God it had been so easy and hard at the same time.

I mean, she loved those candy canes at Christmas and so that was the obvious way to slip her a pill, but god are those things hard to make!

The first few batches, without the pill obviously, couldn’t waste those, had been abject failures. The didn’t look right, the didn’t taste right, they would never pass as store bought.

I spent three months researching and testing different recipes trying to get it just right and I thought I was going to miss my chance when in early December I still didn’t have it right. But after trying one last recipe I finally had what I needed.

I still watched the video of her sucking on that candy cane, almost pounding it in and out of her mouth trying to get to more of the pill. It might been a little cruel honestly, I mean I’d heard of people using lollipops and so I thought it would be ok, but I guess a candy cane takes longer. The look of desperation in her eyes as he body finally started to ship was priceless though.

I had to admit my first time with the pill, I’d been a little inexperienced and the whole “You love sucking my cock as much as you do those candy canes.” was probably not the best choice, but god damn it was fun.

I hadn’t realized exactly how much she loved those candy canes until she had spent the next three hours sucking my cock.

The second pill a few weeks later had been easier of course, I couldn’t take another blowjob or my dick would fall off!

“You’re a slutty little candy cane and you belong to me.” was a much better choice, though she still had a sever oral addiction, it was at least manageable now.

I smiled at her and parted my house coat and she popped the candy cane from between her lips, “Like, oh my god! That’s the best Christmas present ever! giggle

I smiled as she dropped to her knees and replaced the candy cane with my dick, and then threw the candy cane over her shoulder for it to land in the shag carpet in the living room.

I let out a groan, which she took as encouragement and sucked hard, but all I was thinking about was how hard that candy cane was going to be to get out of the carpet when it dried after an hour or two of her sucking my cock.

Let sighed and took hold of her head and started to speed her up, hoping that perhaps, I could get a moment between blowjobs to grab it before it dried.

It was a pointless hope though, I knew she wouldn’t let up any time soon, the pill had made her a blowjob machine and her love of both candy canes and blowjobs had only increased in a self re-enforcing loop since then.