“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Miranda whispered in to the hidden mic of her earing.

There was no response of course, the van with her partner was a block away, but she could imagine his response. She’d joined the police force right out of college and had been working her way up to detective for the last few years, but no matter how hard she worked or how good she was, most of the men only saw a pretty face.

Few of them could see past her looks, so when the “undercover” assignment came up to infiltrate the strip club of a major mob boss, well they all immediately looked to her.

Today was her “audition” for management, which more than likely meant at least a blowjob or two. Miranda had flat out refused to take the assignment at first, until the captain had made it clear that if she took it, she’d be prompted no matter what the outcome was.

She’d weighed the decision for a few days, because the one thing that none of her co-workers knew, was that she’d spent a few years supporting herself as a stripper so she knew better than most what it would entail.

She pushed the door to the club open and walked in, it was still too early for it to be open yet so there was no security gaurd at the door or greater behind the counter. Instead she walked in and to the bar where a man was working behind the counter.

“Hi, are you Derek?” she asked in a sweet voice and a broad smile across her face.

“Yeah, you must be Mandy?”

She smiled and nodded back, “Great, do you want a drink before we go in to my office and get you setup?”

“Sure, why not. Got some Hennessey?” she replied, knowing the offer was a test more than anything.

He nodded and poured a shot for her. She picked it up and drank it down quickly, burning down her throat as she did so.

They walked back in to his office and the first part of the interview was easy enough, she gave him her fake ID and other info as he filled out her file. Then the fun started.

“Well then, let’s see what you can do…” he said as he stood up and walked over to the couch in his office. He flopped down and she knew what was expected. She slipped out of her fake fur jacket and smiled. She took several slow, deliberate steps, one foot in front of the other, swaying her hips as she cupped her breasts until she stood between his legs.

Just as she arrived he tapped his phone and music started to play, she quickly matched her gyrations with the heavy base as she slowly undid the knot of her dress and then let it fall to the floor.

She quickly fell back in to her old routine, the well practices moves coming easily as she grinded on his lap, his hands coming up and grasping her breasts.

She was half way through the second song when she realized something was wrong. Well, not wrong per se, but very right in a very wrong way. Her pussy was getting wet and her breathing had quickened, she was being turned on!

She’d never been turned on when she’d danced before, why this time?

She didn’t get a chance to answer her own question before Derek guided her from his lap on to her knees. She was prepared for this and smiled, licking her lips as she leaned in “bite” his engorged member through his pants gently.

Soon enough it was out of his pants and between her lips as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. He didn’t last long, but without realizing it, her right hand had slipped down between her and she was playing with her pussy as she was blowing him.

When he came in her mouth her whole body shook as an orgasm rocked her and she almost fell back on to the floor.

“Not bad Mandy.” Derek said with a half chuckle.

“Thanks.” was all Miranda could think to say, still half dazed from the surprise orgasm.

Miranda walked through the club, her gaze darting between several men motioning her towards them and the table in the back where Derek and several other men sat talking. She wanted to walk over to the table beside Derek and see if she could overhear anything, but the tingling between her legs told her that the men calling her over were more important at the moment.

It had been a strange couple of weeks since she’d started her undercover assignment at the club. She’d thought she’d known what to expect, having worked in clubs before, but for some reason this time was different. Where as before, it was just a job, nothing more than if she was serving burgers and McDonald’s, this time it was like her libido was supercharged.

If she wasn’t giving at least a couple of blowjobs in the VIP each time she worked, she’d go home horny and unsatisfied. And no matter how hard she fingered herself, or what toys she used, it was never enough.

“Hi boys! I’m Barbie!” she said excitedly as she arrived at the table, quickly sizing up the three men sitting there and sitting on the lap of the one that looked like he had the most money. Or at least the most money she could easily extract from his wallet.

“Come on baby, fuck Barbie good!” Miranda cried out as she held on to her own ankles, pulling her legs back almost all the way to her head. She was laid out on the bed of the hotel of the man who was currently fucking her and she was in heaven.

He’d made the offer, just drunk enough to have the courage, near the end of the night and even after a dozen blowjobs in the VIP, Miranda hadn’t been satisfied. It was been a growing problem for her and as she had been grinding away on his lap, leaned back in to his chest, his one hand mauling her breasts, the other playing with her clit, she had agreed.

It had been a few days coming really, each night the blowjobs doing less and less to satisfy her before she headed home, she just hadn’t expected it to be tonight.

She felt the man pump in to her and hold there, giving out a little grunt as he obviously was in the final moments before he came, “Oh god baby, I want your cum so badly! Cum for me baby! CCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!” Miranda cried out as her own orgasm crashed over her and lost control of her hands and they released her legs, letting them flop down on each side of the man that collasped on top of her as well.

Miranda was horny, well, hornier than usual at least. She’d been at the club for a few hours but for some reason no one wanted to take her in to the VIP today. She’d managed to sit and chat with a few regulars, but they had all declined, which was weird but did nothing to satisfy her horniness.

Just as she was about to go back to one of her regulars to see if he’d changed his mind, a young man caught her eyes as he looked at her. He was obvioulsy in his mid-twenties, handsome, fit, and completely inexperienced in a strip club.

She smiled at him and walked over, sitting on his lap as he shuffled uncomfortably at her closeness.

“Hey, I’m Barbie. Your first time at a strip club baby?” she asked as innocently as she could.

“Ah, yeah. I mean no, but this one yes. I’m in town on business.” he replied as she wiggled her ass on his lap and pushed her breasts in to his face.

“Relax baby, everyone is here for a good time.” she said as she ran a hand through his hair and smiled at him.

“Ok… ah… do you want to go to the VIP?”

She smiled even more, “Why I thought you’d never ask baby.” she replied and stood up, grabbing his hand and nearly dragging him back to the VIP.

Moment later she was sitting on his lap, her dress already half way off, her pussy buzzing with need.

She let the first song run out before she took her dress completely off and straddled his lap. She leaned in, blowing gently in to his ear and whispered to him, “Baby, you are getting me so hot… you want to have some real fun?”

“What… what do you mean?” he stuttered in response.

“Well…” she replied, in a almost a purr, “I really want to wrap my lips around the big hard cock I can feel in your pants. So, if you say, tipped me $150 I wouldn’t have to hold back baby.”

She leaned back and raised her finger to her lips, letting it slip between them as she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

“What… what if…”

“You want something more? Oh you’re a naughty one, aren’t you.” she finished for him after slipping her finger from between her lips and winked at him. She extended her finger to his lips and ran it across them before leaning in once more.

“Well, if you want to go back to your hotel room it will be $500.” she said and then gently bit his earlobe.

“Oh… oh… ok!” she replied and she let out a little squeal.

“Mmmmmm… baby, I’m so happy to see you!” Miranda purred as she wrapped her arms around the young man and the door to his hotel room slammed shut behind her.

She quickly guided him towards the bed as her hands roamed over his toned body. She broke the embrace and gave her best innocent look before speaking, “Baby… if we can take care of business first? Then we have all the fun you want.”

“Alright… it was… was $500 for…” he stuttered out as he pulled several hundred dollar bills from his pocket.

“For me to fuck you silly? Absolutely baby!” she almost squealed as she grabbed the bills from his hand and pushed them in to the small purse hanging from her shoulder.

She set her purse by the TV and then smiled at him, “So, where do you want me baby?” she asked.

“Uhm, on the bed maybe? I really like… like your… your ass..” he managed to get out and she jumped on the bed face first, pushing her ass in the air.

“You mean this ass?” she asked as she felt him kneel on to the bed, his hands gliding from her ass to her lower back, and then the sudden familar click of handcuffs locking around one of her wrists.

A quick practiced motion brought her other hand behind her back and was similarly shackled.

“You are under arrest for prostitution. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney.” The now strong, powerful, assured voice of the man kneeling over her echoed through the room and Miranda’s mind raced at the impossibility of what was happening.

Derek sat at the back of the club, the newspaper laying flat on the table as a second man approached.

“Hello Captain.” Derek said as the man sat down and Derek then pushed the newspaper towards him.

The captain smiled at the headline “Disgraced police officer pleads guilty to prostitution and other charges!”

“A job well done Derek, and as promised, the club now has my protection. If you have any problems, just direct them to me.” the captain said as he slide his business card to Derek.

“I will. If you don’t mind me asking, why?”

The captain’s smile disappeared, “There are some lines you just don’t cross, blue ones especially. There are only so many stupid sexual harassment complaints I can handle from the same person, let alone the audacity of expecting to become detective with so little seniority.”

Derek nodded, understanding exactly where he was coming from after managing the club for so many years.

“And if you don’t mind me asking, how?” the captain continued.

It was Derek’s turn to smile, “I have to be honest, I expected to simply use video I made of her audition to ruin her reputation. But I always like my girls to have fun when they’re working so I sometimes have add a little… extra… to get them going. The drug comes in from South America, but no one seems to know exactly where and it’s not very popular. Just an aphrodisiac that works well on women. But Mandy… I mean Miranda, well, she reacted so strongly to it I decided to see how far it would take her.”

The captain raised an eyebrow, “But she would have been looking our for being drugged… she would have noticed her drink being spiked.”

“That’s true, for those first few weeks she watched the bartenders like a hawk pouring her drinks. Always changing it up and picking different bartenders as well if possible. Too bad it wasn’t the alcohol I was spiking with the drug but the glasses.”

The smile returned to the captains face, “Smart, very smart. So her reaction isn’t normal?”

“No, most women get a little buzz off of the drug and have a pleasant time of it, but every once in a while it seems to effect someone more strongly. Mandy was the strongest reaction I’ve seen. She was hoovering my dick and playing with herself on the very first dose.”

Derek looked down at his watch for effect before continuing, “And right about now she should be pretty much starting to feel the effects of withdraw. That’s going to be quite confusing for her I’m afraid.”


“Well, if she thinks the dancing or the sex is what’s causing it she’s going to be very disappointed for a few days. I mean no strip club in the country is going to let her work with her being national news and all. And how many men won’t recognize her either?”

“True enough.”

“The good news is that withdrawal from how much she’s taken will be months, so she has lots of time to figure it out and come back here.”

“And then what?” the captain asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“Well, she has become one of my top draws in the club, so I’ll let her come back. Just with a few changes to the details of her rates. I think an 80/20 split for the club seems reasonable.”

The captain chuckled and nodded his head, “It certainly does. Will you do me a favour Derek?”


“Give me a call when she comes back, I thnk I’d like a few hours alone with Mandy to see just how strongly she reacts to that drug of yours.”

Derek gave a chuckle as well, “Of course, and since the cat will be out of the bag, I’ll make sure she takes a double dose before she sees you.”

Both men chuckled for a few moments before the captain stood up and left the club.

Derek was looking forward to Mandy’s return, not just because of the extra business it would bring to the club, but because he wanted to see just how far he could push Miranda before she broke and all that was left was Barbie.