Tammy stared up at the man that had become her life just a few hours ago and hoped he would fuck her soon.

She didn’t understand how it had happened, she’d been in the park, jogging as she did every day when she’d suddenly stopped and walked over to him sitting on the bench.

It wasn’t like she’d chosen too, or even consciously realized that he was the destination she was walking towards. But when she’d arrived she’d instantly undone the short pony tail that contained her light brown hair, pulled her t-shirt up over her head, removed her sports bra that easily constrained her small breasts, and then pulled her shorts and panties down around her ankles. At that remained was her running shoes and the heart shaped necklace that hung around her neck.

“Fuck, I knew it. Just another small titted bitch like all the rest.” the man had exclaimed and then with a wry smile, then everything had started to shift.

It was like the ground had shifted under her feet all of a sudden, lurching left and right. To the left and her hair grew longer and lighter, to the right and her breasts started to inflate, to the left and her ass became rounder, to the right and her lips puffy and her eyes grew wide, to the left and she was wearing a matching set of black lingerie and stockings, the right and her feet were pushed up as her running shoes became open two stilettos, to the left and her years of university were replaced with dance and music lessons, the the right and her normal libido was turned up to a thousand, to the left and her mundane fantasies were replaced with dreams of being nothing more than a sex object, to the right and her simple jewelry was replaced with cheap gaudy items.

When she’d felt stability return she’d looked at the man again and a smile had crossed her lips just as a giggle had escaped them. She’d been so horny in that moment she couldn’t believe she hadn’t started masturbating right then and there.

Instead the man had stood up and taken her hand and lead her back to her apartment, which was now just as cheap and gaudy as her jewelry now. He’d had her kneel down in front of the golden curtain that covered the windows in her bedroom and had been taking several photos since she had.

“Fuck Tammy, your some of my best work recently. You know I’ve been on kind of a dry spell with you bitches, but damn, I think that’s over!”

Tammy smiled and giggled, “Like totally! Uhm… can I suck your cock now? giggle

“Of course you can Tammy, that’s what I made you for. Well that and so I could fuck those big fake titties of course.”

“Like, oh my god, Tammy loves her big fake titties fucked! giggle

The man just smiled and pulled his pants down and then stuck his cock between her lips and started fucking her face. She couldn’t wait till he was fucking her tits, and cumming all over them and her face.

She felt her necklace bounce against her chest and let out a moan, she loved her necklace, it perfectly captured who and what she was, a love doll.