“*giggle* Like, oh my god baby, did you totally forget?” Alica asked as she sat on the floor as her boyfriend walked in to the house.

He was dressed in his business suit, his laptop back over his shoulder and his hair a mess.

“What? Oh god babe, I’m sorry!” he replied, his shoulders slumping as he slipped the laptop bag off and let it lean up against the wall.

“Awe, that’s totally ok baby!” she replied, swiveled her legs to the side so they came down over the steps and then stood up, pushing her tits out as she swayed her hips and walked over to him.

With a smile on her lips, she squatted down in front of him, her gloved fingers fumbling slightly with his zipper until she fished his hardening shaft out and wrapped her lips around it.

She clasped her hands behind her back and she slowly moved up and down his length, her eyes looking up at him framed by her perfectly styled hair.

Each stroke sent a shiver of pleasure through her, making her pussy moister and moister as she could feel her ass pushing up against the cool leather of her heels.

It wasn’t long before she could taste his cum in her mouth and she kept every drop of it there until she was sure he was finished. Then, still looking up at him, opened her mouth so he could see how good of job she’d done, before closing it, swallowing and opening it again.

David looked down at his wife, her mouth open and empty as she had just swallowed yet another load of his cum.

A month ago she would have bitten off his dick if he’d tried to cum in her mouth.

Of course that Alica was a very different person to the one that was now kneeling at his feet. The old Alica had been a real man eating bitch, at least for the last couple of years. When they’d first been together in college they had both been idealistic young fools.

For his part, he’d grown up and settled down into a good job and worked his way up in a large IT company until he was a senior manager.

Alica had gone a different way. At first she’d joined a small law firm that worked civil rights cases. But somewhere along the line she’d turned hard in to social justice and then in to the fringes of even that. Soon, men had become the enemy and even he had been labeled a traitor.

It had gotten so bad that he’d started talking to a divorce lawyer. Of course that was before a project under him had finally borne fruit. Even now she probably didn’t realize she was wearing the collar around her neck, it was one of the first things it did. Making it the most natural thing to wear all the time, to the point that the wearer didn’t even think about it.

After that it could make subtle, or major, changes to the behavior of the wearer. It had taken a few weeks of intermittent wearing it to make the changes David had programmed in to it, but now Alica was a whole new woman.

She still had to go back to work at some point and turn in her resignation, her vacation from work couldn’t last forever, but that was a minor point. He made more than enough to keep them comfortably and now that Alica was only interested in making him comfortable, that only seemed fair.