In one of my previous news items I mentioned I was looking at going back through my older posts and adding categories and tags to them, well I’ve started the process!

Don’t get too excited though, I’ve complete back to the beginning of 2020, which means I have about 20% of my posts done and it’s taken months to complete. That just doing a few when I’m bored though, which is all the effort I’m willing to put in to it 😉

There are a few reasons why it takes so long to do:

  1. I don’t have all my posts memorized so I have to go back and read them to find what tags/categories to add to them.
  2. While reading I notice small mistakes and fix them.
  3. Since I’ve migrated several times, some of the formating is a little off, so I’m fixing that as well.
  4. Also, some of the multi part posts don’t have the correct links in them… so I’m fixing that as well.
  5. Finally, with WordPress going to their new block editor instead of the traditional editor, I’m converting the old posts to the new format as I go.

My guess is that it will take the better part of a year (or more) to go through all the posts, so I’ll give updates whenever I complete another year of posts.