giggle Like, I got totally paid! giggle” Tammy said as she spoke in to the receiver of the phone that connected to nothing else.

She kept chatting and giggling as if she was talking to her best friend about all the great things that were happening in her life. For anyone looking on from the outside it was completely ludicrous, but Tammy took it as serious as a heart attack.

She was currently standing in the “bathroom” set, down the hall was the bedroom set. On the ground floor were the kitchen set and living room/study/office set. Tammy had another good 45 minutes in the bathroom set before moving on to the kitchen set.

It was a pre-programmed cycle: bedroom -> bathroom -> kitchen -> living room/study/office. The final set could be used as any of the three options, and Tammy would rotate through each of them one after the other, this time it would be the study that she cycled through.

Each set was filled with video camera’s, streaming her performances out over the Internet to one or more of her “fans”. The streams would go dark every once in a while, sometimes for just an hour or two, sometimes for a few days, but they always came back. These were the times that Tammy gave private performances to her one and only true fan, David.

David had found the up and coming rap star Tammy in a dingy little club, downplaying her beauty with baggy clothes and horrid makeup. David had been able to see through it though and had signed her to his management company. She’d been eager to sign with such a well known manager and had been eager to get in to the studio.

If she’d known how it would end, she wouldn’t have been.

While David’s management company certainly did represent many well known recording artist, there was a hidden part of his company that only a select few knew about. Tammy would become a member of that select group against her own will.

It had only taken a week of intense sessions in his private recording studio, with his custom audio gear sending subliminal messages directly through her headphone and right in to her brain, for her to stop thinking about rap music and being a star.

Instead her head was filled with new thoughts and ideas. Thoughts like how she should show off her body whenever possible. Ideas like how being a sex object would be great.

After that first week David didn’t even need to pretend that they were recording an album any more. Instead Tammy willingly sat in the sound booth, the headphones covering her ears as she listened and soaked it in all day long.

David smiled as he clicked away from Tammy’s live stream and over to her current statistics; 143 viewers, 1276 subscribers. Not bad, she’d been steadily increasing her subscriber count for the last few weeks and she was just about due for another big bump.

He clicked on to another tab and pulled up Jennifer’s live stream, the busty blonde was in the kitchen that Tammy would be going to next. The blonde had whipped cream all over her tits and was using a strawberry to scoop it up with before sucking on the berry between her puffy lips.

Another click brought up Denise’s stream, the svelte brunette was in the “office”, done up like a sexy secretary, leaning back in the desk chair and rubbing her pussy.

A final click brought up Miko’s stream, the small Asian woman was in th bedroom, eagerly rubbing a pillow between her legs as she squealed in pleasure from it.

A knock at his office door pulled his attention away from his computer and he mininized the browser, “Yes?”

“Excuse me sir…” the voice of his assistant came through the door as she opened it and stepped inside. She held a long tube and brought it over to his desk.

“This just arrived for you.” she continued as she set the tub on his desk.

His smile broadened, he’d been expecting it, a new set of architecture plans for the second house he’d just bought beside the one that Tammy and the others currently lived in.

“And Miss Diaz is here to see you as well.”

“That’s great, send he right in.”

David let out a chuckle to himself as his assistant left, Miss Diaz was early and he did like punctuality in his clients. Especially when she would be benefiting from the plans that now sat on his desk more than he would.

He looked up at the tall Latino woman that entered his office and made a mental note to make sure he found someone to offset her height a one of her roommates.