A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday June 13, 2020

“So, what do you think of the upgrades I’ve made?” I asked and Brian looked on, his mouth half agape.

“I… I… well, I’m impressed.” Brian said, nodding his head slowly.

I smiled and nodded as well, knowing Brian was trying not too let anything on, after all this was a negotiation still.

“But you could have gone bigger with her tits…” Brian said and stepped forward, “And the hair is kinda trashy…” he continued, taking it between his fingers and feeling it.

I held in a chuckle, it was always a good laugh when a first timer finally caught on. It was like buying a used car, you had to kick the tires and find the faults to get a better deal.

In which case I was the used car salesman and he was good at his job.

“True, but those are fixable. She’s got a good base to work with. I can give you my boob guy’s contact info and any salon can fix the hair.”

“True, true…” Brain replied and nodded again, trying not to stare at her lips and failing.

I suppressed the wolfish grim I wanted to show but instead continued on, “The programing is first rate of course, I’ve got the certificate of programming from the guild as well as the title to her. She’s ‘road legal’ and ready to go as they say.”

I could almost see Brian’s ears perk up with excitement.

What was sitting in front of him was his ex-boss. The woman that had terrorized his working life for two years before everything had changed.

When it did, women like Rose had fled, running for their freedom, but few actually escaped. Rose had been caught just outside of the city limits and had spent several months in a brothel before I’d tracked her down.

It was my specialty really. Tracking down what the rich and powerful wanted and selling it to them for a hefty profit.

After Rose, and all the other business women had been out of Brian’s way, he’d quickly ascended the corporate ladder, now CEO of the fifth largest company in the country, he was the exact kind of client I wanted.

“But what about the tattoo…” Brian replied with a frown, “Not something that can be easily fixed.”

I flinched inwardly, “Yes, unfortunately that was already done when I acquired her.”

It was time to bring out the closer, after all to maximize profit you had to know your client.

“I think you might like what I’ve done with her lips though…” I said and watched as the bulge in his pants twitch.

“OH?” he squeaked out, “Oh?” he repeated an a lower tone.

“Yes, I mean you can obviously see the outward enhancements I’ve made, but it’s what’s on the inside that really put her over the top.”

Brian shifted in place as I continued, “I’ve had an implant placed around her entire mouth. Her lips no longer close any more than you see right now. But also it’s elastic, so the wider her mouth opens, the more it tries to close. It makes for quite the… tight… fit for anything that slips between them.”

I could see the stress on Brain’s face as he tried to hold in his excitement.

“She’s also been fitted with several rows of tongue studs and ridges along her upper plate. She’s basically the ultimate blow job queen now.”

“Uh… yes.. well…” Brian stuttered out as he finally failed to hold back what was obvious.

“But before we talk price, why don’t you take her for a test drive and get a feel for her…” I said as I started walking to the door and Brain almost had his pants off before I arrived.

A few minutes later I could hear him through it, “Oh my fucking god Rose, your mouth feels better than any pussy I’ve ever fucked! I’m gonna fuck your face every day! You’re going to live on all my cum that youy swallow!”

I smiled as I sat at my desk and started to fill out the paperwork, the only question left was exactly how much he would end up paying me.

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