A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday January 25, 2022

“See Master, I told you I’d get her ass in shape teehee!” Amy said as she held her best friends ass in her hands.

Debbie was nose down on the floor, her ass sticking up in the air, and I had to admit it was quite an impressive change. When I’d taken Amy I hadn’t paid much attention to her friend Debbie, but after a few weeks of altering Amy’s mind to fit her new role, she’d come to be and begged me to make Debbie her plaything, just as she was mine.

I’d raised an eyebrow at the request, and there was certainly some curiosity on my part at it, but in the end I decided to grant her request on one condition. Make Debbie the best piece of ass she could for me.

Amy had squealed and promised to make her friend exactly that and then dropped to her knees and eagerly sucked me off.

The next day I’d taken the time to track Debbie down and had confirmed my original assessment of the girl, she was nice enough looking, but nothing special. But, if I am nothing else, I am a man of my word and so I reached in to her mind and made the required changes.

Then I left, leaving her to track down Amy at her first opportunity. That was three months ago and Amy had been ruthless with her bff, putting together a gym schedule that was relentless, a diet that was diabolical, and a beauty regiment that included tanning salons, laser hair removal, bleaching and who knew what else.

The girls was tanned and hairless, except the small strip above her pussy, she’d lost at least 20 pounds and she hadn’t been fat by any means, her ass was toned, and her asshole was a pink as her pussy.

Amy raised one of her hands and slapped Debbie’s ass, “What do you say slut?” she childed her friend.

“Please Sir, Mistress had trained my ass to be the perfect receptive for your cock. I would be honoured for you to take my anal cherry and deposit your seed in my bowels so Mistress might lick it out.”

I watched Debbie’s body shiver and then goosebumps form all over it as she finished speaking and a smile crossed my lips. I stepped over to the two girls and Amy shuffled away from Debbie’s ass, leaving it open for me.

I reached down and gave Debbie’s ass a slap and a loud moan came from her.

“I did good, right Master?” Amy said, looking up at me with wide eyes.

I nodded at her and then knelt down a little so that my dick pushed up against Debbie’s sphincter and rubbed it gently.

“Oh god Sir, please… fuck my ass… Mistress loves you and wants you to have my ass all to yourself!”

I pushed in and the cry of unbridled passion cried out from Debbie’s lips as Amy’s eyes sparkled with glee. Then Amy moved over beside Debbie and her hands snaked down to her pussy and she started to masturbate.

“Oh god Master, I’m so happy you’re fucking Debbie’s ass! It makes me so horny, I can’t wait to lick your cum out of it!” Amy said and cried out with her own pleasure, keeping direct eye contact with me all the while.

It didn’t take long for me to get a good pace going, sliding in and out of her ass, until the mixture of pleasure, pain, humiliation, desire, and need coming from her mind sent me over the edge and I came deep inside of her.

Both Amy and Debbie cried out at the same time as their orgasms blossomed as well and after a few moments, I managed to pull out of Debbie’s ass. Amy immediately dove for my cock and sucked out every last drop she could, before turning around and burying her face in Debbie’s ass, her tongue probing deep to get my cum from it as well.

I took a step back and watched Amy go at it, Debbie’s body shivering as she did, until there was no more cum to be mined. Then Amy gave Debbie’s ass another slap and pushed her over on to her side, and moved up to cuddle with her, sharing a kiss as the two bff’s gently made out with each other for me.

I had original picked up Amy on a whim and figured I keep her around for a few weeks, perhaps a month. A classic catch and release for me, but I had to admit she had turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had originally though. Especially since she’d come to me just last week begging me to make her younger sister her plaything as well. I was sure Amy make her the biggest set of tits I’d ever seen just like she had promised.

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