Abby sat in my office and stuck her tongue out as she laughed at my obviously stupid, sexist joke. She did so as she was trying to distract me from the fact that she was secretly recording our conversation on her phone.

It wasn’t the first time that an undercover police officer had come in to the club, though Abby was by far the most beautiful one that had, but it was the first time they’d come dressed up as a “sexy” police officer.

She’d been working her for several weeks, trying to find any dirt that should could, and failing to do so. Not because there was no dirt, oh there was lots of dirt that was for sure, but not a single person in the club would betray me.

That wasn’t some kind of flex or anything, I’d spent years building up the club to where it was, it was in a sorry state when I’d inherited it from my deadbeat dad that I hadn’t even talked to in two decades. But even in the mess that it had been, it was making money hand over fist, so I’d dropped out of university and instead focused on the club.

At first it was little things, like actually spending a bit of that money cleaning the place up and buying some new furniture. Then there was the human cleanup that had to be done, getting rid of the bad apples, drug dealers, etc.

Once that had been taken care of, things had smoothed out and most of the problems started to take care of themselves. Which left me with a pile of spare time, and piles of extra cash. So to fill the time I started working on my university PhD project again, the application of subliminal messages in behaviour modification.

It wasn’t groundbreaking work by any means, but it was interesting, and when I’d started adding in a few simple messages to the PA system, like “Everyone is here for a good time”, it wasn’t long before I started hearing those exact words from the bouncers, dancers and patrons of the club.

Over time, I added in more:

  • This is the best club, I don’t want to go/work anywhere else.
  • I’d never make trouble for the owner of this club, that would be disrespectful.
  • As long as it feels good, it can’t be wrong.
  • What consenting adults do together is no one else’s business.
  • I trust and respect the owner of the club.

Until I had a loyal, respectful workforce and customer base.

It did have a few side effects though, there was a lot of sex going on in the VIP, between consenting adults of course. And there were several of the regulars over the years that had gone on to hold public office, which freed up some of the local bylaws that had been quite restrictive to be honest.

Overall though, things were good. But whenever things seem to be good for a business like mine, well, there’s always someone who wants to ruin the party.

I doubted it was Abby, she was just doing her job, but either someone up the command chain, or in the political realm, was poking their nose in where I didn’t want it.

I smiled at Abby and decided she’d been here long enough for the subliminal to have taken hold, “So Abby, whatch ya doing with your phone there?”

She immediately blushed and tried to hide it behind her leg, “Nothin’!” she replied.

I raised an eyebrow in disbelief and she crumbled.

“I… I… I was recording you!” she blurted out, her lower lip trembling as tears started to form in her eyes and she held up her phone, clearly hitting the stop button.

I pushed my chair back from my desk and shook my head before patting my lap.

Abby immediately stood up and wiggle her way over, sitting down on my lap when she arrived, “I.. I’m sorry! I… I…”

“Sssshh, I know Abby, I know.”

“You… you do?” she said, holding back the tears just a bit.

“Of course I do. Do you really think the other girls didn’t come and tell me when you started asking all kinds of questions? Or the bouncers… or the DJ… or the customers?”

“I… I… no…” she replied, her whole body deflating and her shoulders slumping, “I guess not.”

I placed my thumb on her chin and lifted her head up slightly, “Now cheer up, you know you’ve been a bad girl, I know you’ve been a bad girl, and we both know that you have to be punished for that, but then everything will be better won’t it?”

Abby nodded, stood up and turned around, then leaned over my lap and laid there.

“Please sir, Abby has been a bad girl and needs a spanking.”

I raised my hand and landed a solid blow on her ass, “Oh! Abby’s a bad girl!”


“Abby’s sorry sir!”


“Abby will be a good girl from now on sir!”


“Abby will be the best girl ever for you sir!”


“Thank you sir!”

I placed my hand on her ass one last time and give it a rub, eliciting a moan from Abby’s lips. My fingers slipped down between her legs and felt the wetness permeating through her thong.

“You are a good girl aren’t you Abby?” I asked.

“Mmmmm… yes sir… rub Abby’s good little pussy…” she replied in a dreamy voice as her hips began to gently buck on my lap.

“Alright little miss good girl, time to get back to work.” I said, giving her ass just a little playful tap and she let out a giggle as she stood up.

“Ok sir, see you later!” she replied as she wiggle her way out of my office and back to the dressing room to freshen up.

I pulled my chair back in to the desk and unlocked my computer, pulling up the malware control center I’d had one of the girls install on her phone once it was obvious what she was.

The personalized subliminals seemed to have taken hold well and so I pushed out the last set to her phone and then closed the control center once more.

I have to admit that I was looking forward to the end of her investigation, she was going to make a fine trophy wife for me and take some of the heat off my club at the same time.

After all, what police department was going to investigate the husband of one of their own detectives without substantial proof first?