“Ooooooooooooo…” Cammi moaned as she reached around her head and touched the small scar on her neck.

The device under it sending a wave of pleasure through her body, but touching the scar seemed like the right thing to do, even though touching her nipples or pussy would have been good too.

The pleasure stopped and she opened her eyes to look at Daddy Ben, then keeping her hands behind her head, shook her titties from side to side and smiled before she let out a giggle.

Cammi’s training had been hard, but she knew it was for the best now, even though she could still remember all of those awful thoughts that had been in her head before it. Thoughts like how Daddy Ben was a bad man, which he was of course, but in the best possible way. Or how she was a valuable asset to the company because of her mind, which was clearly not the case, her only value was in her body.

But giving her new thoughts had been the easy part of her training, the physical work had been so much harder. She had been in terrible shape before, and the exercise regime they had put her on had been punishing, but it had been worth it. Cammi’s body was now in perfect condition, and that made her even more valuable to the company now.

“Come over her Cammi.” Daddy Ben said as he slapped his knee and Cammi wiggled her butt over and set it down on his lap, wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

“Hiya Daddy Ben! *giggle*” she enthused as she wiggled her ass on his lap and pushed her tits in to his face.

He placed his hand on her ass and smiled, “Cammi, this is Dave…” he said, waving his hand towards the man that was seated on the chair to the side of the couch.

Cammi looked over at Dave and smiled, but her attention was on Daddy Ben and so she just gave a little wave and giggle.

“…Dave is a Daddy too.” Daddy Ben finished and Cammi’s entire attitude changed.

“Oh my god! Like hi Daddy Dave!” she cried and felt Daddy Ben give her a little shove off of his lap towards Daddy Dave.

She instantly got up and wiggled her way over to Daddy Dave and sat on his lap, “Like, can I totally do anything for you Daddy Dave?” she asked as she wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits.

“Ah… ah, well, I… I could use a blowjob?” Daddy Dave replied hesitantly.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” she squealed, putting her hands in to two little fists beside her tits and bouncing up and down on Daddy Dave’s lap, “I love giving Daddy a blowjob!”

She quickly slipped between his legs and got to work, working her mouth up and down his shaft, eagerly awaiting for him to cum so she could swallow it all down.

Dave looked at Camilla standing on the patio as he and Ben sat across from her, she seemed completely oblivious to the absurdity of what was happening.

“But… but, how?” Dave asked.

“Pretty simple actually, it’s an implant at the base of her spine which can intercept and alter signals going to and from her brain. The rest is just Pavlovian conditioning really. If the subject does something we don’t want them to, we send a negative signal to the implant. If they do something we do want, we send a positive signal to the implant. It only takes a couple of weeks, with the right series of commands and responses, for the subject to quickly fall in line.”

“But, I mean, Camilla was…”

“Brilliant, yes. And we had hoped to use her on several projects over the next few years. But after she discovered our black project file, well, we had to make use of her some other way.”

Dave couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Camilla was at the top of her field, well known throughout the scientific community, and was now standing in front of him dressed like some kind of bimbo with daddy issues.

And then a thought crossed Dave’s mind, “But, if you can intercept signals to and from the brain, why condition at all? Couldn’t you just override the motor control?”

Ben smiled wolfishly, “Yes, well, that could be possible, if we had the top neural kinetics man working for us…”

Dave smiled back, putting the pieces together, “Which just so happens to be me.”

“Exactly… now why don’t you hear my recruiting pitch…” Ben said as he held out a small device with two buttons on it, one red, one green, and held the green one down for a few seconds.

“Ooooooooooooo…” Cammi moaned as she reached around her head and touched the small scar on her neck.