A hands on kind of leader...

Monday February 15, 2021

Being queen bitch was good… Lola thought as she sat in her “throne”, she’d had Jim buy it for her, along with the condo, the renovations, her clothing, her tits, and well just about everything else she “owned” as well.

Of course there were some trade offs as well, like having to put up with the little slut she was looking at right now and flipping the bird too. She was Jim’s “personal assistant”, and Lola knew exactly what that meant as she’d had the same position not too long ago.

Kimberly, or as Lola liked to call her, Kimmy was just another blonde floozy that would put out for Jim until Lola got tired of seeing her face and had Jim fire her. Jim was firmly wrapped around her little finger and would do anything for her, she had no doubt of that.

“What are you looking at slut?” Lola sneered at the blonde.

“Nothing Ma’am, just checking to see if you needed anything. Jim wanted me to tell you that he was going to be working through lunch.”

Lola rolled her eyes and huffed in Kimmy’s general direction and waved her away. Well, if Jim wasn’t going to come and satisfy her, she guessed she’d have to take care of herself. She shifted in her throne slightly so she was turned towards the area Kimmy had just left, right towards the camera on the tripod, spread her legs and started to masturbate until her body shook from the orgasm that followed.

Kimberly hung her head as her boss berated her yet again, “Are you entirely incompetent in all aspects of your life or just here at work?!?” Ms. Cruz screamed at her as she almost came to tears.

“N… no Ms. Cruz…” she managed to get out.

“Then why is it that every time I give you a simple task you fuck it up?”

“I… I don’t know Ms. Cruz…”

“God, your such and idiot. I can’t believe Jim hired you let alone didn’t fire you! Well, I imagine he only kept you on as eye candy, but I don’t need any little bimbo slut strutting around my office making a mess of everything. I’d fire you in an instant if it wouldn’t piss of Jim…”

“I’m sorry Ms. Cruz, I’ll do better…” Kimberly replied and tried not to run crying from the office.

It had been so different before Jim had gotten his promotion, he’d been a good boss and helped her achieve so much more than she thought she would in her career. But when Ms. Cruz had replaced him, even if temporarily at the moment, things had gone to hell almost instantly.

Ms. Cruz was a bitch in heels and berated everyone, even if they were doing a good job. Then, she’d take credit with Jim for the staff’s hard work, claiming she’d had to correct much of it herself.

Jim wasn’t stupid though, he knew the people that reported in to Ms. Cruz were good workers that knew what they were doing. Kimberly hoped that when the company filled the job permanently that Ms. Cruz would be gone and things could go back to how they had been.

“Just get the hell out of my office!” Ms. Cruz called out and Kimberly turned and forced herself to take measured steps until she could close the door behind her and then she bolted for the restrooms. About half way there she bumped in to someone and pushed them aside, calling back an apology as she did so.

Jim looked at the HR complaints and frowned. There were so many of them since he’d prompted Lola, several from Kimberly who would never say a bad word about anyone, let alone her boss.

He picked up the folder and walked out of his office, heading down the hallway. Just as he turned the corner Kimberly ran in to him and pushed him to the side. He could tell she was nearly in tears and he opened his mouth to ask what was wrong, but before he could get the words out she had run down the hall towards the bathroom, calling back an apology as she did.

Jim’s frown deepened as he strode towards Lola’s office, when he arrived, he opened the door without knocking and closed it behind him.

“Oh, Jim, what a pleasant surprise!” Lola said, a saccharin sweet smile on her lips.

“Cut the bullshit Lola. Why is Kimberly running down the hallway almost in tears?”

Jim watched Lola try and work out if she could talk her way out of whatever was going on, “Well, I don’t know. Poor girl has really been having a hard time lately. Something in her home life I think, her work has really suffered because of it. If she doesn’t improve I might have to fire her.”

Jim walked up to her desk and slammed the thick folder of complaints on to her desk, “Bullshit. You’ve been treating your staff like crap since you took over and I’ve had enough. I gave you this opportunity because you were the most qualified candidate, but if you can’t manage the people working for you then I’ll have to find another position for you.”

“Jim, I swear, it’s not my fault! They’re all against me because they think I’m trying to replace you!” Lola replied, trying her hardest to sound like the victim.

“This is your first and final warning Lola. I’m giving you four weeks to get your act together, then I’m interviewing the staff personally and if they still have complaints against you…” Jim said, leaving the statement unfinished he grabbed the folder and walked out of her office.

Jim shook his head as Kimberly sat across from him, crying, as she recounted Lola’s threats to her that morning before the meeting.

“She… she said I’d never work in the company again… said she’d buh… buh… black list me in the entire industry!” Kimberly said through tears she was wiping away with a tissue.

It was a similar story to the other’s he’d interviewed that morning, Lola had clearly not learned her lesson.

“Don’t worry Kimberly, I’ll take care of it. Take the rest of the day off.” Jim said and she nodded at him, cleaned herself up the best she could and walked out of his office.

Jim shook his head and wondered what had been going through Lola’s mind, did she think her threats would work and he wouldn’t find out about her abuse?

He guessed it didn’t matter really, he pulled open one of his desk drawer and removed the small back box and two earplugs he’d had sent up from R&D. He put the earplugs in and then stood up from his desk and walked down the hallway to Lola’s office.

Lola watched Jim enter her office and close the door behind him, a broad smile on her face. She was sure the look of terror in her underlings eyes when she’d threatened them meant that she was in the clear.

“Oh, hello Jim, how did the meetings go?” she asked.

“Well enough, though probably not in the way you were expecting.” he said and raised his hand which contained a small black box.

“Oh… well…” she started but was suddenly cut off when Jim pressed a button on the box and her entire body went limp. It was like someone had switched off her nervous system and she no longer had any control over her limbs.

She could still hear and see, and she watched Jim walk over behind her desk and turn her chair towards him. He placed the black box on her desk and she tried desperately to scream at him, but her lips refused to move.

“Ok Lola, let’s get started. Honestly, if you’d just continued to be a bitch to the staff I would have just demoted you back down to your old position, but threats? Really? That’s just a step too far. I had R&D send up this little beauty, it’s never going to come to market for obvious reasons, but as a VP I have access to many things that will never see the light of day. Right now it’s shut off your motor control, but it’s also put your mind in to a completely compliant state.” he said, reaching in to his pocket and pulling out his phone.

He quickly unlocked it and set it on her desk as well before starting an audio recording playing.

“You have never been a manager, you were a personal assistant to Jim. Your goal was to seduce him and become his trophy wife. To achieve that goal you would do anything he wanted you to.”

Jim’s voiced continued on and on as the words flowed in to her mind and she could feel them altering her at her very core.

Kimberly walked back in to Jim’s home office with a smile on her face, “Excuse me Sir, here are the recent numbers for Lola’s live streams.” she said and placed a sheet of paper in front of Jim.

Jim looked up from his computer and looked over the sheet, “Really? That high already?” he said marveling at the results.

“Yes Sir, with the increase in views last week I decided to buy several additional ad blocks and they have been highly successful in bring in new viewers.” Kimberly beamed with pride.

Jim smiled back at her and nodded, “Good work Kimberly.”

Kimberly tried to hide the satisfaction she felt from Jim’s praise, she was so happy to be working for him again finally. After Lola had suddenly resigned from the company Jim had hired an outside manager to take her place. To her surprise he’d also switched Kimberly and his then current personal assistant, claiming that the new manager needed someone with broader experience in the company to get them up to speed faster. Jim had also stressed that it would give Kimberly more experience as well with other departments and so she’d agreed, if a little hesitantly as it would also mean more work.

What Kimberly hadn’t expected was exactly what some of that extra work would entail. When she’d “accidentally” stumbled upon the details of Lola’s departure, she had been shocked. But that quickly faded and was replaced with satisfaction.

She’d confronted Jim about it, and he’d denied leaving the details for her to find, but didn’t deny what he’d done. It only made her admire him more and she’d demanded that she be allowed to take over his little side project.

He’d smiled and nodded, giving her full access to the details of Lola’s new life. Since then, Kimberly had been turning Lola in to a major Internet cam girl, each live stream netting thousands of dollars in tips on top of the monthly memberships. Lola was more than paying for her costs.

“Thank you Sir. I think it’s time to expand Lola’s space though, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for some more… explicit live streams.”

Jim raised an eyebrow, “Oh? What were you thinking?”

“Well Sir, when we created her little cubby hole, we sectioned off the spare room for it, I was thinking of taking over the entire room. I’ve found a bed that will match her throne nicely.”

Jim smiled and chuckled a little, “Of course you have. Alright, but I want you to start thinking longer term. I mean, are you going to offer fans the opportunity to participate in these explicit streams? How would that work? Perhaps it’s time to create a completely separate space for her?”

Kimberly thought about it for a moment and nodded, “Ok, I’ll think about that and put together a proposal.” she replied.

“I look forward to it.” Jim said and turned back to his computer.

Kimberly walked out of the office, her mind racing with what Jim had said. As it was, Lola seldom left her throne, other than for the necessities, but if she had her own place, Kimberly could do so much more with her.

She let out a slight laugh and shook her head, that’s was why Jim was the VP, he could see the bigger picture and she hoped to learn everything she could from him.

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