“Wh… wh… what’s happening Jenny?” Mindy stuttered out as she rubbed her head with one hand and held on to Jenny’s g-string with the other for some kind of support, moral if not physical.

“*giggle* See Master, I told you here tits were nearly as big as mine! *giggle*” Jenny said, ignoring Mindy’s question. Instead her friend squeezed her breast and then grabbed hold of her nipple with her finger and thumb and gave it a pull.

“Oooooo…” Mindy moaned, unable to keep whatever her question had been in her head as the pleasure coursed through her breast straight to her brain.

Mindy’s knees wobbled slightly as Jenny released her nipple and then slide her hand down Mindy’s stomach and in to her thong, her friends fingers finding Mindy’s slick pussy eagerly awaiting their attention.

“And her pussy is so wet Master! *giggle*”

Mindy’s mind was so confused as to what was happening, Jenny was talking so strangely to Johnathan, the manager of the strip club they worked. Why was she calling him Master? Why did just thinking that word make her pussy tingle and her mind swirl? Why did she have the undeniable urge to get down on her knees and bow her head in front of him? Why were the other girls completely ignoring what was going on between the three of them?

These were only some of the strange thoughts going through her mind, all of the swirling around and mixing together at the same time.

Johnathan smiled as Jenny continued to play with Mindy’s pussy, “Master, do you want to fuck Mindy’s pussy? I know she’s ready! *giggle* I was totally licking her pussy last night and she kept, like, calling out your name! *giggle*”

Mindy could clearly remember the night before, her best friend and roommate between her legs as they laid on Mindy’s bed, Jenny’s tongue sending waves of pleasure through Mindy’s body. It had surprised Mindy the first time she’d called out Johnathan’s name, but her pleasure only seemed to increase each time she did so she didn’t fight it for long.

It seemed so odd now that at the time it had seemed so wrong to call out his name. Johnathan was well in to his fifties, nearly bald, overweight with at least one double chin and a tendency to leer at every woman in the club. In other words, just the kind of man that got her pussy sopping wet, just like it was now with Jenny’s fingers still sliding in and out of it.

Johnathan took several steps forward and wrapped his arm around Mindy, his hand slipping down and grabbing her ass. She let out a moan and titled her head back just a bit as she closed her eyes for a moment. Before she opened them she felt his lips on hers, his tongue probing her mouth and his free hand pawing at her breast.

She eagerly returned the attention, her tongue pushing it to his mouth, her hand on his shoulder, sliding down to feel the rolls of fat around his waist.

And then, before she knew it, she was on her knees, her lips around his manhood with Jenny guiding her head up and down his shaft.

“See Master, *giggle* I told you she was totally ready!” Jenny said but the pleasure from being on her knees and servicing Johnathan’s cock was too much and the words just passed through Mindy’s head.

It wasn’t long before his cum filled her mouth and an orgasm filled her mind.

When Mindy’s mind stopped swirling, or at least slowed down a bit, she was still on her knees, but Johnathan was gone. Instead Jenny was holding her head to her groin and gently stroking Mindy’s hair.

Mindy looked up and Jenny, wide eyed and questioningly.

“Awe, don’t worry Mindy, like you did good! Master totally said you were a pretty good cocksucker!” A little shiver of plesaure ran through Mindy’s mind at the praise as Jenny continued to stroker her hair.

“*giggle* Like, I’ve totally been waiting for this day too! Cause, I love licking pussy, but I totally love having my pussy licked even more! *giggle*” Jenny said as she gently turned Mindy’s head to the side where Jenny’s bare pussy was waiting.

Without a thought Mindy started to lick her best friends pussy as Jenny held her head gently in place. Mindy had never been the one to lick pussy before in their relationship, perhaps that was because up too a few weeks ago Mindy had always thought of herself as straight. But now, even after just a few licks, Mindy knew she loved licking pussy too.

Johnathan watched from across the change room as Mindy went to town on Jenny’s pussy and smiled, it seldom went this smoothly with new girls.

Mindy had started dancing at the club a month ago and the subliminal messages that were broadcast over the PA system often took months to work their way in to the girls minds. Jenny had been working at the club for over a year and had taken at least two months before she had broken up with her boyfriend and moved in with one of the other girls.

That was one of the first messages that any new girl picked up on, dumb the boyfriend and find a new best friend that worked at the club.

It re-enforced everything that would come later and he’d been surprised when Jenny had come to him to let him know that Mindy was moving in to her place only after a week.

Mindy had sped through the rest of the messages, tying her to the club and to him personally in record time after that and he could hardly wait to see what kind of stage show they’d but on together, and even more so for the private shows they’d be doing by this time next week.