Barbie turned her cute white seat around and pulled her classes down to look over them, “Yes Mister Danner?” she asked, but with a terrible lisp caused by her over stuffed lips.

What she really wanted to say was “Fuck you Brian, you won’t get away with this!” but those words never left her lips these days no matter how hard she tried to twister to two cock pillows on her face in to the shapes she wanted.

She finished pulling the glasses from her face and absent mindedly started to suck on one of the arms, but it really wasn’t absent mindedly at all, but quite intentional. The glasses were one of the few things left over from her old life, but even they had changed.

Where as before she needed her glasses, her eyesight not being very good at all, they now held just clear glass and she could see perfectly without them.

The voice that always echoed in her mind when she thought of them came once more, “A good slut can’t be fumbling around for a cock because she can’t see…”, sending a shiver down her spine that no one else could see.

She didn’t know who’s voice it was, or exactly when, but it was one of the few things she’d been able to remember from the missing month in her life.

Memories from before were perfectly clear, and, god how she wished it wasn’t true, memories from when she returned were etched in to her mind. She could still remember leaving the office, walking past the nameplate on her door, Barbra Kisenger CEO, and smiling, knowing it would be there when she returned from her well earned vacation.

It had been a long time coming, her vacation, but she’d found the perfect European spa to get away to for a couple of weeks. It was expensive, exclusive and guaranteed her privacy.

The last thing she clearly remembered from that time was driving up the long road and catching a glimpse of the impressive old building that housed the spa. Then… nothing.

At least nothing until she found herself seated at her desk, the a new one that she certainly had never had before. It was filled with pink fluffy things and it didn’t take her long to realize she was one of them.

She looked around in panic and quickly recognized the rest of the area, it was her company’s office. A quick glance at the door just beside her desk wanted to make her scream, “Brian Danner, CEO”.

Instead the speaker on her desk phone came to life and Brian’s voice came over it, “Barbie, please come in to my office.”

Her long manicured nailed reached out and hit the button to reply, “Yes Mister Danner.” her voice replied. But it wasn’t her voice at all, gone was the powerful, confident, almost gravely voice she’d worked to perfect, replaced with a high pitched, almost whine with a terrible lisp.

Her body stood up, grabbed a pink pad of paper, a similarly pink pen with a big heart on the top of it and started to walked out from behind her desk.

It was then the other changes hit her. Her breasts were huge, her waist was tight, her hair brushed against her exposed lower back, her feet were stuffed in to towering heals… and her outfit… it was so skimpy!

Without her consent she found herself in her old office, the door closed, her hands clasping the pad and pen behind her back as she gently swayed her breasts from side to side, standing right in front of the desk, Brian’s wolfish grin plastered across his face.

And then she stood there, waiting. Waiting for what she couldn’t say because she was screeching at the top of her lungs on the inside at least. Then Brian stood up, walked around his desk and circled her several times, inspecting every inch of her, until he seemed satisfied.

Finally he spoke, “Tell me who you are.” he said.

Her lips tried to curl in to a smile but they failed pretty miserably, “Like, I’m Barbie Kisses, your personal assistant Mister Danner.” her squeaky, lispy voice replied in a overtly happy tone.

“And how long have you worked for me?”

“Like, oh my god, just a couple of weeks! You totally took a chance and hired me, like, right out of college Mister Danner!”

“And what did you study in college Barbie?”

“*giggle* Like, makeup and fashion! That’s why I’m so totally happy you took a chance on me Mister Danner! I totally don’t deserve to be working for a big, strong, important man like you Mister Danner. *giggle*”

Barbra wanted to puke right in Brian’s face, but instead she did nothing but wait for whatever was going to happen next.

Brian walked over to the side of the office, on the wall was a large mirror and motioned for her to come over to it. When she arrived she realized the full horror of what had been done to her.

The reflection of the face she now had looked nothing like who she had been. Gone were the fine lines of her 32 years on the planet, replaced with the perfectly smooth skin of some brain dead twenty year old. Her nose, never large by any means, was little more than a cute little button that would have adorned a child’s doll. But it was her lips, painted bright shiny red, that dominated her face.

So much so that she almost didn’t notice Brian place his hands on her ass until after her body had pushed itself back against them and she heard the parity of a voice speak once more, “Oh, Mr. Donner, squeeze Barbie’s bumbum! *giggle*”

He spent the next half hour playing with her body, squeezing her ass, her tits, sticking his finger between her plump lips. Each time she encouraged him on, squealing like a little girl opening a present, giggling like a total airhead or moaning like a complete slut.

He finally stopped after giving her ass a quick slap, “Alright Barbie, get back to work.” he said and she scrambled to pick up the pad and pen she’d dropped at some point, bending at the waist of course.

She quickly left his office, but instead of returning to her desk she ran as quickly as she could in her ridiculous heels straight for the bathroom.

She couldn’t help it, the last half hour had driven her body to the edge of madness. Every fiber of her body was alive with need. She slammed the stall door behind her, locked it, pulled her short skirt up and drover her fingers in to her sopping wet pussy.

It made little difference though, her orgasm was tantalizingly close, yet agonizingly so far away, all at the same time.

At that was how it had been for the three weeks since she’d been back at the office.

Always on edge, never being satisfied. But it was even worse than that, the office had always been heavily male dominated, with only two other women in it. Since her return though, she hadn’t seen either one of them and had finally been able to find out that they had both been let go shortly before her “return”.

The men in the office quickly determined that she was completely open to any kind of sexual harassment they might want to dish out and even thank them for it!

It wasn’t long before her ass was being grabbed at every opportunity, her tits being squeezed with abandon whenever no one else was looking.

She’d even been in the elevator with one of the managers, standing in front of him when he’d grabbed her ass, with both hands, and she bent over, grabbed her knees and wiggled her ass as she giggled and said, “Spank my bumbum baby!”

He’d eagerly complied and she’d spent the next half hour in the bathroom stale to no avail.

Work was only half of it too, her personal life was a parody as well. Gone was her spacious downtown condo, her Mercedes-Benz, her membership to the Barnes club where the most powerful people in the city met, her large collection of power suits, and all her other assets.

Replaced with a tiny one bedroom apartment, a tiny pink Smart car, a new gym membership which she used every day, a closet filled with skimpy pink and white trashy clothing, and a metric ton of makeup, costume jewelry and accessories.

All she did after work was run straight to the gym, work out for several hours and the head right home. Where she proceeded to make dinner and then masturbate herself to sleep. She had managed to get a few minutes between dinner and her nightly masturbation sessions to do some on-line searches, only to find out that “Barbra Kisenger” had died in a car accident while on vacation and the company had shortly there after announced Brian as her replacement. Beyond that there was very little else to be found.

There was one thing that concerned her even more than all the rest, and that was something she hadn’t noticed until she’d gotten up the first morning in “her” apartment and started to expertly apply her makeup.

Even beyond the fact she’d never been an expert it, it was how her face didn’t seem to move much. It was like it was permanently fixed in position and even as she tied to raise an eyebrow or move her nose, they remained perfectly still.

Her face was like a doll, fixed perfectly in position, eyes wide, lips parted, and not a line on it to blemish the effect. And a little voice kept asking the same question about it… was it just some side effect of whatever youthening process they’d used on her, or more ominously, was it on purpose?

She always pushed that thought down when it came, not wanting to really know the answer. After all, there was no good answer to be had for it.

Still sucking lightly on the arm of her glasses, she sat patiently as she looked up at Brian, her bum twisting slightly one way while her tits went the other way.

He bent over, placed a hand on her knee, stopping her motion, and then reached out and flipped her skirt up, revealing her bare, wet pussy.

His hand moved down and his fingers ran over her lower lips, then gently between them. She let out a gasp, leaned forward, taking her glasses from her lips and clasping both of her hands behind her back. Her mouth was right beside his ear, “Oh my god Mister Danner, play with Barbie’s wet little kitty!”

She let out a moan before wrapping her lips around his ear lobe and suckled it as he rubbed her pussy even more. When he stopped, he pulled back and raised his moist fingers to her mouth and she quickly wrapped her lips around them, sucking her own juices from them.

He popped them out of her mouth and smiled down at her, “Follow me Barbie.”

She giggled and followed along just a couple steps behind him as he entered his office and closed the door behind them. He grabbed her hand and spun her around, slipping his other hand behind her head and holding her as kissed her hard.

He didn’t need to bother, Barbie’s tongue was eagerly probing his mouth as soon as their lips touched, she pushed her tits in to his chest and grabed hold of him as if her life depended upon it after guiding his other hand around and placing it on her ass under her skirt.

He pushed her forward and she took a step backwards, repeated until she felt her ass come up against the desk, and both of his hands found her ass and hiked her up on to it.

A moment later he broke the kiss and then gasped and moaned almost simultaneously, “Oh my god Mister Danner, Barbie’s so horny! *giggle*” she said as her manicured nails dove for his belt buckle and pants.

“Fuck it… I don’t care if they did say wait a month for the programming to take hold completely, I can’t wait any longer!” he said and grabbed her flimsy bra and ripped it in two, releasing her tits from their confinement.

His pants hit the floor at almost the same time as her bra and she giggled and shook her tits from side to side, “Oh my god, like, I love showing off my big fake titties Mister Danner!”

Without any further ado, he pushed her back flat on to his desk, leaned over her and took one of her erect nipples between his teeth, sucking, pulling and distending it while his fingers did the same to the other one.

“*giggle* Suck Barbie’s big fake titties Mister Danner! Suck’em! Suck’em! Suck’em!”

After several minutes he stood up, grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the desk. She quickly pulled her legs back and held them in place as he lined up and slipped in to her.

“Oh my god Mister Danner! Like your cock is so big! It’s ganna split Barbie in two! Barbie loves it! Barbie loves it!”

And it was true as well, Barbie could feel the orgams building, but not like all those nights at home or all those hours in the stall. No, this was a real orgasm, one that would crest and release all the pent up heat she’d had over the last three weeks.

He pounded her pussy hard. She squealed, and moaned, and giggled, and egged him on.

“Like, Barbie… Barbie… Barbie’s… gonna… gonna… cum…” she managed to get out, unsure of how she hadn’t already, but then the pounding stopped.

Her head cocked up instantly, “NO! Like, don’t stop! Barbie’s so close! Fuck Barbie! Fuck Barbie! Fuck Barbie!”

But instead he grabbed her hair, pulled her from the desk and down on to her knees. Her hands flew to his pulsing cock as she pulled herself towards it, her lips landing on it’s head and she sucked it in.

His hands grasped her head and took control, his thrusting resuming and her orgasm continued to build as her hands flew out from her sides and she gave up any semblance of control.

She was sure he was close, she’d just tasted the precum when she was once more pushed off of his shaft, his hand on her forehead stopping her from leaning any farther forward. Her eyes, fixed in position as always, unable to express the need deep inside of her, she did all she could and opened and closed her mouth again and again, the little that her over stuff lips allowed, looking like a fish out of water.

But her hands knew what to do, they grabbed hold of his shaft and stroked it. After only a couple he grunted and the first stream of cum flew across her face and glasses. The second followed, the third hit her lips and the last several sprayed across her tits.

And then three weeks of masturbation and need crested, sending a massive orgasm across her entire body as she collapsed back against the desk and started to slide down to one side. Brian’s firm grip on her hair refused to let her go though and instead pulled her back upright, pulled her head all the way back to an unnatural angle and then used his free hand to slap his dick across her lips, sending the few remaining drop of cum on to her glasses.

Finished, he let go and she finally fell to the floor, used and spent with nothing left to offer him.

“Fuck they did a good job on you Barbra. I can’t wait for the next round of upgrades. They tell me they can get rid of those tattoo and up the implants as well. Too bad they can’t go any more on the lips, but they say if they do you’ll be drooling all the time and I can’t have that kind of mess in the office.”

Barbie just giggled, still coming down from the high of the orgasm as he continued to speak.

“Of course maybe I’ll send you for a third round in a year or two and then I can just keep you at home full time. After all Miranda and Cynthia, or should I say Mindy and Cindy, are due back next week from the spa and they should be able to take care of the office after they’re broken in.”

Brian walked out of the office, leaving her there, laying on the carpet for sevearl minutes. Eventually she managed to get herself up and redressed, after finding something to pin her bra back together temporarily.

She wiggled her way over to the large mirror once more, Brian’s cum still over over her and her tongue darted out to retrieve a drop from her lips, but it stopped before it touched it.

Instead, she wiggled her tits to make sure they looked good, ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it out as much as possible and then walked out to her desk.

She spent the rest of the afternoon with Brain’s cum proudly displayed on her and she couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see if she was going to be lucky enough receive another load from him.