A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday December 05, 2020

Lizzy leaned against the frame of the elevator door and pushed out her hip as she waited for it to arrive at the lobby. Her tits were nearly falling out of the dress she had worn out, a good thing she’d used double stick tape to hold it in place, though she’d had to re-tape it after the guy on the dance floor had gotten done groping her.

It was a good thing she didn’t need anything important, like money, in the tiny purse she went out with. She giggled inwardly at that, there had been a time when she carried a humongous purse with her everywhere she went, even out clubbing!

Of course at that time she’d been nothing more than a mousy wall flower as well, so more than just her choice of purses had changed. And that was the understatement of the decade at least.

When she’d first moved in to her new condo she’d been a shy, flat chested, brunette that hadn’t know how to apply makeup for the life of her. But having moved in to the city for a job had forced her to adapt and so she had.

The most recent adaptation she’d made where the addition of her new tits, and she was still in the “showing them off every chance she had” stage of them and tonight had been no different.

She was just about to step away from the elevator to see which one was going to arrive first when Rick walked in to the lobby and her pussy began to pulse.

Rick was the night manager for the building, well in to his forties he was a little overweight, balding, and not very interesting. Or at least so she’d thought at first. These last few months had really changed her opinion of him.

Where as she had seen him just as some creepy old guy hitting on someone half his age, she now could see it for what it really was. A man appreciating the hard work she’d put in to herself.

“Hey, Lizzy, have a fun night out on the town?” Rick asked as he walked up in front of her.

Lizzy stood up straight, pushed her shoulders back and smiled, “Like, yeah Rick. It was great! *giggle*”

She reached out and touched his arm, “Thanks for asking, like, you’re always so nice and helpful.”, with her other hand she started playing with her hair.

“Well, I try and think of all of the tenants as friends and look out for them Lizzy.”

“*giggle* Yeah, like, I really appreciate it Rick.” she replied just as the ding of the elevator went off.

“That must be you, why don’t I walk you up to your place.” he said and the buzzing in Lizzy’s pussy grew more urgent.

“I’d totally love that Rick! Thanks!” she replied as they turned towards the open elevator. Without thinking Lizzy snaked her arm around Rick’s waist, in response Rick wrapped his arm around her waist and his hand slipped down on to her ass.

She gasped just a little and the leaned in to him as they walked to the elevator.

When the doors closed she couldn’t take it any more and pushed herself against him, her lips finding his as they kissed, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths.

They made out all the way up the elevator ride and spilled out in to the hallway towards her condo. She fumbled with the key for only a moment as Rick’s hands were wrapped around her squeezing her tits.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Lizzy dropped to her knees, stripping Rick of his pants and underwear in seconds. She sucked him in to her mouth right there in the entrance hall of her condo as his hands on her head guided her up and down his shaft. Her own hands pulled her dress to the side, the double stick tape giving way as her tits came free of the material and jiggled from side to side as she continued the blowjob.

“God Lizzy, I’ve wanted to fuck those tits since the first time I saw you with them.”

She popped off his dick and smiled up at him, “Oh my god, I love my big fake tits fucked!” she cried and stood up, grabbing his hand and nearly dragging him to the bedroom.

Moments later she was naked, on her back with Rick straddling her, her hands pushing her tits together as his dick slide between them.

“Come on baby, fuck those big titties!” she cried out, “Are you gonna cum on them? Or on my face? Come on baby, cum on my face while you’re fucking my big fake titties!”

Unable to hold back, Rick did exactly as Lizzy asked, his cum spurting out from between her tits and on to her face.

Lizzy’s whole body spasmed as the streams of cum hit her and she orgasmed several times.

Rick looked down at Lizzy, the stuipid, happy smile plastered across her face, along with his cum, was a sight to behold.

The Elisabeth that had arrived at the condo tower six months ago was no where to be found. In her place was the bombshell blonde nympho that laid between his legs.

He rolled off to the side and the stood up, walking out of the bedroom to his pants where they still lay in the entrance hallway. He grabbed his phone and walked back to the bedroom, unlocking his phone and starting the control applications.

He looked up at the darkened light on the ceiling and saw the dim blue led flash for just a second as his phone connected to the device inside of it. He scolled through the options of the app and enabled several more. She had come a long way and now it was time to reap the rewards of his latest acquisition.

The displayed show the confirmation dialog and he double checked it:

new occupation: prostitute
new employer: Rick Wheldon
new fetish: cum on tits
update exhibitionism: +50%
update breast sensitivity: +100%

Rick clicked save and locked his phone. It would take a week or two for the subsonic generator to apply the subliminal messages to her, but that was ok. It would give her enough time to finally quit her job and for him to suggest some clients to her.

He smiled as he headed to the bathroom to clean up. Maybe he’d head to the fourth floor after he left and pay a visit to Donna, she’d only moved in a month ago and was proving to be more resistant than most. A quick check of the program couldn’t hurt and she’d be sound asleep at this time of night.

He could always change the program as well, he’d seen it in the past, certain women seemed to resist the idea of being sexual objects for the use of men, but if instead you went down the road of them being empowered women who are using their bodies to control men, well that often worked. Then it was just a matter of taking away that control, making them dependent on one man, say their night building manager, and then the program would take them to exactly where he wanted them.

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