“God, aren’t they perfect?” Jilly asked as she cupped her tits and licked her lips.

“Of course they are. I mean, I’m the one that told the doctor what I wanted after all.”

Jilly looked over at me and a ditsy looked crossed her face, “giggle Like, yeah… that was so hot!”, clearly remembering the visit to the plastic surgeon.

She suddenly snapped back and her lips formed in to a frown, or at least as much of one as they could manage with so much filler in them, “So… why won’t you fuck them tonight?”

“Look, Jilly, I’m sorry, but you’ve just kind of run your course for me. It’s nothing you have done, per se, it’s just that you’ve come to your logical conclusion. I’ve fucked every hole you have, in every way I want to, and made you in to the perfect sex kitten as well. Now, it’s just time for me to move on and start all over again with someone new.”

“But… but… I need you… need you to use me like you do every week!” she said and I almost felt sorry for her.

It was always the hardest part, ending things with my toys, and Jilly was no different. There was a part of me that didn’t want to do it, to instead just bend her over the table right now and fuck a few more brain cells out of her head, but deep down I knew it was time.

Her tits were as large as they could be without major complications, her lips already had started to effect her speech, and her body couldn’t really lose much more weight without it being a problem.

I had already picked out her replacement, a nice trim college student with the same stunning black hair that had drawn me to Jilly in the first place. It would take several years to get her up to the same point as Jilly, but I had hope I could take her even farther.

I already had six other girls like Jilly, one for each night of the week, all in various stages of their transformations in to my perfect sex toys. It was sad to see Jilly go, as she had progressed the farthest.

I let out a heavy sigh, “I’ll tell you what Jilly, I’ll make you a deal.”

Jilly instantly perked up and nodded in agreement, without even knowing what I was about to say.

I looked around the restaurant and found who I was looking for, “See that man over there?”

Jilly turned her head and looked across the restaurant to a table with a single man sitting at it, “Uh hun.”, she replied and turned back to look at me, a concerned look in her eyes.

“If you can convince him to marry you within a month, and have your engagement party here in exactly one month, I’ll be here and let you suck my cock one last time.”

Her eyes darted over to the man again, then back to me, then to the man, and once more back to me.

“But… but…” she hesitated

I smiled a cruel smile, “Is there something wrong with him?” I asked, knowing the answer already. He was at least 300 pounds, in his late forties at least, and had food all over his face and shirt from shoveling it in to his mouth.

“No… I mean… no.” she replied with a sigh between her answers.

“Of course, if you don’t want to suck my cock again, I’ll just leave and you can forget all about my offer.”

Her eyes went wide, “NO! I mean… no, that’s alright, I’ll do it.”

I smiled and nodded, “Good. Well, I’ll see you in a month Jilly. Good luck.” I said and then waved my hand from her over to the man.

She sighed and then stood up steadied herself for a moment before heading over to the table where than man sat with a big smile on her face. When she arrived she cleared her through and the man looked up at her with hungry eyes that had nothing to do with the food in front of him.

“Hello Sir, I’m Jilly and I was just wondering what a handsome man like you was doing dining all alone? giggle Might I join you?”

The man spurted out a few bits of food before managing to nod and Jilly pulled out the chair across from him and sat down. She then picked up a napkin, reached over and wiped the spurted food from his face.

“My, I do love a man that enjoys his food, there’s just something so sexy about them.” she purred as she shivered and jiggled her tits.

I turned back to my own food and finished my meal, then made a reservation for one month from now.

I had no doubt that Jilly would convince the man. Her hesitation at the beginning was of course due to the fact that I removed the ability for all my girls to lie about most anything, just the most innocent of white lies were allowed. Which meant that Jilly would really be engaged and married to the man, and be completely honest about her desire to be his wife, no matter what that took.