Ami flopped down on the bed beside Cameron and then reached back and grabbed her stocking covered foot, “Like, whatcha doooo’n *giggle*”

Cameron looked up from his laptop and smiled, “Working… you wouldn’t understand.”

“Awe, like, try me!” she replied, smiling broadly and wiggling her tits a bit.

He let out a small chuckle and then reached over and put his finger on her lips, “Ssssh… Daddy’s working.”

In response she parted her lips slight and sucked his finger in to her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it.

Cameron rolled his eyes, and with his free hand switched to another app and then clicked on a few buttons. Ami’s eyes went wide, then shut, as she collapsed on to the bed, motionless.

Cameron pulled his finger out from between her lips and wiped the saliva off on the bed cover and then started typing away on his keyboard in to the app. After a few minutes he stopped and Ami came back to life. She sat back up, blinked a few times and then blushed.

“I’m sorry Master, you are working, I will leave you be until you call for me.” she said, pushing herself down the bed and off the end. She stood up as she finished speaking and clasped her hands behind her back, bowed her head and waited for just a moment before turning and leaving the bedroom.

Cameron switched away from the control app and back to the paper he was writing. But before he continued he switched over to his notes app and created a new entry:

Create a program schedule option, or a do not disturb mode.

He saved the note and went back to his paper, “Nano control and the human mind. By Dr. Cameron Drisdale, PhD and Dr. Amilia Steward PhD.”