“What aren’t you telling me?” Kayla asked as she glared at Philip.

“What… what do you mean?” he sputtered out in response.

Kayla raised an eyebrow and then shifted her weight so she was standing straight up again. She’d been coming to see Philip at his Hypnosis center to help with her anxiety for almost a year and she’d been quite happy with the results. She’d been refereed to Philip by her boss Jacob after he’d used him to stop smoking after several failed attempts.

She hadn’t had a panic attack in over two months, and the closest she had gotten to one was three weeks ago when she’d broken up with her boyfriend. Looking back on it, it was well past time she did so, but it still stirred up some anxiety for her. Fortunately she had the techniques Philip had taught her to calm herself down and the anxiety had passed quickly.

She wished she could say the same for her boyfriend, he’d been texting her non-stop since the breakup, to the point where she finally just had to block his number all together.

And that was exactly why she was now looking at Philip with an accusing stare. It had probably been a slip of the tongue when she had complained about her ex, but the half whispered “’bout time” had caught her attention and tweaked something in the back of her mind that had been nagging at her for a while.

“You know what I mean… don’t play stupid with me buster. There’s something you’re not telling me and I know it has to do with my ex.”

“Look, it’s nothing bad.. it’s just.. well, with less anxiety I did warn you that there might be some… unexpected consequences.”

“What does that mean exactly?”

“Well, you’re anxiety informed many of your choices in the past. Now that you have it under control, there were bound to be some re-evaluation of your past choices. You’re ex… well, he seems to have been one of them.”

She lowered her eyebrow a little and crossed her arms, “Well… maybe.” she replied, still not 100% sure if he was telling her everything, but not having any evidence he wasn’t either.

“Ok, well let’s get started on your session then. Any panic attacks since the last one?”

“No, none.” she replied and let out a sigh and uncrossed her arms as she walked over to the couch and laid down. A moment later the spiral pattern that was projected on the ceiling filled her vision and she felt herself fall deeper and deeper in to the familiar hypnotic state.

Philip breathed a sigh of relieve as he watched Kayla go under and her breathing slow as her eyes fluttered shut. He’d gotten careless and used his outside voice when he should have remained quiet.

He was so close to completing Kayla’s treatment and she’d come a long way. The mouse brunette that had entered his office a year ago would hardly have recognized herself now. But then again, that is what he was being paid to deliver to his client.

“How deep are you Kayla?” he asked in a soft voice.

“Very deep…” she replied even softer.

“Good. Can you tell me where we left off last time?”

“Ugh hun…” she half mumbled before continuing, “You were telling me how much of a slut I am.”

“That’s right Kayla, a slut, a real horny slut, right?”

“Ugh hun…”

“But not just any horny slut, you have some standards after all. Like that loser ex-boyfriend, you’re not a slut for him, he’s not worthy of your slutiness is he?”

“Ngh hun…” she replied, her brow furrowing just a bit.

“But your boss, well, that’s a completely different story isn’t it? Jacob is a real man and you’ve been horny for him for as long as you remember haven’t you?”

“I… I… maybe…” she replied.

“Oh come now, don’t be shy about it. Haven’t you been going in to work in the sluttiest little outfits you own? Haven’t you been daydreaming about Jacob’s big fat cock? Haven’t you been masturbating each night to the thought of him pounding your tight little pussy?”

Kayla let out a little whimper before replying, “Yes…”

“Then there’s no maybe about it is there? You’re a horny little slut for Jacob aren’t you? Come on, let me hear you say it.”

She hesitated for a moment and then her lips started to move, “I… I’m a… horny little slut… for Jacob.”

“That’s good Kayla, let’s try it again.”

“I… I’m a horny little slut… for Jacob.”

“One more time.”

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

“That’s very good Kayla. Now, I want you to open your eyes, but you’ll remain deep in your trance. I want you to look up at the pattern on the ceiling and I want you to keep repeating that same mantra over and over again as the pattern takes you deeper and deeper.”

Another whimper came out of her but her eyes fluttered open and she looked directly up at the pattern tracing itself on the ceiling.

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

“I’m a horny little slut for Jacob.”

Kayla’s voice filled the room as Philip walked over to his computer and checked the time, they’d gotten started a little late due to his slip up but she’d still have a good twenty minutes repeating the mantra to herself, which would be more than enough to get it locked in.

He stepped out of his office and closed the door, the sound proofing masking the sound of Kayla’s voice entierly as he picked up the phone on the reception desk and dialed Jacob’s number.

“Hello?” Jacob’s voice said over the line.

“Hey Jacob, it’s Philip.”

“Hey Philip, how are things going?”

“Good, Kayla’s just here for another session and I just wanted to let you know she should be ready when she comes in to work tomorrow.”

“That’s great news Philip!”

“She still has a couple more session to go before all of your requests are in place, but you should be able to engage her in the basics without any issues now.”

“It’s about time, I’ve had the worst blue balls over the last few months since she had those tits done!”

“Yeah, well, I told you it wouldn’t be fast.”

“I know, I know, I’m not complaining, just say’n.”

“Good. Well, I should get back to work, let me know how it goes tomorrow.”

“Will do. And thanks again Philip. I owe you big time.”

Philip hung up and smiled. It was a debt he already had a plan for on how to collect as Jacob’s workplace was filled with young women and he was sure that at least some of the would accept some free sessions if they were recommended by a trusted manager.