A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday June 06, 2020

Kimberly scrunched her forehead and frowned, a splitting headache clouding her mind as the bright lights caused her to squint as well.

“Like… what’s going on?” she managed to say, her lips feeling odd for some reason.

She managed to look past the lights to see Jim behind the camera, but she couldn’t quite remember getting ready for a photo shoot.

“Are you ok Kimmy?” he asked and she winced, he knew she hated that name.

She was about to scold him when she noticed what she was wearing… or more how little she was wearing. She took a step forward but a sudden wave of dizziness came over her and she almost fell, only managing to stabilize herself by grabbing one of the lights.

“Oh, it looks like you forgot to apply your lip gloss didn’t you?” he said and took a step out from behind the camera and towards her. He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a large vial of lip glass and extended it in his hand as he approached.

Her fingers instinctively reached for it before she could stop them, “But… I… I’m so confused…” she staggered out as her fingers made contact with it and a quiver shook her pussy.

“Just put some on and everything will be better, I promise.” he said in a calm confidant voice that she found hard to argue with.

By the time her fingers had undone the lip gloss, pulled the applicator from it and motioned towards her lips, she knew something was off.

First off, she never wore pink lip gloss. Second, she never had pink nails. Third she didn’t have pink hair!

She gave Jim a sidelong glance just before the applicator touched her lips, and then gasped as it did and a wave of pleasured rolled over her body.

She closed her eyes and spread the lip gloss over her lower lip, then her upper lip. Each stroke feeling like she was applying it directly to her clit with a vibrator.

She applied a second, and third coat, until the pleasure was too much and a small orgasm washed over her.

“How are you feeling now Kimmy?” Jim asked as she let out a giggle.

“Like, soooooo much better Jimmy! Like, thanks!”

Jim smiled and took the lip gloss from her hand, tightening the lid on it and placing it back in his pocket.

“Now, you’re not going to forget to apply your lip gloss every day again are you?” he said with a stern look on his face.

“I’m, like, totally sorry Jimmy!” she said, “It’s just, soooo hard to remember!” she continued with a pout.

“I know, but it’s important, so do your best.”

“Oh my god I totally will! *giggle*”

“That’s my girl, ok now let’s get on with the photo shoot.”

“Like, ok, Jimmy!” she replied happily and bounced over to the red couch that was shaped like a giant set of lips and sat down on them. She picked up the long pink dildo and held it in both hands right in front of her as she sat down.

Over the next hour the camera flashed and she pushed the dildo in and out of her throat, then her pussy, then her mouth again with abandon.

When the photo shoot was over Jim took her back to his office and let her kneel between his legs, sucking his cock, as he edited the photos. He posted a few to her instagram and snapchat and then uploaded the entire set to her private web site.

He smiled as he logged in to the private website, he’d built it himself. The bright pink logo, “Kimmy Pink”, with the tag line below it, “World famous model and feminist… now a total bimbo slut!”

He finished uploading the photos, he’d edit the video later and upload it as well, but for now he reached down and took hold of Kimmy’s head and started to fuck her face in earnest.

When he could hold it no longer, he pulled out, titled her head back and sent streams of his cum over her face. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body spasmed as several orgasms rocked her.

He grabbed his phone and snapped several shots, then layed his dick across her lips and took several more. He flipped through them to make sure the look of stoned out bliss that was on her face came through and then saved them for his personal collection.

He looked down at her as he pushed his chair back and let out a sigh. It was too bad he couldn’t do anything about her tits. They were alright and all, but she’d pull in a lot more viewers if she had a couple of basketball sized implants on her chest.

Alas he hadn’t found a plastic surgeon with the low morals needed to perform the surgery as she’d have to be off of the lip gloss for several days and that would bring Kimberly back in full force.

At least he’d been able to pump up her lips, get her to the gym and completely restyle her hair and makeup.

Perhaps one day he would, but in the mean time her audience was still growing and he’d had several offers for private sessions with her that he was more than willing to entertain.

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