“Thank you for the welcome back rose Sir, would you like to use my tits now?” she asked as she knelt down in front of her boss, unbuttoned her top and pushed her tits out.

He hadn’t always been her boss, but then again, her tits hadn’t always been the size of basketballs either.

In fact, only a year ago she’d been his boss, and her b cups had been perfectly adequate.

Now she was his secretary and her tits still weren’t big enough.

He stepped towards her and reached down, grabbing hold of one of her tits, and then the other.

“Mmmmmm… Sir…” she said as she curved her back even more, pushing her tits up farther for him.

His left hand remained on her right tits, but his right hand let go of her left tit, only to come down and smack it hard.

“Oh god Sir, smack that big fake tit!” she cried out with a gasp. She looked up at him, pure lush strewn across her face as he raised his hand again and again until she was about to cum and he stopped.

She let a little whimper as he raised his right hand from her tit and cradled her chin with it, titling her head even farther back, “Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a fucking big titted slut Sir! Use my tits any way you want Sir!” she replied and then jiggled her tits from side to side to emphasis her last point.

Grace scowled at Don, “What the fuck do you mean you continued the project? I fucking told you to bin that thing last year, it was costing too much and had no results!”

Don tried not to smile, “That was last year, they had great strides in the last few months and there was no real cost other than a bit of manpower.”

“Fuck manpower, give me one good reason I shouldn’t fire you right now for misappropriation of company resources?” Grace almost yelled at Don.

“Alright, here, just try it.” he said and slid a small tablet across her desk to her.

She picked it up and looked at the screen, a single button on it, “Press here to start.”

She tapped the screen and a few second later Don watch her eyes glaze over and he knew things were about to change for the better at the company he’d dedicated his entire life to.