Sometimes, when they were doing something exceptional cute like they were now, I almost regretted turning them in to bimbos.

“Like… it says I’m with stupid so that must, like mean you!” Daisy said as she looked down at her shirt.

“Duh, but, mine totally says that too! So, like, it must mean you!” Maisie retorted.

The conversation had been going on for a few minutes when, more than enough time for me to get my phone out and snap several photos of the two and even take a short video.

I had found the two of them a few weeks ago at a restaurant downtown, during lunchtime, and I could tell they both had potential. It was hard to see under the business suits they both wore, but I had developed an eye for these things over the years.

I entered Daisy’s mind first and went right to a recent memory of her looking at her naked reflection in a mirror. A smile crossed my lips at what I saw, but it quickly vanished and I rolled my eyes as I probed a into other areas of her mind.

She and Maisie worked together, Daisy was a paralegal and Maisie was a junior lawyer at the law firm around the corner. I put Daisy on hold and she had frozen in mid-sentence, a panicked look quickly came over Maisie’s face, but I was in her head pausing her as well before she could do anything about it.

Moments later, both had lost a good forty IQ points, most of their education, and any desire to be anything but bimbo fuck toys. Both had started out with IQ’s well over 140, so they weren’t complete bimbo’s at that point, but I still needed them smart enough to return to work after lunch. Within a week, both had quit the firm and moved in together, pooling their resource.

When I’d dropped by for the first time I’d “tweaked” their minds a little more, lower their IQ farther and removing any last bits of education and memories they no longer needed.

“Like, let’s ask Gary!” Maisie exclaimed and Daisy nodded her head enthusiastically as they both turned towards me.

“You want to know which of you is stupid?” I asked innocently.

“Like totally!” Daisy said.

“Oh my gawd yes!” Maisie chimed in.

I smiled back at them and answered with another question, “Well, which one of you is still standing instead of on their knees?”

They looked at each other, let out a giggle and both sunk to their knees in front of me, their hands pawing at my pants to get them down around my ankles. It didn’t take long and I started to record a video just as their knees touched the sidewalk.

I would go well with the photos from earlier and be a great addition to my collection. Then, in a few months when I grew tired of them and moved on, I’d always have a little something to remember them by.

I smiled a little more as I realized I should also send it to them, so they could continue to argue over which was the stupid one long after I had left them.