A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday September 19, 2020

“So… uhm… like… what you’re say’n is… ” Vanessa tried to say in a coherent way but thinking had gotten so hard lately, “…I used to be smart?” she finally managed to finish

“That’s right!” I replied and smiled.

Vanessa wrinkled her forehead in thought, then pouted a bit before replying as her lips formed in to a broad smile and her eyes came to life, “Like, nugh-ugh silly! I was totally never smart! *giggle*”

“Here, look.” I said and handed her a magazine, on the cover was a photo of a woman scientist holding the noble prize, “That’s you! Same glasses!”

Vanessa blinked a few times, then reached up and took the glass off of her face, “Like, no way. Look, these are like totally fake! I got them cause they matched my top *giggle*”

I took them from her fingers with my free hand and examined them, she was right, they were just normal glass.

“Shit Vanessa, you were smarter than I thought! I mean not only did it completely change your mind and body, but it even made everything make sense to you as well!”

I smiled and looked down at the device I held in my other hand while Vanessa’s face twisted in confusion.

Vanessa was perhaps the most brilliant mind of her generation, but she wasn’t very people smart. Sure, she’d won Noble prizes and changed the world, but when she’d hired me she’d made a big mistake. As soon as I’d worked out what she was making I’d hatched my plan.

I didn’t understand how it worked, but the device, which kind of looked like a ray gun from the 50’s, was simple to operate. Just point it at something, or in this case, someone, and *think* about a change you wanted to make. Then pull the trigger.

Vanessa was trusting enough so that all I’d had to do was await my opportunity, which had presented itself just a few minutes ago.

“Uhm, like I am?” Vanessa said and my gaze came back to her face. Well, it kind of lingered on her tits, but that was to be expected of course.

“Yes, yes you are…” I said and handed her glasses back to her and she put them on.

“*giggle* Thanks! Sooooo… like… what you wanna do now?” she asked as she wiggled her tits form side to side a bit as she noticed me staring at them.

“Hmmm… what do you think about a nice titty fuck?” I asked.

“OH MY GOD! Like I thought you were totally never going to ask!” she squealed as she popped her tits out of her top and dropped to her knees. Her fingers expertly unzipped my pants, dropped them to the floor and then stroked my hardening shaft.

Moments later it was sliding between her two perfect orbs as she moaned and panted with each thrust as she held her tits together with her hands at her side.

It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take any more and I pulled back, popping my cock from between her tits and her hands flew to it, stroking it up and down and keeping it pointed right at her face.

When I finally blew my load it spray across her face and glasses as I watched her body shiver from an orgasm as well.

“God this thing is going to be addictive!” I thought as I looked over at the device and then back down at Vanessa. I could simply point it at her and think of any fantasy I might have and it would change her in to it. Sexy maid, kinky slut, horny cheerleader, whatever!

Though to be honest, at the moment, I was having a hard time think of anything more perfect than seeing her kneeling before me, playing with her giant tits, with my cum splayed over her face and glasses.

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