Mary looked down at her tits, contained in the jean top she was wearing as one of the bottom buttons popped off. She blinked several times, her belly button exposed to the cool air.

She’d been on the farm for her summer internship for the last four weeks and things had not been going well. Or perhaps they were going really well, it was hard for Mary to know for sure.

“Hey Mary, need help with that?” Christine called out and Mary looked up at her. Christine was her advisor and had suggest the internship at the farm in the first place.

“Ah… yeah?” Mary replied as Christine walked up and stood behind her.

Christine reached around and pushed her hands in to each side of Mary’s jean top and grabbed her tits and gave them a squeeze.

Mary watched this all with a detached fascination until the first wave of pleasure coursed through her tits and settled in to her mind.

“Oooohhhh… Oooohhhh… Moooooooo!” Mary let out as the strap on the top gave way and one of her tits came free.

Mary’s mind drifted off to thoughts of large green pastures as Christine continued to massage her tits. It wasn’t long before Mary’s top came away from her body and fell to the ground.

“There we go Mary, isn’t that better? Cows don’t need tops on do they? Cows love to stroll around with the utters out.”

“Moooooooo.” was all Mary could reply as she saw herself in that big pasture, her utters hanging free as she stood there, a big brass bell around her neck.

Christine typed away in her log;

Subject 24 continues to show impressive responses to formula 13a. Breasts have increased another 10%, making for a total of 140% total increase since starting her on 13a.

Cognitive ability has also shown a marked decrease in the last few days, which is a relief, with today’s IQ test showing a 20 point drop!

Subject has also lost all sense of modesty, with the weakened buttons finally having given out, she had since been walking around the farm without a top at all.

Subject was observed twice touching her neck and looking disappointed today, I expect to add the collar to her by the end of the week.

At this rate I expect to ship her upstate to the grazing farm by the end of the month. That will be a new record or just 6 weeks under the influence of 13a.

Given the success of 13a so far, I will be moving on to formula 14b next semester, which should greatly speed up the process, perhaps down to a single week or less.

In any event, I will be recommending 13a to the company as a viable product for the time being with improvements possible in the next generation of the formula. They should be quite happy as I’m a full year ahead of schedule, well under budget, and with higher than expected success rates.

Christine closed out her log and then shutdown her computer. She wasn’t really sure what the company wanted with the formula, but she’d been given parameter and she’d met them all with 13a. With the early success she even expected to get a significant bonus.

Of course the real bonus of her research would be Mary’s tongue lapping away at her pussy for a few days before Christine sent her upstate, but that was still a week away or so.