Posture. Posture was important and Lindsey new it.

As the only daughter of the manor, and sole heir to family’s estate, she had to always present herself in the best possible light.

Which was why, even now as she sat on the saddle in her riding helmet and gloves, along with her best lingerie, she kept perfect posture.

It wasn’t difficult, she’d been training for most of her life to ride, so keeping her perfect posture on this stationary was nothing in comparison to gyrations she normally had to do on the back of a horse.

Those this particular moment in time had other challenges. The dozens of men milling about the main hall of he manor, and for that matter the rest of it, They paid her little mind other than an occasional glance over in her direction. One had gotten up the courage to come over and make a closer inspection of her, but then quietly left without further ado.

Suddenly the PA system that had been setup in the main hall came to life, “Gentlemen, please make your way back to the main hall, we’ll be starting the auction in 10 minutes.”

A shiver ran down her spine as the men made their way to the fold up chairs that had been arranged by the makeshift stage that held the PA system.

Eventually everyone was seat and and older man took the stage, picking up the microphone.

“Welcome to today’s auction. As I’m sure you’re all aware, we’re auctioning off the title of ‘Duke of Marsh’. Perhaps not the most prestigious title of course, but it does come with significant land and this beautiful manor house along with all of it’s contents.”

The man held up a catalog in one hand, “Which of course are all inventoried in your auction book. Any questions before we begin?”

The gathered men were silent and the man on stage nodded and handed the microphone to another man inserted it in to a stand that was mounted on a podium.

“Very well, then, can I get 10 million to start?”

The bidding went quickly until finally the auctioneer banged his gavel several times and declared “Sold!”

The losing bidders quickly cleared the room, leaving just three men standing near the stage, the auctioneer, the man that had introduced the auction and the third that sent a shiver down Lindsey’s spine.

The three men made their way over to her and part way over Lindsey could make out what they were say.

“…the American was really quite aggressive in bidding. I thought he might outbid you there for a while.” the auctioneer said.

“Yes, he was quite annoying really. But it would never due to let such a title leave the country.” Sir Reginald White said and nodded to the third man who nodded back.

“Ah, and of course here we are.” the third man said as he waved his hand towards Lindsey.

Reginald’s eyes devoured Lindsey’s half naked body for just a moment before he reached out and ran his hand up her thigh, across her torso and then took hold of her breast.

“Hello Lindsey, it has been a while.” he said but she remained silent, “Ah, that’s so much better than last time.”

Lindsey wanted to yell at the top of her lungs at Reggie, just like the last time she’d seen him and he’d insinuated she should perform a sex act on him. He was a pig, 20 years older than her, treated women like objects.

The auctioneer taking his cue made his exit as the other man reached in to his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone. A few taps later and Lindsey swung her leg over the side of the saddle, slipped down to the floor and sank to her knees, her head bowed before the two men.

“Master, how may I serve you?”

It took all of her willpower not to knee him in the groin instead, but she held back, not because that she couldn’t do it, but because she knew of the consequences.

The device they had implanted in her head three months ago didn’t control her, at least not exactly, instead it served two purposes. The first was communications, it was connected to the app on the man’s phone, he had sent her an instruction through it to get off the saddle and kneel before her new owner. She had filled in the rest of the details and done what she was told to.

The second though, that was the real core of the device. With the press of a button they could inflict pain or pleasure directly in to her mind.

They had spent the following three months doing exactly that. Disobedience was pain. Obedience was pleasure.

She had fought it as long as she could, but eventually there was no fight left in her and so for the last month she hadn’t tasted the sting of the device’s “corrections” to her behaviour.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t understand what was going on. Quite the opposite, she was fully aware of the choices she was making and hated each and everyone of them.

Reggie reached over and took the phone from the other man, “And with this I can completely control her?”

“Yes, though it’s not really required. She’ll obey any verbal command she’s given now.”

Reggie smiled broadly, “Let’s verify that. Lindsey, stand up and bend yourself over the saddle.”

“Yes Master.” she replied and stood up, turned around and bend over the saddle, spreading her legs and pushing her ass up as best she could.

A few moments later Reggie’s dick was pushing up against her pussy and then sliding in to it.

“Fuck Lindsey, I knew you were going to be a tight little cunt, but I never imagine this tight!”

“Thank you Master! Please use my tight little cunt for your pleasure!”

He pushed in deep and Lindsey felt a wave of pleasure come over her. At one time she would have said that it was the device creating it, but after months of training with it, she was no longer sure. Either way though it didn’t matter, she let out a low moan and a gasp as she felt his body push up again her bum.

“You know Lindsey, you have me all wrong. I wasn’t just interested in your title.” he said as he pulled back and pushed in deep again.

“I’ve always thought you had potential to be a great trophy wife. We’ll get that hair bleached out, those lips puff up, those tits expanded and get you in to some properly slutty clothes. I can’t wait to see this tight little ass pushed out in some proper high heels as you walk down the street hanging off my arm for everyone to see.”

Lindsey heard the works and understood them, but her mind was focused on his dick in her pussy and all she say was “Yes Master! YES! YES! YES!” as she orgasmed hard when his cum entered her.