Cassandra titled her head to the side and sighed, “Look John, if you can’t accept me for who I am, then…” she said and her long black hair fell to the side over her shoulder.

John looked worried, “But Cassy…”

“I told you John, Cassandra.”

John took in a deep breath, “Cassandra. I just want to understand… that’s all.” he replied, half exasperatedly.

They had been married for three years and Cassandra had always been a happy woman, his soul mate, or at least he’d thought she had been. Three months ago, things had started to change. She’d dyed her dirty blonde hair black, then had started wearing darker clothing, then applied more and more makeup and finally had started wearing the gothic jewelery as well.

He’d been so confused and they’d talked many times, but nothing seemed to ever be said that he understood.

“I don’t know what else I can say John. You either accept me as I am, or…” she replied, shrugging her shoulders and then standing up. She placed a hand on his shoulder and then walked away.

He leaned forward and put his face in his hands, sobbing to himself.

It was only a few minutes later that he felt a presence i the room. He looked up to see if Cassandra had returned, but instead he saw no one. He turned to look behind him to no avail and turned back around to see a man sitting across from him, where Cassandra had been a few minutes earlier, his fingers intertwined just below his face.

John jumped in his seat, “What the hell!!!” he cried out.

The man across from him smiled, a wicked grin that sent a chill down John’s spine, “More apt than you know my friend.” the man said as he unraveled his fingers and placed his hands in his lap.

John just blinked and sputtered, not knowing how to react.

“Pardon me, I have such poor manners, intruding in to your home and not even introducing myself. I am Beelzebub.” the man said with a flurish of his hand as he bowed ever so slightly in his seat.

“B… B… Beelzebub? As in… Satan?”

“Well, yes, in the vernacular, but I prefer Lucifer honestly.”

Regaining some of his faculties John chuckled at the statement, “Honesty from Lucifer?”

“Oh, most certainly. I have no need to lie, unlike some others.” he replied, looking upwards at the end of his statement.

“Then… then what do you want?”

Lucifer smiled once more, this time it almost seemed friendly, “The question is what do you want? For example, do you want to know what’s going on with your wife?”

“You… you… you’ve corrupted her!” he almost shouted, standing halfway up, looking as though he was about to jump across and strangle him where he sat.

“I did no such thing. I do not ‘corrupt’ anyone, I just give them choices. And in Cassandra’s case, I didn’t even do that. However your neighbour… well, he has made many choices over the last few days…”

“Wilson?!? That bastard!” John cried out, the pieces instantly falling in to place. He had been eyeing Cassandra since they day they moved in to their condo and always wore dark gothic clothes.

“Yes, he wasn’t very imaginative, but a soul is a soul.”

“What do you mean, imaginative?”

“Well, all he wanted for his soul was the power to turn people in goths. I mean, what kind of power is that?” Lucifer replied, shaking his head.

“Well, well, undo it! Give me my Cassandra back!”

“It doesn’t work that way, I mean, what kind of devil would I be if I just undid things I had already done? I’d be a laughing stock in hell in no time! No, I can’t undo what he has done, but I can give you the power to… for a price.”

John immediately knew it was it was the wrong thing to do, but his heart was desperate, “I’ll pay it.”

“Good, just sign this…” Lucifer said as he pulled a scroll out of his jacket.

John smiled as he sat on the beach and Cassy walked towards him in the skimpy red bikini. It was strange because while it was Cassy, it wasn’t as well. Lucifer had been true to his word, he couldn’t undo what Wilson had done to her, but he could give John the power to change her back to the way John had thought of her.

It was an important difference.

When they had first gotten together, it had been in university and she’d been on a sports scholarship, she had been in the shape of her life. After university, she’d put on a few pounds, like everyone seemed to, but in John’s eye, she still had that perfect body from university.

And so the Cassy walking on the beach in front of him did was well now.

There were other things as well, like how her breasts were bigger now, her appetite for sex was more and she acted a little more entitled. John had always treated her like a princess and now she accepted that treatment as a matter of course.

“Hey babe!” Cassy said and flopped down on the sand beside John, her hand running over his slight bulge around the middle before heading towards his swim trunks.

She leaned in and kissed him, her tongue darting in to his mouth as she pushed her breasts up against his side.

He turned to the side to face her, forcing her hand away from his groin as they broke the kiss, “God your insatiableness!” he said.

“Don’t you know it babe! Come on, let’s head back to the room…” she said, running a finger down his chest and flashing him her best bedroom eyes.

After she’d started to change back from what Wilson had done, they’d decided to get away for a quick vacation. In the last week they’d only been out of the room for food and a few short trips to the beach!

Unable to resist, John kissed Cassy again and then got up as they headed back for another round in their room.

“*giggle* Like, I’m a real princess now!” Cassi said as she stood in the loft they were looking at. She’d picked up the child’s fake tiara and placed it on her head as John spoke to the real estate agent.

He smiled, “Yes you are babe, my princess.”

She giggled and cooed, the real estate agent paying no mind as he continued to talk about the features of the loft. They had been looking for a new place since they’d gotten back from vacation, Wilson had been pissed when he’d seen Cassy when they arrived home, no longer the goth of his dreams.

John wasn’t sure what Wilson might do, so he figured it was better to not wait and find somewhere no to move to.

Especially since some of the other neighbours had giving him odd looks. He knew why of course, Cassi’s return to her “old” self had flown by where it should have stopped and continue on. John was pretty sure it was Lucifer’s fault, at least that’s what he told himself, but deep down he knew it was his own.

He’d made the deal in hast and hadn’t read the fine print as they say. Cassy hadn’t just changed from Cassandra to the woman her remembered, but had continue right on to Cassi, the woman his reptilian brain deep down wanted.

It wasn’t anything he could rationalize beyond that, she was obsessed with how she look and having sex. Just like his reptilian brain wanted her.

And he couldn’t argue with it really. He had never seen the flaws that she herself did, and so her skin was flawless, her lips plump, her hair silky and long, her breasts large and round, her waist small and her bum tight. Everything his reptilian brain could ever dream of in a sex partner.

He took her hand as she set the tiara down and she followed along as they walked through the loft, her interest somewhere else. That is until they reached the bedroom and she perked up.

Without a word she dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly, her perfect lips wrapping around his dick. And he let her, he couldn’t refuse her anything these days, she was too perfect for that to happen.

John walked in to the bedroom and smiled, Sandi sitting on the edge of the bed, holding her giant tits together, her blank face looking straight at him,

He smiled and walked over to her, placing his hands on her head he bent her over and pushed his cock between her lips and started to fuck her face. Sandi held on to her tits and let his do so without so much as a word.

In fact Sandi hadn’t made a sound for weeks. Well, that wasn’t strictly true, she made little squeaks and squeals, grunts and moans, whenever he fucked her, but that was about it.

He pulled out of her mouth and ripped what little bra she was wearing off of her, then pushed her backwards and pulling her panties off as well. It was harder than it looked to do so, her hips were wide and the material of the panties hardly stretched. To be honest he was amazed she’d been able to squeeze in to them. But then again, the only thought in Sandi’s head these days was now to be the perfect sex doll, and she overcame any challenge that might get in her way. A pair of tight panties was that last thing that would get in her way.

John got up on to the bed and sucked her nipples, which elicited a moan, then he mounted her and a squeal of delight emerged from her mouth.

It wasn’t long before he released inside of her and her whole body arched as she came. Her pussy clamped down on his dick, keeping it inside as it milked him for every last drop of cum he had in his balls.

He collapsed on top of her and then rolled to the side, pulling out as he did.

John wondered if his reptilian brain would make her any more perfect for him, but he already know the answer to that and he was a peace with it.

He’d already sold his soul, he was destined for eternal hell, what more could be done to him?