Sylvia looked up, her eyes pleading with him, but not in the way she intended. She should of been pleading with him to let her go, to release her, but instead here eyes pleaded with him to command her.

It wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, she was the one that was supposed to be in charge, she always had been. But when she had first met him, something had changed. At first it was little things, a stolen glance to see his reaction when she gave instructions at work. A stray thought about what his thoughts on some trivial matter might be.

It had been so strange, as he was her subordinate at work, and it wasn’t the way it should have been. Soon she was having private meetings with him, to get his thoughts on things she could certainly handle all by herself. The first time she’d asked for his input in a team meeting a shiver of excitement had run down her spine, and she still chased the feeling to this day.

The day he’d been “promoted” above her, which was really just him taking her position and she taking his, had been such a mixed blessing. Sure, she didn’t have to ask for his opinion on things, he was her boss and he’d tell her his opinions. But also, why had she accepted the demotion? Oh sure, he’d spent time explaining it to her, and even now she couldn’t fault his logic, but wouldn’t it have been better to just resign?

Her body shivered in fear for just a second at the thought of resigning, how could she ever do that? Of course she couldn’t resign, that would mean no longer being his subordinate, at that was something she could not imagine.

He gave a little tug on the leash and she rocked forward on to all fours as he lead her once around the couch and then back to where they had started.

“Sit!” he commanded and she put her ass back down on to the floor and looked up at him once more.

“Speak!” he commanded.

“Arf! Arf!” she barked out.

He step closer to her and stroked her hair, “Good girl Sylvia, good girl.”

She whimpered a little at the attention until he wound the leash around his hand a few times and then pulled on it once more and held her face right up against his crotch. She panted for a moment, whimpered a few more times and then licked at his crotch as he held her there.

“Oh very good kisses girl, very good!”

He let a little slack form on the leash and then undid his belt and let his pants and underwear fall to the floor. She didn’t wait him to pull her back in for her lips to wrap themselves around his dick.

A sharp tug on the leash pulled her off, “NO! Bad girl! Bad girl!”

She whimpered again and then extended her tongue and panted, trying to get back on to his shaft. He verbally corrected her several more times until she was no longer fighting him.

“Alright, let’s try that again.” he said and let some slack back in to the leash.

Her lips started to part but he spoke once more, “Stay!”

Her lips closed once more as she looked up at him with those same needy eyes. Her eyes returned to his dick and her lips started to part once more.

“Stay!” came the command and her lips closed once more.

She whimpered and whined a bit more until finally silence filled the room.

After a few minutes he smiled, “Good girl. Now kisses.”

She dove forward with her tongue out and quickly took him back in to her mouth.

She knew it was wrong, so wrong, but it also felt so good, so so good to have her lips wrapped around his dick. In the end, she swallowed all of his cum she could and orgasmed when she did.

Mark sat across from the CEO’s desk and smiled, “You seem very confident in yourself.” the CEO said.

“I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t confident in my services, it’s not like this is a job interview.” Mark replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

The CEO grunted, “I guess so. I still find it hard to believe you can deliver, but I have checked out your references and they all swear by you.”

“My business thrives by word of mouth and recommendations. Perhaps you’d like to fill in some details of the work you need done?” Mark replied and nodded.

“Yeah, well alright. I hired a VP six months ago, I figured why not make some brownie points with the feminists at the same time and hire a woman? Well that was a disaster. Sylvia has tanked productivity with her bitchiness and micromanagement and half a dozen key staff that reported to her have quit because of her. And, because I touted her hiring in PR releases and on live TV, I can’t fire her!”

Mark nodded again, “A common story I hear.”

“So I need that bitch gone, and gone of her own volition. Can you do that?”

“Not a problem, put me in as one of her direct reports and I’ll take care of it. A bitch is just a just an unruly mutt that needs training, that’s an easy job for me.”

The CEO nodded back to Mark and stood up, extending his hand, “Alright, then I’ll e-mail you the details of where to report to.”

Mark rose and shook the CEO’s hand, “Perfect. Do you have any particular outcome for her that you’re looking for? Or is ‘quit her job’ all that you need?”

The CEO raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I did some research and noticed she is kind of cute. Needs a bit of toning here and there, but otherwise good. I didn’t know if you wanted her as a mistress or something.”

The CEO eye’s gleamed, “I hadn’t thought beyond firing her, but now that you mention it…”

Mark walked out of the CEO’s office with a smile on his lips, a quick negotiation for a custom package was always profitable for him. The CEO had been predicable, so while Mark wasn’t much in to petplay, he certainly understood where the interest came from though and had done enough of them in the past to know what the CEO wanted.

It would take a few more weeks, but he had time and he was sure Sylvia would hold his attention for a while. Certainly long enough for him to finish and deliver her to the CEO.