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Tuesday October 27, 2020

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Maddy primped her hair one last time before leaving the bathroom and heading out to the living room where her “date” was waiting for her.

She smiled as she walked over to him, seated on the couch, and straddled him and settled on his lap. She placed her arms around his neck just as he reached out and took hold of her hips.

“Hey baby, sorry for the wait, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it.” she said, giving her chest a little shake from side to side.

“It always is.” was his only reply as he moved his right hand up her side and on to her breast, his other hand soon followed suit and it wasn’t long before her top was pushed between her breasts and he was playing with her nipples.

“God yes baby… pull on those nipples!” she said, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure run over her. She felt him let go of her left nipple, but his fingers were quickly replaced with his lips. His hand snaked down her back and came to rest on her ass, giving it a squeeze as well.

She wiggled her hips, back and forth, grinding in to his crotch and she felt his dick harden in his pants, “Oh god baby, my pussy needs that big hard dick so bad…”

It was true to, she had many clients that she lied to about such things, they liked to hear it after all, but with this one she didn’t have to. Every time he came over her pussy became a gaping little hole that needed to be filled.

She reached around and undid her top, managing to get it off without disturbing him, and tossed it on to the coffee table behind her. Getting her bottoms off was harder, she had to move his hand twice before she accomplished it.

“Baby, do you want me to get down between your legs and suck that big hard cock of yours? Or do you want to fuck my big fat tits? Or, god and this is what I want more than anything, do you want to shove that big hard cock right in to my needy little pussy just like it was meant to be used?”

He pulled back and her nipple popped ou from between his lips and h looked up at her, “You are such a cock starved slut aren’t you Maddy?”

“Just for yours baby… I don’t know what it is, but I just need it so bad. It’s like every time you fuck me I become the woman I was meant to be!”

She wasted no more time and pushed herself back off his lap, her fingers finding his belt and zipper, and then pulled his pants down and off. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side just as she was standing back up. Without hesitation she grabbed his hardening shaft, aimed it right a her pussy and slipped down on to it.

“Oh my god… it’s so fucking good!” she cried out as she placed her hands on his chest and wiggled her hips. His hands reached up and grabbed her nipples again, squeezing and twisting them and she bounced up and down.

Her hands flew to her head, running her fingers through her hair as she pushed her chest forward, making it easier for him to grab them.

“I’m such a horny slut for your cock baby! It makes me feel so good! It’s like my pussy was made to be stuffed full of it!”

He let go of her nipples and grabbed two handfuls of her tits and squeezed them, her body arched and she orgasmed. Her pussy clenched on to his dick as she did, she paused only for a moment before resuming.

After a few more bounces she stood up off of him, grabbing his shaft once more and turned around before sliding down on to it again. Leaning forward until she was bent all the way over, she resumed sliding up and down his cock.

His hands grabbed her ass, then one of them landed a smack on it, her whole body shivered at the pleasure.

“Yeah baby, smack that ass! Spank it like the sluttly little whore I am!”

He obliged her, his hand coming down on her ass several times before another orgasm rocked her.

Then he grabbed her hips and slamed her down on his dick several times in quick succession, “Slam that cock in there baby! Do it! Do it!”

Then, holding her down on his lap, he thrust up in to her several times and released his load in to her.

“OH GOD DEREK YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!” she cried out as her final orgasm crashed over her.

Madison sat at the arbitrators table and scowled at her soon to be ex-husband Derek. Beside her was her lawyer Jessica, which Madison had been sleeping with for over a year. A detail that her soon to be ex certainly didn’t know.

But he did know that she was sleeping with someone, and a woman at that. It had been a big blow to his ego when she’d told him, the look on his face when she’d said “my pussy was made to be caressed by a woman’s tongue, not pounded like a jackhammer by some disgusting dick like yours”.

After that she’d completely changed her style, chopping off her long brown hair, going without makeup, dressing in men’s clothing, and ensuring that he found nothing desirable about her.

He’d tried to convince her for quite a while that they could still save their marriage, but she had never actually married him for love in the first place. Instead she’d always been a lesbian at heart, she’d just wanted his money and now it was time to cash out.

The pre-nup had been written up so that she would get quite a bit, but that they had to go to arbitration to settle things. In the pre-nup was a clause that she’d paid little attention to at the time, identifying the arbitration company that they would use, “The Perfect Divorce Arbitration Company”.

Now, as she sat across from her husband and his lawyer, along with the arbitrator at the head of the table, she wondered if she should have paid more attention. Jessica couldn’t find much about the company, though what little she had seemed to indicate it was very highly rated with both parties always agreeing that they got what they wanted out of the arbitration.

Madison wondered how that could be possible, but there seemed little she could do about it at this point. Jessica had said that if they went to court to fight it, without first trying it, the judge would throw out their case.

So, here they were, about to start arbitration and she’d see what happened. At worst, as Jessica had pointed out multiple times, if they didn’t like the arbitrators decision they could always appeal it to the court afterwards.

Madison smiled to herself and thanked the gods for having met Jessica, she had been indispensable for her legal expertise. That and her tongue on her pussy, that is, she couldn’t wait to get home after the arbitration and take Jessica to bed.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, let’s get started…” the arbitrator said and Madison hoped it wouldn’t take too long.

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