Jill leaned over the net and reached down to pick up the ball. Is this what it had come to? Showing off her ass for dirty old men?

She let out a sigh and took the ball between the tips of her fingers and then stood back upright, letting her skirt fall down over her ass once more, before turning and smiling to her “students”.

There had been a time when she had a promising tennis career ahead of her, but an ankle injury had brought that to a halt and she’d had to pick up work wherever she could.

So when Bachelorwood Country Club had offered her a full time position as the tennis coach, well, she jumped at it. Even with the whispers about the club, the strange rumours about the staff, and even the fact that it was a “men’s only” club. She had thought those had gone the way of the Dodo, but apparently Bachelorwood had skirted the rules somehow.

When it meant in reality was that she paraded around all day in a skimpy outfit and “taught” the men of the club how to look at her ass all day. They seldom did much more than stand at the line and let balls fly by them.

But, the money was better than anywhere else, and as long as they didn’t cross the line, well, she could put up with it. At least until her ankle was well enough to get back to real tennis.

Jill whimpered a little as she fought against the desire to do what she was told.

“Come on Jill, just down on your hands and knees, wiggle that ass, and crawl over to get the balls for me.” Justin said as he smiled and gave a little chuckle at the obvious conflict on her face.

Jill had come to realize that the rumours about Bachelorwood understated things significantly. It wasn’t just a misogynistic boys club that hired beautiful women for their looks, it was something more insidious.

It had only taken a few weeks working there for her boundaries to fade away, her students soon started to openly grope her talk about how much fun it was going to be when they eventually were able to fuck her.

And she’d been unable to do anything about it but smile and say thank you.

She’d tried to quit, so many times she’d tried. But each time as she walked to HR, her feet carried her to the tennis courts instead. She’d even tried just not coming in to work, instead driving to the police station, only to find herself handing her car keys to the valet at Bachelorwood when she arrived there.

What Justin was doing was the latest humiliation that she had been unable to stop. When one of her students came for their lesson, they’d tell her to do something humiliating, like Justin was now, and she’d been unable to stop herself.

Jill let out one last whimper before dropping to her knees, turning around and crawling over to the balls, wiggling her ass all the way.

When she arrived, she grabbed hold of two balls, and crawled back, supporting herself on them.

“Here you go…” she said, holding them up as he took them from him.

He looked at one and tossed it over his shoulder, “That ones no good, get me another.”

“O… ok.” she replied and started to turn.

“Ok what?” he shot back.

Jill winced before replying, “Ok… sir.” a little shiver of pleasure ran through her body as she said the word.

Jill looked at the professionally done photo that adorned the hallway leading to the locker room. Her tits had been the first “upgrade” they’d given her, mostly because they were a constant reminder that she’d never play tennis professionally again.

But also because some of the members enjoyed seeing her stick a tennis racket handle between them and holding it in place in front of her face.

Today she was wearing her usually white top and skirt, along with her white heels which pushed her ass and tits out for all to see. At the moment she was standing beside her photo, there were a couple of other women in the hallway as well, each standing beside a similar photo of themselves.

It wasn’t long before Justin emerged from the locker room and walked over to her and smiled, “I’m ready for my lesson Jill.”

She smiled back, “Oh very good Sir! Please, right this way…” she replied and grabbed hold of his hand, almost dragging him through the country club. They reached her personal office and she flung the door open, pulled him inside and then pushed him down on to the bed before closing the door behind her.

She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to the bed, pulled his shorts down and cupped his balls in her hands, then wrapped her lips around them and sucked them in to her mouth.

She was an expert at ball play, it was why they had hired her, and she knew she was worth every penny they paid her.