“Hey baby…” Tammy said as she leaned back against the pole.

The man slowly pulling up to the curb shown the spotlight on her, “Shit!” she mumbled under her breath as she realized it was an unmarked cop car.

She sighed and walked over to the vehicle, leaning in the open passanger window, making sure her large tits were as exposed as they could be as she smiled the best fake smile she could muster.

“Hi officer.” she said sweetly.

“Hello Tammy, how are you making out tonight?” Officer Brown asked in reply.

“Oh, you know. One guy wanted to fuck my tits, another wanted a blow job and two wanted me to call them daddy. So pretty much the same as any other night.”

“Sounds profitable… get in.”

She held back a sigh and did as she was told, after all, there was a price to pay when you didn’t have a pimp and you wanted to work.

As they drove off, Officer Brown held out his hand and Tammy fished a wad of cash from her purse, handing a significant portion of it to him. They arrived at a large parking structure and drove up to the second to last floor, parking in the middle of it.

Officer Brown opened his door and got out of the car, Tammy followed suit and walked around to the front of the car with him. She didn’t hesitate and squatted down, undoing his fly and fishing his dick out, quickly wrapping her lips around it and sucking it in as far as it would go.

A few minutes later he pulled her up and bent her over the hood of the car, the warmth from the engine still coming through it. Then, with no foreplay, he pushed his dick in to her pussy and she gasped, then moaned as he rocked back and forth.

She could feeling him getting closer and closer as she watched the pale reflection of herself in the windscreen of the car. It was an instant before she felt his cum that her own orgasm started to build and then her mind cleared.

Susan’s eyes went wide, her mouth formed a near perfect circle as her voice screamed out “Fuck you Stan!”

She was Officer Susan Weston, or at least had been until she’d started poking around the precinct when it became obvious to her that everyone was ignoring the streetwalkers in the city.

She had been sure she’d found the evidence she needed when she’d overheard Brown and another officer talking about a meeting with a known criminal. She’d tailed Brown to the meet with every intention of recording it, but something had gone wrong.

She could remember being crouched down in the alley, with a directional mic… and then nothing. Nothing until she woke up sometime later, strapped in to a chair, an IV in her arm and a TV in front of her.

The rest blurred together in to a montage of anger, lust, resistance, need, acceptance and pleasure.

The only part of that time she clearly remember was the trigger they’d implanted in her mind. Every time that Officer Stan Brown made her orgasm, she’d remember everything for just a few moments, and she’d orgasm every time Stan’s cum touched her body.

Susan heard Stan chuckle as he looked down at her spread across the roof of his car, she turned to face him, the rage on her face apparent, right up until it started to fade along with Susan.

By the time she managed to slip from the hood of the car, Tammy smiled and helped Officer brown tuck his dick back in to his pants.

“Mmmm… thanks Officer Brown, I really needed that.” she purred as she pushed her tits in to his chest and kissed him passionately.

He nodded and gave her ass a slap as she turned to walk back to the passenger seat. She checked her phone, the night was still young, if Officer brown got her back to her street corner she’d get a few more customers in before she headed home for the night.

But then again, if she was lucky, maybe Officer Brown wouldn’t drop her off at her corner and instead take her home with him. She liked it when he did that, the feeling of the gag in her mouth, the cuffs on her hands, the spreader bar on her ankles, his cock in her ass.

It made her so horny just thinking about it she often wondered if maybe one day he’d just keep her there permanently.

But such daydreams weren’t for her, she had to earn a living, and the only way she could do that was walking the streets each night and make sure Officer Brown got his cut.