“Now isn’t that better little one?” Monica whispered in to Shelly’s ear softly, huskily, as she pulled the leash taught and held her chin up.

Shelly whimpered in response and then managed to get a half squeaked “Yes Ma’am!”

She wasn’t in to women, or dominance, or submission, or any of the other things that were happening to her right at that moment, but she was powerless to do anything about it.

To say that this was not how Shelly had imagined she’d be spending her Friday night was an understatement. She’d started her new job just a month ago, Monica was her new boss and Shelly had been excited about the prospect of working for her. Monica was a powerful woman, with an eye for new talent in the advertising industry and Shelly had been honoured to be hired as her new personal assistant just out of college.

The first few days had been hectic, stressful, and even intimidating, but she’d managed to find her rhythm and get things under control. Or so she’d thought at least.

At first the requests seemed odd, but Shelly had gone along with them. Wear something blue tomorrow. Here’s new makeup for you. Don’t wear those shoes ever again.

Then they became more and more uncomfortable for her. Give my neck a massage. Rub my hands. Give my feet a massage.

For some reason Shelly had agreed to them all.

It was last Friday night that things had completely gone off the rails for Shelly. She was working late, Monica was in her office and no on else was around, when Monica had called her in. Before Shelly knew what was happening, she found herself under Monica’s desk, her head buried between Monica’s legs as she lapped away at Monica’s pussy.

After that Shelly had spent her lunch hours under Monica’s desk, bringing them both to orgasm each day.

Shelly had been packing up to go home tonight when Monica called her in to her office and informed her she need Shelly at her condo after work. It wasn’t a request, it was just a statement of fact and all Shelly could think to say in reply was “Yes Ma’am.”

And so here she was in Monica’s bedroom, half naked, a collar around her neck and Monica in complete control.

Monica’s hands roamed all over Shelly’s body for several minutes, her lips biting at her ear lobe, her hot breath on her neck, until the sound of the bedroom door opening brought both of their attention to it.

A man walked in, in a sharp business suit, the signs of age on his face and in his greying hair. Shelly didn’t know what to do, but Monica seemed unfazed as she cooed in to Shelly’s ear, “Isn’t he magnificent?”

Shelly, more confused then ever replied, “Yes.. yes Mistress.” the word seeming right to say somehow.

“Oh little one, no, no, no. I am not your mistress, he is our Master.” she replied, holding Shelly’s leash out towards him.

He stepped forward and took it from Monica, Shelly felt the weight of the action in the very depths of her soul and she dropped to her knees, “Master!”

A moment later Monica joined her, “Master, does she please you?” Monica asked.

“She is as cute as you said, I am pleased. How has she responded to the program?”

“Very well Master, she is an eager little pussy licker, I can attest to that personally.”

Master chuckled, “I am sure you can Monica, I’m sure you can. You always were a strident lesbian, at least until you weren’t.”

“Thank you Master.” Monica replied as Master walked up to Shelly and with a single finger tilted her head up towards him, turning it from side to side.

“She’s young, which is good, Debbie does like them young. But you know Debbie better than I do Monica, will this one please her eye?”

“Yes Master, with just a little bit of training Shelly will be like catnip to Debbie.”

“Good, that bitch has been a thorn in my side for too long, and this little trojan horse here is just what I need to my hooks in to her. You have my permission to continue her training and then send her on her way.”

“Thank you Master!” Monica replied, excitedly as Master let go of her leash and started to remove his clothing.

“Let’s find out if she’s as good as cocksucker as you say she is pussy licker.”

Monica grabbed her leash and pulled Shelly close to her with it, “Do not disappoint our Master little one or I’ll spend the rest of the weekend forcing a dildo down your throat until you miss the feeling of it every day at work.” she hissed.

Shelly had given several of her boyfriends blowjobs, she wasn’t as good as some of her friends, but she knew she could do well enough. At least she hoped so, the thought of disappointing her Master send a shiver of fear down her spine.

As Master stood in front of her, Shelly wrapped her lips around his cock, Monica holding the leash, controlling her head as she held his in her mouth.

In the back of her mind, Shelly wondered who Debbie was, but she pushed that thought out of her head and focused on Masters cock. Debbie and everything else would have to wait, right now she couldn’t disappoint Master.