A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday May 02, 2020

Even now, after all this time, as she tried to once more wrap her fingers around the shiny pink collar, her hands diverted themselves to the hair of her two pig tails and started to twirl them.

She closed her eyes and let the thought slip from her mind and her hands returned to her side. Opening her eyes, she fixated on the collar, focusing as hard as she could on the cold metal of it and started to lift her hands back up.

They once again grabbed hold of her pigtails and started to twirl.

She let out a sigh and repeated the ritual several more times with the same result.

It was so frustrating, after all she’d been the one to invent the technology in the first place!

But she hadn’t been the first to see it’s potential. No that was her assistant Johnny. She had to give him for his quick understanding of the complex theory and mathematics behind her breakthrough, as well as his impressive ability to quickly create a prototype.

He done everything he need to have a functioning device in just over a week, when she was still considering what applications the technology might have. He’d come in to her office, under the pretense of having some questions about it, and managed to come around her desk to stand beside her as they looked at her monitor. She was so intent on the question he had posed she didn’t even notice his hands come down over her head until she heard the click of the collar around her neck.

That first collar hadn’t been a sleek and advanced as the one she wore now, but then again, she’d been much different back then as well.

Her hair had been a dark brown, she was a little overweight, her breasts had been smaller and her wardrobe, well it would have been charitable to call it drab.

She let out another sigh and studied the collar again. It really was a marvel, he’d shrunk it several times over the years until it now resembled nothing more than a fashion accessory. None the less it still had her in it’s complete control, she could no more resist it than go back in time and not invent it in the first place.

“Hurry up Staci!” Johnny’s voice called from down stairs and she almost jumped up from her knees.

“Like, coming baby!” she called back, or at least her voice did as she slipped on the towering heels by the bed and grabbed the small blue clutch that matched her skirt.

She clip-clopped down the hallway and stairs until she was standing in front of Johnny, a smile plastered across her face. She grabbed her clutch in front of herself with both hands and wiggled from side to side a bit as he looked her up and down.

“Not bad.” he said as he walked around her, when he was behind her he grabbed the hem of her skirt and flipped it up, revealing her bare ass and pussy. His fingers slipped between her legs and between her wet lips. In response she leaned over a bit and moaned.

He removed his fingers after a couple of stokes and let her skirt fall back down over her ass and then walked around in front of her. He raised his slick fingers up to her mouth and she quickly wrapped her lips around them, sucking her own juices from them.

He smiled and then wrapped his arm around her waist and they walked from the front door to the waiting limo in front of the large house he’d bought from the profits he’d earned from her invention.

Minutes later they were speeding towards the city, to whatever even he was going to parade her around at this night, her head bent over in his lap, his dick in her mouth and his hand squeezing her ass and slapping it.

Johnathan watched Dr. Stacey Evens bob up and down in his lap and partly sad to see her blonde hair flailing around for the last time. She’d been the bain of his existence when he’d started at the lab as her assistant. She always looked down at him, belittled him, demanded he work ridiculously long hours without pay, and worst of all, disrespected his intelligence.

While she was still trying to figure out how to use her invention for the good of humanity, he’d gone straight to the only thing he could think about at work. How to get even with the snotty Dr. Evens.

The first prototype had been huge, bulky and nearly unwieldy, but it had been enough. A few hours after placing it around her neck and she’d been his willing slave.

Of course in the years that followed he had improved the technology greatly, the current generation of the collar weighed just 2 pounds and was only slightly over an inch thick.

In face Staci had worn one for most of the last year, with him swapping it out for the little pink chocker he’d ordered on-line just two months ago.

Of course she didn’t know that and over the last several years, she’d become so used to the collars effects, that it no longer really had to do anything. All that was necessary for it to continue to work was for Staci to *believe* that the collar was still around her neck.

And tonight would be the final proof of that.

She had made many enemies over her time at the company, and one of those that she’d back-stabbed had reached out to him a few weeks ago with a offer to “take her off his hands if he ever got bored with her”.

And he was bored. Oh sure, taking his frustrations out on her for the first few months had been satisfying, but that was only temporary. Making her in to a sexy little fuck doll had been interesting for a while too, but in the end, his attention span for her was long over with.

So tonight he would sell her off, making it clear to her that control of her was being passed on. If all went well, then she’d accept this just like she had accepted everything else.

If not? Well, he did have an extra collar with him just in case. Either way it would be the last time he watched her head bobbing up and down in his lap and it almost, almost made his question his decision.

He leaned back and smiled, closing his eyes as summoned the image of Jennifer, the hot young woman he’d just hired as his new personal assistant. She’d caught his eye as soon as she’d stepped through the door to the interview and he knew that within weeks he’d have her in the same position as Staci now was.

The data he’d gained from Staci’s time with the collar showed that it only took a few months to completely subjugate a person’s free will to the collar and he’s already booked a three month business trip to the far reaches of the planet that Jennifer would be accompanying him on.

The thought brought him to the edge and he grabbed hold of Staci’s head, pushing and holding her down as he unloaded in to her throat. Staci’s body convulsed as an orgasm came over her and then, when he let go, she continued to suck every last drop from him and clean him toughly with her tongue.

He patted her on the ass as the car drove on and looked to the future like he hadn’t done in a long time.

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