Mellisa sat in the passengers seat, her hand reaching over and “massaging” the driver. And by massaging she meant her hand was in his pants giving him a handjob.

Behind her sat Jacob, the man that had made her what she was today. Well, she assumed he was a man, it was hard to tell. Could any being with that much power be considered a man or a woman? Even human?

It might have been an interesting intellectual problem for her before she met him. Back then, as a professor of philosophy, she might have spent hours talking to her class about such a conundrum. But now, having faced the problem in real life, she found little intellectual stimulation in the question.

For her, it didn’t matter if he was human, or a man, he acted like, and had the same drivers as a man and so he was one as far as she was concerned.

She had first met him at the grocery store, he was wandering around the isles with a stacked blonde chasing behind him like a lost puppy, and she’d let out a soft “tsk” and rolled her eyes. Too loudly though apparently as when her eyes returned to the front, he was staring right at her.

There were too things she noticed right away, the first was the horrified look on the blondes face, and the second was the “twisting” feeling in her body.

It was hard to describe what it had felt like, her conservative forty year old body being reshaped in to a 20 year old bombshell that would make a porn star blush. But it happened quickly and when it was over, she was standing there in the produce isle a completely new woman.

The blonde had immediately started whining, complaining that it wasn’t fair, that she was still a hot little piece of ass for him. She’d dropped to her knees right there in the isle, bent over, hiked up her skirt and pushed her ass in to the air, begging him to fuck her.

Instead, a store employee who had obviously come over to find out what was happening, had dropped his pants and started fucking the blonde right there on the ground.

That had been a week ago and since then she’d been the “hot little piece of ass” that Jacob had been fucking and that had made her very conflicted over how she felt about it.

On one hand, she had no agency, no free will, no ability to say no. Which was bad.

On the other hand, she was a twenty year old bombshell that would have been impossible otherwise. And there were the orgasms. God the orgasms… Jacob might be some all powerful misogynistic bastard, but got did he make sure she enjoyed each and every moment he was fucking her. Which was good.

But then there were times like this, where he was paying little attention to her, but she was doing something so humiliating without getting any pleasure from it. She knew that when the ride ended she’d be bending over and giving the driver a proper blowjob, sucking every last drop of cum from his balls before Jacob would let her out of the car. But was that good or bad?

While she didn’t enjoy it in the slightest, it wasn’t terrible. And the driver was definitely enjoying it and he had no guilt over it as she’d been the one to suggest it.

She let out a little sigh as they pulled up to their destination, a shopping mall. The car came to a stop and she bent over to start the blowjob. Perhaps trying to figure out good and bad wasn’t the right way to look at it, perhaps it was better to view it from another perspective. Like from the blonde she had replaced.

A slight chill ran down her spine as she remember the blonde’s voice as they had left the grocery store, the employee still fucking her, but her voice crying out for Jacob to take her with him.

Mellisa didn’t know what had become of the blonde, but she could well imagine the hell she must be in. Jacob’s power was intoxicating and Mellisa knew that when it was her turn to be tossed aside, she hopped she would have more dignity than the blonde. But deep down she doubted it.

Even now, as she sucked off the driver she was hoping that Jacob would fuck her in the mall, that he wouldn’t find some new plaything there to replace her, that she would last as long as she could as Jacob’s favourite “hot little piece of ass”.