Vanessa settled on to the rug and smiled, the feeling of it running up her bare legs landed right in her pussy and she let out a little coo.

She had her phone in her hand and she flipped it sideways and took a quick selfie of her reflection in the mirror, the click of her nails on the glass of the screen as she typed out a message.

“Baby! I’m so horny, why aren’t you where you should be? I am!”

She hit send and another shiver ran down her spine and snuggled in to the exact same spot.

Her eyes flew open as her phone binged and the reply came in, “Be there soon babe. Stay horny and where you are and I’ll have a treat for you when I get there.”

She giggled out loud and squealed, she loved treats!

It seemed like forever until she heard the front door open, and then close, then the footsteps coming up the stairs.

With each foot fall her pussy tingled more and more. And then they walked by her room.

She knew they would of course, he wasn’t going to come in to her room right from work, he had to get changed, but the suspense was killing her.

Finally she heard his footsteps coming her way, this time quieter as he’d obviously changed out of his dress shoes.

He stepped through the door and she let out a squeal, “Baby!”

He walked over to her, dressed in only a housecoat and reach down and stroked her head, “Hi babe, how was your day?”

Her lower lip quivered as she stared directly at the tent his was pitching in his housecoat, “Like, I totally missed you baby!”

He smiled and stroked her head again, “Did you miss me? Or did you miss this?” he replied, gently parting his housecoat and letting his stiff shaft free of it.

“I… I… totally missed you…” she managed to get out, never taking her eyes off of his manhood.

His hand suddenly gripped her hair and titled her head up, “Oh, you’ve been a naughty girl, lying again…”

He didn’t wait for a reply and simply pulled her back towards the bed, pinning her head against it with her ass firmly on the rug.

Before she could say anything else he stepped over her, pushed his dick up to her lips, and drove between them, fucking her face hard.

She sucked as hard as she could, her hands diving for her pussy as he pulled back her skirt, and she let him have his way with her.

It wasn’t long before tears formed in her eyes, causing her makeup to run. Drool spilled from between her lips and down between her tits.

Then he grabbed her nose and held it shut while he pushed deep in to her throat. The first of her orgasms followed.

The second came at the first taste of his pre-cum.

The third when he filled her mouth with his jizz.

The fourth when she showed it to him and he said “Good girl, now swallow.”

And the last as he held her head in place with one hand and slapped her face with his dick with the other.

When he let go, her whole body slumped and she slide down the side of the bed to the floor, right where she belonged.

Jim looked down at Vanessa and smiled, flicked a few stray drops of cum on to her and was yet again amazed at the work that they’d done.

He didn’t know how they’d taken the biggest pain in his ass and made her in to a simpering little sex addict, but it had been worth every penny.

She’d almost gotten him kicked out of his own company, staging a hostel takeover of the board even getting the police involved.

When the shadowy group had approached him with their “solution”, he’d been skeptical at first, but after checking a few references they had provided, he’d been all in with them.

And they’d delivered beyond his wildest dreams. Once Vanessa had been taken care of, the rest of the problems just petered out, no longer having her force of will behind them.

Now everything was back to the way it should be, he was at the top as CEO and Vanessa was at his feet, eager to be used in whatever way he saw fit.

Perhaps the only problem left was Vanessa’s twin sister. She had been in Europe for the last few months terrorizing several European companies boards of directors as well, but she’d be back in a few weeks and while Vanessa had happily been keeping in touch with her, with a very well written script, there would eventually have to be a face to face meeting.

Luckily he’d already reached out to the group and they had been more than happy to offer some suggestions.

After all what was better than one fallen enemy at your feet? Well two of course.