A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday August 29, 2020

Pam flashed opened her jacket and looked away, refusing to make eye contact with the man that had been staring at her chest, trying to work out the words scrawled across her top.

“Ah, no… no they don’t.” he said, smiling from ear to ear before she pulled her jacket closed tightly and storming away. It didn’t last for long though, her hands which had clutched it closed loosened quickly until the jacket finally fell more than half way open so everyone could see at least the “nipples offend” part of the text.

All she wanted was a few supplies and then she’d be able to get out of the store and back to her house where she was committed to staying for the next two days until the curse wore off.

It had been a stupid bet, but even more so knowing who she was making it with. But perhaps that was the point, it wasn’t the first wager she’d made with Derek, her neighbour next door, even knowing full well it was in his third year of the local warlock academy. Sometimes she wondered if Derek was somehow influencing her to make these stupid bets, but that was silly of course.

She’d made the bet on her own, just like she had the others, at least this curse was only for the weekend, at least as long as she wasn’t unlucky.

She hadn’t been so lucky with a few of them, like her now blonde hair, the few extra pounds she used to carry that had “redistributed” themselves to her tits and ass, and the excess sensitivity that seemed to keep her on edge even doing the most mundane of things.

She managed to have to show off her t-shirt only twice more, once to another customer and finally to the check out clerk.

She raced to her car and drove straight home, pulling in to her driveway and shutting off her car. She quickly got out and retrieved her supplies from her back seat and closed the door, only to be startled by Derek’s voice.

“Hi Pam.” he said.

She spun around, the one side of her jacket flying open as she did so, “Derek!” she almost squeaked.

“Hey, what’s that say on your t-shirt?” he asked in a mock innocent voice, knowing full well what it said.

She twisted her face in to a scowl, but her hands set her supplies down and then pulled open her jacket as she pushed her tits out so he got a good look.

He smiled a wolfish grin and rubbed his chin with his hand, “Wellll…. you know what? I think they do. Yes, yes, I’m positive they offend me.”

Her jaw dropped as she shot him daggers, but her hands betrayed her yet again. Releasing her jacket, her thumbs hooked in to the hem of her top and pulled straight up, revealing her tits to him.

“What about now asshole!?!” she spat at him, but the curse was in full control.

He simply reached out with both hands and pinched both of her nipples at once, pulling on the two metal bars that were threaded through them.

“Oh fuck! My nipples have been soooo bad! You’d better come in and punish them.” she let out in a half moan as she pulled back and tried to get him to follow her in to her home.

He didn’t resist and followed her inside where she lead him in to her bed room. She whipped her jacket off, tossed her top half way across the room and fell back on to her bed. He climbed on top of her and started to twist her nipples.

“Oh god, yeah, twist those bad nipples!” she cried out as he tugged hard on them. It wasn’t long before he was sucking on them, then bitting them, then slapping them.

Each time her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her breathing faster and faster, until he finally dropped his pants, grabbed hold of both of her nipples hard and slid his dick between her tits.

“That’s it! That’s it! Fuck those tits! Pull on those nasty nipples!” she cried out as her hands slapped the sides of her tits ant the same time and she arched her back and came hard as his cum sprayed over her chest and face.

As she came down from her orgasm, she knew it would be like this all the time now, the curse now being permanent. If she was lucky Derek wouldn’t take too much advantage of it. After all she wouldn’t have to wear the t-shirt any more, that wasn’t part of the curse but the wager with Derek, but none the less anyone who said they were “offended” by her nipples would get full access to “punish” them.

Mind you, it might not really be that bad. The orgasm had been great and Derek had really worked her nipples until she’d cum. She smiled and looked up at Derek and wondered what their next wager might be.

Derek looked down at Pam’s smiling face with his cum running off of it, his softening dick still between her tits as she held them tightly together and he flicked her nipples several times. Pam had always been the cute neighbour, but once he obtained his third level license when he passed his second year finals, he knew he wanted her to be much more than that and he had the ability to make it so.

The trick had been to get her to agree to a curse in the first place, something most people knew leave well enough alone, but Pam had never been the brightest and so he’d managed to finagle her in to a wager that ended with a curse being applied to her. After that, well, it was pretty easy.

He watched her tongue dart out and lick a few small drops of cum from her lips and he frowned just a little. She’d come a long way from the “cute” girl next door look that she’d always sported, but there were a few things left to do. Most notably her lips.

When he’d done the curse that had redistributed her weight around her body, he hadn’t learned yet how to do everything and it almost made him wish he’d waited. Not that he wasn’t perfectly happy with his dick between her tits at the moment.

His smile returned, “Hey Pam, what do you want to wager that if you had two big cock sucking pillows for lips that you wouldn’t be able to help but suck my balls dry?”

Pam blinked several times as the first curse he’d every cast on her took hold of her and she replied, “I’d say I’d be cursed to be a cock sucking slut forever!”

Derek felt the magic well up inside of him as he reached out and gently touched her upper and then lower lip gently, the magic flowing through him to her.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh…” she moaned as her lips swelled up and eventually parted just slightly, no longer able to completely close on their own without conscious effort on her part.

Derek pulled his dick out from between her tits and stood up beside the bed. Pulling his pants up and left Pam lying on her bed, the magic would take a few hours to take full effect and then she’d be very tired, sleeping most of the next morning if he had to guess.

Which was fine, he needed to go back to his place, he had a regenerative potion waiting for him and by the time she was up and going tomorrow, his balls would be full and ready to be drained.

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