Kim looked pensively towards Harold, one hand over her breasts, the other clasping her long blonde hair between her fingers.

“Harold… what’s going on… why am I dressed like this… and my hair…” Kim asked as he stood there smiling.

She tried to remember what was going on, but everything was a blur, the last thing she could remember clearly was going in to Harold’s office for her yearly performance review.

“Ah, well, that’s hard to explain. Ok, not really, I mean it just kind of makes me out to be an real ass.”

Her expression moved on to confusion as he paused for a moment before continuing on.

“You see, the company hasn’t been doing as well… at all. In fact we so deep in debt that we’ve had to go to some… non-traditional financing option. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to turn things around and, well, the check has come due as they say.”

“What do you mean… I’ve done my job well… you said so yourself!”

“Of course, of course. This is no reflection on you Kim, it’s just business. You were the right person at the wrong place. Young, attractive, not many connections outside of work, etc. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one, in fact across the company there are over fifty staff getting ‘reassigned’ to new roles. You’re just the only one in my area.”

“You can’t do this… I’ll call the cops! I scream!”

“Go ahead… give it a try.” he replied with a flippant air.

She parted her lips to scream, but nothing came out.

“See? You don’t remember it, but you’ve been gone for over two weeks. I don’t know what they did to you, or how, but it has been done.”

Kim’s rage built up inside of her as her lips refused to obey her, then she strode towards Harold with the intention of slapping him across the face.

Instead, she stepped up in front of him and her hands fell to her sides, a smile cross her face.

“You see? Now it’s time to get down to business. These men that the company owes money too, they have a need for women like you. Clean records, well educated, and very… obedient. They want to expand their business, become more legitimate, and to do that they need people on their side. People with power and influence.

A few of you are going to be those women. Those with the right families and connections will go in to politics and promote their goals for them. But most, like yourself, are going to be used for more subtle manipulations.

The next room is filled with politicians, leaders of industry, finance wonks, etc. You’re job is to land one as a trophy wife, or mistress, or whatever they want. They all know you and the other’s won’t say no, that you are a payment for a favour that will come due some day, so don’t get any idea’s you can play coy and avoid them.”

She wanted to scream, but instead remained silent instead.

“And just so you have a little incentive to get the job done, the sooner you land one, they sooner you’ll be able to quit work and never see me again.”

She manged a frown and then turned around and started towards the door that lead to her future. As she took the first step Harold gave her ass a slap and she paused in surprise for a moment, then continued on.

She could feel the desire to turn around and scold him, but it was drowned out by the desire to turn around and thank him. She did neither and opened the door, hoping there might be some way out of this in the future, but resigned to her fate for the moment.