Angela sighed as she heard the door open behind her, “Hang on baby…” she half whispered in to the phone as she looked over her shoulder to see her next client. She held her finger up to her lips and gave a shussing motion to him before putting the phone back to her ear.

“I’m sorry baby, but our time is up. I know, I know, I wish it wasn’t either. Ok baby, talk to you soon.” she said in to the receiver and then hung it up. She turned back to the laptop she was kneeling before and ended the video chat session before closing the lid and setting it and the phone on to the nightstand.

Slipping from the bed she wiggled her way over to the man standing at the foot of her bed, through her arms around him and smiled.

“Mmmm, it’s so good to see you again.” she said, then leaned in and kissed him. She stepped back and reached around behind her, unhooking her bra and tossing it to a chair at the side of the room, giving her breasts a little shake as a smile cross her lips as well as his.

“I’ve been sooooo lonely without you baby.” she breathed as she sunk to her knees and worked his pants open and then pulled them down.

“Oh my, you are happy to see me aren’t you?” she half asked as her lips enveloped his stiff shaft and she started to suck him in to her mouth.

She moved up and down his shaft, tilting her head back and looking up at him as she did so. After a few minutes he gently pulled her off of himself and moved her over to the bed, guiding her on to her stomach and pulling the rest of her lingerie from her body. Then, he was inside of her, she moaned and gasped with each stroke. His hand ran down her back, until it reached her hair and he took a fistful of it and pulled her semi-upright.

“Oh god baby, fuck me… fuck me.” she cried out as her eyes lost focus for a moment and then refocused on the glowing neon sign above her bed.

“Never stop! Never stop! Never… stop… stop… stop… stop… STOP… STOP… STOP!!!!” her body jerked and spasmed as she repeated the word over and over again, sounding more and more desperate with each iteration.

She continued even after she felt his cum fill her pussy. She continued even after he pulled out. She continued even after he slapped her ass and asked her “What’s wrong with you, stupid bitch…”

The alert appeared on the monitor in front of Kevin and without thinking he spoke, “Oh oh…”

His teammate John looked over, “What’s wrong?”

“Damn it, it’s A3165 again!”

“Fuck, that one has really been acting up lately hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, this is the third time this week.” Kevin replied and cleared the alert and then brought up the video of her room. The client was just backing away and pulling up his pants, A3165 was still spasming on the bed. He turned on the volume to the feed and he could clearly hear her voiced crying out “stop”, over and over again.

He flipped on the speaker in the room, “I’m sorry, we seem to be experiencing a technical malfunction. If you head to the front desk we’ll arrange for a free return visit for you.”

“Damn straight you will!” the man called back and left the room.

Kevin quickly brought up the control panel for A3165 and checked her stats. Elevated heart rate, adrenaline spike, and a cascade failure in her neural implant. All just like the previous times.

He quickly sent the reset command and A3165 and her body instantly stopped moving as he watched all of her status start to return to normal.

“I’m opening a maintenance ticket on this one.” Kevin said, mostly to himself, but out loud to keep John in the loop as well.

“Yeah, those A models can be a bit twitchy sometimes.”

“Tell me about it, I just wish they’d figure out what’s triggering the cascade failures…”

John let out a chuckle, “Don’t tell me you’re going to ask the boss to let you ‘troubleshoot’ the problem again… you how that went last time.”

“Yeah, well, I’m sure I could work it out… in 10, maybe 15… at most 20 sessions with an A model.” he replied, half jokingly.

“Well, good luck convincing the boss of that. I mean, the last time you tried you got stuck on the red eye shift with me. What do you think he’ll do to you this time?”

Kevin let out a sigh, “Yeah, well… maybe. I guess I’ll just keep reseting them instead.”

“Good plan mate. The boys down in maintenance will figure it out eventually. Till then, we’re just the dumb smucks that have to put up with the resets.”

Kevin nodded and watched A3165 stir from the bed and start her cleaning cycle. He checked her inbound queue and pushed her next call back by 20 minutes and then closed out her control panel and video feed before slumping back in to his chair, waiting for the next alert to appear that he would have to take care of.