“No, like, it’s this way silly *giggle*” Sheena said, both of her hands pointing to her right.

“Ngh ugh!” Bambi replied with a pout as her hands pointed to her left.

Both were in the flight uniforms, the shiny blue material with gold trim, the thigh high stockings, the red scarf perfectly tied around their necks, the towering heels that pushed their butts out and their push up bra’s that did the same with their boobs.

Their fight had started just a few minutes ago, with Bambi, the older and therefor senior flight attendant telling Sheena that she would be working the back of the aircraft for the flight and Sheena complaining about it. Sheena had argued that as the “pretty” one, she should take care of the first class passengers instead of Bambi.

Bambi of course had retorted that, with over twenty years of experience, she was a far better choice to tend to the first class passengers needs.

Bambi having problems figuring out exactly how, since she was only 21, she could have 20 years experience, but that was a distraction that she didn’t need to conentrate on at the moment as Sheena was still arguing with her.

“Like it is totally this way! I can’t believe how dumb you are Bambi!”

“I’m not dumb, you are!” Bambi shot back and stuck her tongue out at Sheena.

“I’m gonna totally settle this once and for all!” Sheena retorted before looping her arm through Bambi’s and striding forward to the other side of the VIP lounge where they were waiting to board their flight.

The click of their heels echoed through the lounge until the stopped right in front of the only passenger waiting with them.

“Hey Mister…” Sheena said to the man and paused as the glowing red of his eyes rose to meet hers.

She stuttered slightly before continuing, “like… like is the jetway this way…” Shenna asked and pointed to her right.

Bambi caught on right away and smiled, a shiver of pleasure coursing through her as the man’s gaze fell on to her. In a husky voice, dripping with inuendo she complete the questions, “…or this way?”

The glowing eyes of the man penetrated both of them, but Sheena was the first to speak, “Oh my god Bambi! Like how could we be so stupid? The jetway is totally this way…”, she said and pointed straight down between the man’s legs.

“You’re right Sheena, it is!” Bambi chimed in as they both sunk to their knees and pushed in between his legs, their fingers working in unison to undo his belt and pants.

The went down the jetway together over and over again until they finally achived takeoff and servered their first class passenger, eagerly and completely.