Jessica half-heartedly tugged at the stretchy choker, even though she knew it would never leaver her neck. She liked to tug at it once in a while, just to make sure, it gave her some sense of control, but especially when David gave her yet another demeaning command.

“Yes Sir, your slut will be happy to suck your cock and let you fuck her face when her braces come off.”

David chuckled before replying, “Not bad, but now say it like you mean it… make me believe it.”

She wanted to roll her eyes, but instead she let go of the choker and pushed her tits out while touching the corner of her mouth with her finger.

“Mmmm… Yes Sir… your slut will be sooooo happy to suck…” she started and the pushed her finger between her lips and sucked on it for a moment, “… your cock and let you fucking pound her face when her braces come off. She can’t wait for your cock to fill her throat and to suck every last drop of cum from your balls in to her belly!” She then pushed two of her fingers in to her mouth and sucked on them hard.

“Better. Remind me when you’re going to get your eyes done?”

She popped her fingers from her mouth and lowered them to her nipple, rubbing it with her spit covered digits.

“Two weeks Thursday Sir.”

“Good, and remember to make an appointment with your optimists, get those lenses replaced with clear glass. I’m still going to want to cum all over your face with them on you once in a while.”

“Yes Sir, of course Sir.”

“And isn’t it about time for your next round of implants?”

“Yes Sir, I’ve already made the appointment for six weeks on Tuesday.”

He only nodded before making a note to himself in his phone and then left her alone in the bedroom. She spent a lot of her time in the bedroom these days, or the home gym, or the kitchen.

She knew, and dreaded, what was coming, he’d made that perfectly clear after he’d given her the chocker and no longer had felt the need to be subtle about it.

They’d only been dating for a few weeks, and she’d tried to decline such an expensive gift, but he’d insisted. Now she’d wished she’d pushed back harder, but as soon as the clasp had closed around her neck, she’d felt the tingle of the magic running through her body.

A few days later, she’d moved in to his house where she had met her future… in the form of his last girlfriend that was in the process of moving out.

She had on an almost identical chocker, but nothing else about her was anything like Jessica. The long bleached blonde hair, the massive tits that were larger than her head, the tiny waist that looked like it might snap in two at any moment, the overstuffed lips, the tiny skirt and top that strained to keep it all in place.

She hadn’t said anything to Jessica, but the look in her eyes knew that she felt both jealousy and sympathy towards Jessica at the same time.

Jessica didn’t know where the other woman had gone, David never talked about it, but she knew one day she would end up the same way.

It hadn’t taken her long to figure out that David wasn’t really into the result… no, he enjoyed the process. The process of taking a normal, every day girl next door, and make her into a walking advertisement for sex.

Jessica had fit the bill perfectly, and at the rate she was going she could only imagine it would be a few years before she was walking out the door, giving her replacement the same mixed expression of jealousy and sympathy.

What scared her more though, was how much she wanted it. She knew the chocker gave David control over her actions, but he’d been clear that it couldn’t make her wanted to do something, just make her do it.

And that meant that her desire to be a blow up sex doll was her own and that meant she’d be going even farther than the last woman had to try and keep David’s attention for as long as she could.