not done yet Kimmy.” David said and Kimmy let out a giggle.

“Like, sorry baby…” she replied and shimmied herself back down his body, taking his dick between her lips and sucking every last drop of cum from it that she could.

“Good girl, now get out of here. Oh and tomorrow you’d better be wearing a thong on your run, go it?”

“Yes baby, I got it. *giggle*”

Kimberly let the hot water wash down over her as she stood under the shower head and let out a sigh. A hot shower was always a welcome respite after a good run and this mornings had been great. We’ll except the run in with David of course.

At least she’d been able to quickly move around him and other than basic pleasantries, hadn’t had to speak to him either.

He was such a perv, but she had to admit he was a wizard with computers. When she’d been having so many problems with her Internet connect he’d been able to fix up her computer in just a couple of hours. It worked better than ever!

Not that she’d had a lot of time lately to do much on it. She’d really gotten in to working out and running a lot more since then, and looking back on it, was spending a lot more time on herself too. Her old daily routine had only taken 45 minutes or so, but now she was spending nearly 2 hours each morning running, putting on makeup, dressing up and looking good.

She smiled with pride, she deserved it and no matter how many dirty looks David gave her she wasn’t about to change because of him.

Kimberly eventually shut off the water, toweled herself off and walked naked out in to her bedrom. Sitting on the bed, she picked up her computer and intended to unlock it, but the spinning pattern of the screen saver David had installed caught her attention and three hours later there was a small pool of drool between her legs.