A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday September 26, 2020

The Angel floated just outside of the window, her wings beating gently as the mid-day sun warmed her. Inside was a man, sitting at the piano and playing a song that she did not recognize. Which was strange as Angels knew all music, that had or ever would be made.

The man’s fingers glided across the keys until the song came to and end and he let out a sigh, closing the piano lid and then standing up. He turned to the window and stared out at the city skyline, right through her. As a mortal, he couldn’t see her unless she wanted him to, but there was no reason to reveal herself.

She had flown down from Heaven because of the music. A song that had reached the heavens and drawn her to it. It was beautiful for sure, but there was something else about it as well that she just couldn’t put her finger on.

The man turned and left, leaving her to ponder what it was.

The man was playing again, and this time the Angel decided to enter the room instead of hovering outside. She had visited him each and every time over the last month he had played and she was no closer to understanding the allure of his music. All she knew for sure was that when he played, she felt the pull of the music each and every time.

He finished once more and closed the panio, but unlike every other time, the Angel did not leave, instead phasing in to the human world.

Her long flowing white robe and wings were offset by her jet black hair that framed her angelic face.

The man jumped back in surprise, but her holy aura calmed him, “Fear not human, I have not come to harm you. Do you know what I am?” she asked.

The mans hard expression softened and he smiled, “You’re… you’re… you must be an Angel.” he managed to get out.

“Yes, I have come because of the music you play, it has reached the halls of heaven itself.”

She smiled and he didn’t respond, clearly not knowing what to say.

“Might I come again to listen?” she asked.

“Uh… Yes, yes of course! I would be honoured!” he blurted out and she then spread her wings and lifted herself off of the floor.

“Thank you, I shall return the next time you play.” she replied and then phased back out of the human world and returned to heaven.

“Wait… what is your name?” he called, but it was too late for her to reply, though she had no human name to give him anyway.

The Angel Lorine stood behind the man as he played, her wings fluttering as the music filled the room.

His fingers caressed the keys as the final notes played and he then turned around to see her angelic smile.

“Thank you human, as always it was heavenly.” she said with a warmth that filled the room.

“Thank you Lorine, but please, call me Thomas as I’ve asked you to.”

Her smile broadened, “I am sorry Thomas, old habits are hard to break.”

He nodded though he clearly had no idea what she meant. She had witnessed the birth of the universe and watched life blossom in the seas before crawling on to land. The briefest flash of time since humans had risen up seemed like nothing to her.

“Would you like to try?” he asked, her gaze snapping back to him after lingering on the piano keys without her noticing.

“I would not impose… Thomas.”

“No imposition, please…” he said, getting up from the piano stool and motioning for her to take a seat.

She took a tentative step over to it and then slipped on to it, the cool leather under her rob still feeling good for some reason.

Her fingers reached out slowly until the tip of one touched a white key and a shiver raced up her arm.

“Go ahead, press it.” Thomas said, an assuredness in his voice that was unfamiliar.

“I… I should leave…” she half mumbled but her finger gently press the key anyway. The sound of a single note filled the room and reverberated throughout her body.

She let out a small gasp as she picked her finger up off of the key.

“Again.” Thomas’ voice said, almost like a command and her finger obeyed without her thinking about it.

The same feeling came over her, but even more powerfully as the note faded from the room, he didn’t have to say anything and she pressed the key again, and again and again.

“Lorine, are you feeling hot? Might you be more comfortable without your robes on?” It was phrased as a question, but Lorine could tell that it wasn’t. As her finger pressed the key yet again her rob vanished from her body.

Thomas walked up behind her as the note repeated, leaning over her wings he collected her hair and put it over her left shoulder before leaning in close to her ear, she could feel his breath on it as he spoke.

“It feels good doesn’t it? The sound filling your very being. The vibrations running up and down your body? It’s all you can focus on. It’s all you want to focus on. It fills you. It defines you.”

She knew something was wrong, something was happening, but she could do nothing about it. Instead his words filled her mind and then… something else whispered to her. The piano itself was speaking to her, telling her things she didn’t want to believe, but did anyway.

As her finger continued to pluck at the piano Thomas stood back and she felt her body start to shift. Her muscular arms and legs softened, her breasts expanded, her lips puffed up, her waist narrowed and her ass became plump. Lastly it was her wings, shrinking, fading, until they vanished from her body.

Then the sound of the piano stopped, her finger hovering just over the key as she blinked several times and then turned to Thomas.

“Thomas, I’ve forgotten the music.” she said, pouting.

Thomas stretch out his hand, “Then come with me and I will teach it to you again.” he replied and she placed her hand in to his and he lead her to the bedroom.

She smiled and walked behind him, knowing he would show her the music again and that she would be in Heaven once more.

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