“Excuse me Sir, they’re ready for you now.” Courtney said after parting the drapes to the private cabana. The sound of gleeful partying could be heard behind her along with the splashing of water.

The man stood up and walked over to her, leaving the blonde and redhead that had been all over him a moment ago behind.

Stopping in front of her he reached out with a finger and pulled her top to the side, exposing her breasts and erect nipples to the warm air, before placing the same finger under her chin and tilting her head up to make eye contact with her.

“What was your name again?” he asked.

“Courtney Sir.” she replied, breathlessly as she blushed. Not from him exposing her breasts, but from the thrill that he wanted to know her name, the name of someone who was nothing in comparison to him.

“Alright Courtney, two things. First, when you come to my room later tonight remind me to fuck your tits. And second, go get your nipples pierced and a long bar to place in them that is a bit too short. So it hold your tits together when I’m fucking them. Got it?”

“Yes Sir!” she replied gasping for the pleasure of obedience washed over her.

He gave her nipple a little twist and smiled, then walked past her and she turned to follow him from the cabana. Around the pool were several dozen young, beautiful women. In various states of undress or nakedness, all making out with each other, all eagerly awaiting his arrival.

“Oh my god everyone, like here he is!” a bubbly voice came over a PA system and all the heads turned towards him. Squeals and cheers filled the air as the women all stopped what they were doing and rushed towards the announcer who was standing on a raised stage.

Courtney watched the women all get lined up, some putting clothing on, some taking it off, all of them eager for what was to come next.

She smiled as she peeled off and headed towards the exit of the pool area, there were two thoughts going through her mind.

First, that as the hotel’s concierge she knew the perfect place to do her piercings.

And second that she was so relieved that she didn’t have to stand in line and hope that she was chosen for tonights festivities in his room.

Courtney suppressed her instinct to roll her eyes as the guest walked up to the concierge’s desk, learning at her breasts and not making eye contact.

“Hello, how can I help you today?” she chirped in her best customer service voice.

“Well hello… Courtney.” he replied, reading her name from her name tag, spending even more time ogling her breasts.

It wasn’t like she was hiding them of course, but even so, there were limits.

“I was wondering if I could get a cabana by the pool for the day?” he continued.

“Of course, we have several, I can reserve you one right now.”

He nodded and she typed away at her computer, entering the reservation after he handed her his room key.

“All set, you have cabana 3 for the day. Anything else I can help you with?” she asked.

“Well, now that you mention it, why don’t you go get changed in to something that shows off those tits better and join me by the pool.”

This time she failed to stop her eyes from rolling but it didn’t seem to dissuade the man and she suddenly felt a pressure behind her eyes.

“Uh… what…” she stuttered as she rubbed her temple for a moment before the pressure vanished.

She blinked several times and a wide, genuine smile crossed her lips.

“Of course Sir! Right away!”

He left her standing there as he walked away and when he was out of sight she quickly closed up the concierge station and headed right for the fashion shop in the hotel. She knew she’d find something there that would fit the bill and she couldn’t wait to show herself off to him.