Camey focused in right on his eyes and gave a little smile, “Like, hi mister!” she enthused as she steadied herself on the side of the yacht.

She was confident her target would be easy pickings, after all, she’d spent the last two years getting ready for this very moment.

Oh, it wasn’t like she knew it would be this yacht, or this guy, or even this trip, but none the less she was absolutely certain of her ability to twist the older gentleman that stood in front of her around her little finger.

She’d been in college when the plan had formed in her mind, right after getting dumped by yet another boyfriend because “she was too geeky” for them. Looking back at it now, they might have had a point, but that was no excuse. She had always been a faithful girlfriend, supportive and eager even.

But they had all left her for someone more focused on their looks and sex.

She’d taken a hard look at life at that moment and decided that if that’s what guys were interested in, then it was pointless to fight it. She’d started going to the gym, spent hours online with makeup tutorials and fashion blogs and finally dropped out of college when she’d snagged her first read “whale”.

It was almost comical looking back at him now of course, he was little more than a minnow in the waters she swam in these days. He had paid for her first set of implants though, so she always thought back on him with affection.

Her Instagram account had followed, along with an upgrade to her sugar daddy. More came and when as she moved up the food chain, some bought her gifts, some bought her trips, some bought her plastic surgery, but they all paid one way or the other.

Her current “boy toy” was rich, but young and dumb. A bad combination for her but a welcome change to the older men she normally dated. Having a stud in bed for a change was kind of nice, but she knew it was only a short term thing with him and as always she was looking to upgrade.

They come to Miami to get away for a week and that’s where she’d spotted Don Tenman, one of the richest, bachelors in the country. He was perfect as her next, and maybe final, sugar daddy.

He was in his seventies, fit but not too fit, and recently divorced.

She’d managed to convince her boyfriend to get them invited to a party he was having on his yacht and she’d been quietly tracking Don has he moved around. When she had finally seen her opportunity, she’d excused herself and her she was, standing right in front of him.

“Oh, hello.” Don’s voice replied to her greeting with a smile on his lips as his eyes focused directly on her chest. Her lips parted in a smile and she pushed her tits out a little and gave them a small shake.

God, how easy it was to get guys to look at her tits and not even notice anything else. But then again, that is why she’d gotten them.

She started to twirl her fingers in her hair, “So, like, this is your party right?”

He managed to draw his gaze away from her chest and finally look in to her eyes as well, “Yes, yes it is. I’m Don.” he replied, holding out his hand.

She giggled and placed her hand in his, “Oh my god, it’s like so much fun! And, like, your… boat… is totally big too!” she replied, pausing to glance down at his crotch when she said the word boat.

“Thank you. Would you like to see some more of my… boat?” he replied with a smirk and she knew he had him; hook, line and sinker.

Camey watched the shoreline recede as Don’s yacht sailed away from it. Don, had as she expected, been less than impressive in bed but easy enough to take advantage of and soon after he’d invited her on a curse to the Caribbean.

She’d accepted of course and now it was just Don, herself and two crew members. The captian seemed nice enough, if a little stiff, and the young woman who was the chef seemed a little odd but Camey paid little attention to her.

She spent most of the first day walking around the deck topless, letting Don get a good eyeful as he relaxed on a deck chair. Just before dinner she’d given him a blowjob and then gotten dressed for the meal.

The food was delicious, but soon she felt a little light headed and excused herself to go lie down for a bit.

When she woke up something was wrong. She wasn’t in the same room she’d been in and she was strapped down naked to a chair. She screamed at the top of her lungs and thrashed against the bonds that held her, to no avail.

It was a short time later, after she’d emptied her lungs, that the captain walked in, with the chef following in behind him.

“Ah, how are you feeling?” he said in a condescending tone that let her know he really didn’t care.

At the same time the woman walked around him and stood beside her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” she screamed and before she even finished a hard slap came across her face from the woman standing beside her.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” she cried out and a second slap landed.

“Feel free to keep going my dear, Candice so does enjoy inflicting pain on others.”

Camey looked up at the woman and could see it in her eyes, a maniacal glee as her hand hovered just above Camey’s face. Camey remained quite.

“Good. Please proceed Candice.” the captain said and Candice took s rubber hose from a tray Camey couldn’t quite see and wrapped it around Camey’s arm, followed by the brick of a needle as Candice taped down an IV of some kind.

“Now, if you behave yourself, and speak normally, you can ask any question you like before the drug takes effect.”

Camey had a dozen questions, but started with a threat instead, “You won’t get away with this… when…” she started but the captain interrupted her.

“We can and we will. We’re in international waters, so it’s not even illegal technically. But even if we weren’t, by the time we’re done with you… well you won’t be complaining.”

Camey scrunched her forehead, “What do you mean, what is this?” she asked, nodding towards the drug slowly dripping in to her veins.

“This? This is a highly potent cocktail of drugs that are going to open up your mind and let us put some new ideas in to it.” he replied as he reached to the other side of the room and picked up a device with several wires running from it.

He set it down between her legs and the took two of the wires and raised them up to her breasts, taking protective plastic from them and the plastering them over her nipples.

“Don’t!” she said as she tried to shake her body from side to side with little effect. He simply grabbed hold of each of her breasts in turn and applied them to it.

“I’d suggest you focus on any other questions you have, you really don’t have too much more time…” he replied as he reached down and picked up what was obviously a vibrator.

“Ok… ok… ugh… what’s going to happen to me?” she managed to get out just before her removed more plastic protection from the vibrator and slide it in to her pussy, pushing the tape firmly against her body so that she couldn’t push it out.

“Well, you’re not the first gold digger to come sniffing around Don’s money, so he’s very prepared for your type.” the captain said as he stood up with the last set of wires from the device between her legs, which were connected to a pair of headphones.

Candice, apparently satisfied with whatever she was checking, grabbed Camey’s hair and pulled it back in to a pony tail, wrapping a scunchie around it to keep it out of the way.

“But he does so enjoy having a bevy of beautiful young women vying for his attention, so he’s come up with a solution. He’s purchased a strip club in Miami and every time one of you tries to get your claws in to him, he gets another dancer for the club. I’m told the scene when he pays it a visit is truely amazing. Dozens of beautiful young woemn trying to get his attention all at the same time.”

As he continued on Camey was finding it harder and harder to focus on him.

“I’m sure you’ll be his favorite for a few weeks at least. Or until the next one of you pops up at least.”

She felt the headphones clamp firmly over her ears. Then a moment later a soft voice start speaking through them.

“Don’s the best. I love Don. I’ll do anything for Don. Don deserves to use my body any way he wants. Don deserves my respect and admiration. Don is always right. I’m just a silly little girl that needs Don’s attention more than anything else.”

Camey hardly noticed the buzzing of the dildo or the pads on her nipples.

Camey swayed her hips as she spun around the pole and slid down to the stage, her towering heels making a loud “thunk” as they hit the floor. She wrapped her tits around the pole and gave them a shake up and down as she licked her lips, desperate for the song to be over.

Don had walked in half way through her first song on stage and now, two songs later, was surrounded by a dozen other girls working in the club.

But at least she’d seen him look her way a few times, each time it had sent a little shiver down her spine to her pussy and she’d had to stifle a giggle at how happy it made her.

Finally the song was over and she nearly ran over to Don’s private booth, at least a quickly as her heels would let her as she carved her way though the group of men that had surrounded the stage exit waiting for her to finish. She’d normally have spent several minutes at the side of the stage letting each one of the men know she’d be there all night and would be happy to see each and every one of them. But Don was here, so that wasn’t going to happen.

She managed to push her way through the gaggle of women and beamed at Don, “Like, hiya baby!” she cried out and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him as the faces of the other women dropped. Don grabbed her ass and pushed his tongue in to her mouth, she moaned in response and felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

He broke off the kiss and she lifted herself up a bit, pushed her tits in to his face and pushed them together from the sides, “Like, I’m sooooooo happy to see you baby!”

Don gave her ass a good hard slap and she giggled and then finally leaned back to free Don’s face from her tits. She sat on his lap and wiggled her ass, ran her hands over his chest and head and fawned over him as much as she could.

Several songs later, Don’s eyes glanced up to the stage just as the dancers were changing. The DJ came over the PA system, “Everyone put your hands together for our newest addition… Tiffany!”

Camey watched at the buxom blonde walked on stage, shaking her tits and ass as the song started to play, Don’s eyes never leaving her. Instead he grabbed Camey by the hips and twisted her around so she sat facing forward on his lap. His one hand slipped down under her panties and the other pulled her top to the side.

He was pulling on her nipples and playing with her clit as they watched Tiffnay dance on stage. Camey moaned as Don whispered in her ear.

“We’ve had a lot of fun these last few weeks Camey, and I’m still going to come around and fuck you once in a while, but Tiffany is going to be my new favorite.”

Camey wanted to cry, but held it in. The other girls had all told her it would happen one day, like it had to them, and deep down Camey had know it was true. How could a silly little girl like her keep Don’s interest?

Sure, her tits were big and her body was tight and she let him fuck her any way her wanted to, but Don… well Don had needs and she knew she couldn’t satisfy all of them. She just wasn’t good enough to satisfy such an important man as Don and so she’d known his interest would eventually drift away.

“You know Tiffany let me bend her over and fuck her in the ass the very first time we met. No shame in that girl what so ever.”

Camey stiffed a whimper as Don pressed firmly on her clit, “I… I let you fuck my ass all the time baby…” she said almost pleadingly.

“Of course you do Camey, of course you do. But it was just something about how Tiffany was begging me to go in deeper that first time, even before we’d left port for our little cruise to the islands… well what can I say, I’m a sucker for that kind of thing sometimes. And besides, I got you for these…” he said slapping one of her tits, “… not your ass. Not that there’s anything wrong with your ass of course.”

“I… I could get them bigger baby? Would you like that? How big would you like them?” she pleaded with him, her voice crackling with emotion.

“Hummm… that could be interesting. I’ll tell you what, you go and get them made as large as you thing I want them, and if you’re right I’ll make you my favorite again. Well, after I’m tired of fucking Tiffany’s ass, and the girls that come after that as well.”

“Oh god baby, I will! I’ll get them so big you’ll just want to bury your face in them all the time!”

“That’s good Camey, now time to go, Tiffany is done her stage show.” Don said and gave her a little push up from his lap after taking his fingers out of her pussy.

Camey tottered out of Don’s private booth with a mix of emotions, sad that he wouldn’t be fucking her tonight or any other night in the near future, but over joyed she had a chance to become his favorite again.

She made a mental note to call her plastic surgeon in the morning before heading back in to the crowd to find one of the men that had been waiting for her at the side of the stage to take her back in to the VIP. After all, she needed to earn quite a bit of money over the next few weeks if she was going to buy a new set of tits and take time off to get them.