Nancy bent over at the waist and wiggled her ass as she looked down at the mirror that was perfectly positioned to see her reflection in the mirror behind her. She’d spent a lot of time setting up the room so it was just so, she knew every place where she could sit, stand, or lay and she’d be able to see at least one or more reflections of herself.

She stood upright, adjusted her boobs and then walked over to another spot and double checked it as well. Then another spot, and another, and another, until she was completely satisfied.

A smirk crossed her lips as she took a step towards the door and then out in to the hallway to the living room. There had been a lot of planning on her part to get to this day, and she was ready to celebrate!

She picked up her phone from the coffee table and unlocked it, scrolling through her messages until she found the one she was hoping would be there, “On my way, be there in 20”.

A shiver of excitement ran through her as she looked at the time, he was only five minutes away!

She adjusted her boobs again, paced around the living room, and tried not to constantly look out the window to see if he’s pulled in to the drive way yet, but failed.

Finally the luxury car pulled in and he stepped out and she involuntarily let out a squeal of joy.

He walked up to the front door and opened it without knocking and came right inside, where she wiggled her ass over to him, through her arms around him and kissed him intensely.

“Oh god baby, the girls have missed you so much!” she said, leaning back and giving her boobs a shake.

He smiled and reached out and grabbed them, “I missed the girls too.” he said and she flung her hair back with her head and let out a moan.

“God squeeze those boobies baby!”

He stepped forward and let go of her boobs, his hands going down to her hips and twisting her around. She leaned forward a little and then pushed her bum back in to his crotch.

“Ms. Kitty missed you too baby!” she said, wiggling her ass and rubbing against him. He pushed slightly on her hips and she took a step forward as he guided her down the hallway to the room she was so excited to use.

Once inside he maneuvered her towards the bed and she made sure she was in the perfect position. Bent over at the waist, she spread her legs out so she was at the perfect height for him. Then she titled her head back and looked directly in to the mirror in front of her. She watched him drop and step out of his pants before getting right up behind her and placing both hands on her ass.

He squeezed her ass cheeks hard and then gave one of them a slap, “Baby yes! Squeezed that ass hard, smack it and make it jiggle!”

Before she knew it his fingers were pushing her panties to the side and he slipped inside of her, “Yes, fuck Ms. Kitty baby! Fuck her good!” she cried out as he reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back hard on to himself.

With a clear view of her face and jiggling boobs, Nancy was in heaven. She could see the ecstasy on her own face as she rocked back and fourth. A reflection of a reflection in the mirror showed her her jiggling ass from the side as she was mounted like some kind of filly.

Then, after several minutes, he pulled out and she panicked, “Baby, no! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” she cried out just as he grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up, forcing her whole body to roll over so she was on her back.

She looked up at the mirror on the ceiling and her heart raced, she wasn’t in the right position! She pushed herself up and over, getting herself centered on the bed once more and she let out a contented sigh as he grabbed her other leg and forced them apart and back before pushing himself in to her.

“OH BABY YES! Do it like that!” she cried out as his weight pushed down on her, his shaft buried deep inside of her. He started to let go of one of her legs and she reached out and grabbed it along with the other so she held them wide and high. With his hands free he reached up and pulled her bra down, freeing her boobs and his hands grabbed hold of them.

“Oh baby, play with the girls! Play with them!” she said as he squeezed them, slapped them and pulled on her nipples.

She watched it all in the reflections of the mirrors and was in rapture from it.

Nancy didn’t know how many times she’d told David that she didn’t care for his attempts to suck on her nipples, or play with her small breasts, or get her to talk more during sex, or, well engage in any way in his perverse fantasies.

Sure, he’d married her for her looks, but she’d married him for his money and how that the marriage was consummated, she saw no reason to even pretend to try.

“David, just stick it in a get it over with.” she said, flicking his hand away from her nipple as she laid on her back, straight as a board and waiting for him to get his rocks off.

She saw the disappointment in his eyes, “Yes dear.” he replied, dejected and defeated and Nancy knew she wouldn’t have to put up with his physical expectations for much longer. Perhaps he’d find a mistress or something to entertain himself with.

That might work out well for her, after all the pre-nup she’d signed didn’t specifically limit the support or division of assets if they divorced, just that they had to go to some arbitration agency called The Perfect Divorce instead of court. She figured she’d get everything she wanted from such an arrangement and was looking forward to the day she could finally plan out the rest of her life.