A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday August 15, 2020

He tugged on her leash and she groaned inwardly, her facing remaining placid as she followed along, placing both hands on the furry pink comforter that had replaced her designer one months ago.

But even worse than the fact that she was being led around like an animal, or that all of the things she had worked so hard for had been replaced by her own hand, was what was written on the collar. She couldn’t see it most of the time, but she knew every rhinestone encrusted letter as if it was right in front of her even now.

Things had been going so well for Jesica six months ago, newly promoted to CEO of the mid size company she had started working for right out of university, she’d shot up the ranks from a line manager to the very top in record time. Of course no one made that kind of progress without making a few nicknames as well, and the most popular had been “The Queen Bitch”.

She’d owned that name with pride and had done everything she could to re-enforce it in the minds of all of her underlings, and superiors as well. The would all fall to her mixture of strategy, aggressiveness, conniving, backstabbing and outright blackmail. She’d left a trail of bodies in her wake, but she hadn’t cared, she’d accomplished what she wanted and had already started to look for the next step in her career.

And so when Mr. Donald Kratz himself approacher her company for a buyout, she jumped at the chance. Kratz was a legendary businessman who had made his fortune by taking over mid-sized companies in friendly deals and giving them access to markets and opportunities that they would never have had otherwise. And top it off, he almost never made the offers himself, preferring to let his underlings do the day to day work of acquiring new businesses.

That had meant it was a double opportunity for her, not only to grow the company and gain the experience of that, but to get access to Kratz as well. If she could weasel her way in to his business she was sure she could climb all the way to the top in no time.

That had been a mistake. It turned out that Kratz was famous for making “friendly” deals not due to his business acumen, but instead his ability to directly influence the minds of others. The reason he left most of the deals to his underlings was, of course, because he trusted them explicitly, having warped their minds in to being loyal, obedient slaves.

To make matters worse, Kratz was directly involved with the takeover of her company because of her. Her reputation had spread through the business community, with her own encouragement of course, and he had been intrigued about “The Queen Bitch”.

He had been unimpressed to say the least. Her dower expression, serious nature, entitled attitude, and drab style had told him everything he needed to know within seconds of their first meeting. It was only when she’d noticed his waning interest, and done what she had regretted every second since, that he’d paid attention. It was a simple question, but the tone was more than clear… “Am I boring you?”

It had caught his attention and he’d smiled, a smile that had sent a shiver down her spine, a smile like a wolf would smile to a sheep. And then she felt it for the first time, the icky tendrils of his power as he entered her mind and made a change.

She could only assume he’d done the same to the others in the room, as they stood up and left without saying a word as soon as it passed. When the door closed, she had stood up, pushed her chair back, knelt down and crawled under the conference table and given him a blowjob.

He’d left her sitting there, under the table, her ability to move only returning when the door closed once more. She ran to the bathroom and threw up, expelling his semen from her stomach, but she knew she’d never be able to expel the memory from her mind.

She had been in denial for the next few days, trying to avoid even thinking of the implications of what had happened, and for a time it seemed to work. Kratz hadn’t come back to the office, his underlings had completed the deal in quick order and the board of directors had been thrilled.

They had been just as thrilled as she had been shocked when she handed in her resignation the next week. Oh they hadn’t shown it outwardly, half heartedly trying to convince her to stay, but she knew each and every one of them wanted to see her gone before she came after them.

It wasn’t like she had wanted to resign, well at least not before securing her next position at least, but just like she’d had no chioice when she crawled under the conference table, her hands had written out and signed her resignation letter just the same.

Apparently as part of the sale a golden parachute had been written in to her contract, a very generous one at that. But she quickly learned that it wasn’t really hers to spend, at least on anything that she wanted. Instead it went on new clothes and makeup, new furniture and accessories, new shoes and makeovers. By the time the ink had started to be applied to her arm, she had already scheduled her first consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Now she could hardly move her face there was so much botox in it, she couldn’t close her lips completely due to all the collegen, and her tits… god her tits were so heavy with silicon that she always wondered if she’d topple over at any moment!

And then, one day, he’d walked in to her apartment. Kratz! He hadn’t even buzzed up or knocked, she hadn’t even realized she had been leaving her front door to her condo unlocked!

She’d been strutting around her living room in a tight pink dress, a colour that was a mainstay of her wardrobe now, that barely covered her tits or ass. She had bben practicing walking in the ridiculous heels that she now wore every day after returning from the gym in her building, another daily occurrence.

The walk to the gym each day was humiliating! She did it each morning just at the peak of people leaving the building, in a barely there workout crop top and hot pants. She knew half the people in the elevator ride. And the way she walked… chest out, ass wiggling, one foot in front of the other, it took her forever to get anywhere.

To make it worse, it hadn’t taken too long for a few of the men in the elevators to realize that if they brushed up against her for some reason, that she wouldn’t pull away, it wasn’t long afterwards that she was actively being groped any time there was more than a few people in an elevator.

That first day that he had appeared at her condo he’d brought the collar with him, and unless she was leaving her condo, it was on her neck 24 by 7. She slept in it, she did her makeup in it, she got dressed with it on, she watched TV with it, she browsed the Internet with it. The only time it came off was when she was taking a shower or when he removed it.

And he did remove it once in a while, he’d appear every few days at first, then a little less often, now he usually showed up once a week. Sometimes he’d take off the collar and replace it with another one, often having “slut”, “sexdoll”, or “Barbie” on it. But sometimes he left it off for reasons only known to him.

Today though, today he’d walked in to her condo, clipped the leash to the collar and lead her in to the bedroom. Now, as she crawled towards him, he wrapped the leash around his hand, taking up the slack as she approached.

When she arrived, he pulled her to his crotch and she pushed her lips up against his hardening shaft under his pants. She twisted her head from side to side a few times, rubbing her inflated lips against the soft material of his pants, and then tilted her head up while opening her mouth, extending her tongue as she looked up at him.

He reached down with his other hand and pushed his thumb between her lips, she closed her lips around it and sucked it in, moving her head back and forth as much as she could with him still holding the leash tightly to him.

It wasn’t long before he was fucking her face hard, using the leash to control her ability to move her head. She was moaning, her hands had reached back and placed themselves on her ass, so that all that was keeping her upright was the leash and his cock in her mouth.

It wasn’t long before she tasted the first pre-cum from him, and shortly there after his full load exploded in to her mouth and she swallowed every last drop as she came.

She suckled his cock until every last drop was drained from him and even after he’d let go of the leash continued to gently run her lips up and down his length until he finally pulled away and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Jessica remained on the bed, sitting back on her haunches, she laid the leash out in front of her as she grasped her arms behind her back and waiting.

She didn’t have to wait long. He emerged from the bathroom and walked over to her, looked down and smiled as he ran his finger across the letters of her collar.

“Not the Queen Bitch now eh? What are you now?” he asked.

“I’m the Blowjob Queen.” she replied with pride in her voice even though she felt none.

“Good. As a reward, you will stay just like that until you’ve masturbated to an orgasm ten times.”

Her hands flew around in front of her again, one diving for her pussy, the other grabbing her tit and squeezing. She knew it wouldn’t take long, whatever he’d done to her had made her extremely easy to arouse and bring to orgasm.

She let out a moan as her fingers found her clit and he started to walk from her bedroom. He stopped and turned back to her.

“Oh, and from now on it’s not going to be enough to let the guys molest you in the elevator, you’re going to have to give at least one of them a blowjob every time they do from now on.”

She could just feel him enter her mind over the pleasure of her fingers, but she could do nothing as he left and her first orgasm crested.

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