Jill reached down and scratched behind her friend Claire’s ear, Claire purred in response as she closed her eyes and rubbed up against Jill’s leg.

Jill still wasn’t sure how it happened… or for that matter what, exactly, it was. The two had been friends and roommates since college, and after graduation had continued being roommates to offset the high cost of the city’s rents, at least until they had become established in their respective careers.

Things had been going along well enough, they worked hard, and played hard as well, but neither of them had ever shown any kind of lesbian tendencies, let alone the kind of fetish and pet play they now participated in.

In fact Claire had quite her job just a few weeks ago to commit to her “kitten” persona more fully, which might have been a problem if not for the money they were both making from their live streams.

Jill had to admit that Claire had committed to the streams more than she had, and as such, was making a lot more money from them. In fact, if she was honest, Claire was making more money now than Jill expected to be making after another ten years of slogging through the corporate ladder.

Jill stifled a sigh and reached down and grabbed hold of the leash, guiding Claire from the ledge and back on to the sidewalk. Claire crawled along beside Jill as she swayed her hips in an exaggerated motion for the camera that Max was filming them with.

Max was their manager/photographer, kind of a jack of all trades that did whatever was needed to make their streaming sessions the best they could be. Before being their manager, Max had just been their next door neighbour, and an annoying one at that.

He’d always leered at the two beautiful blondes that lived next door and even hit on both of them at various times. Neither Claire nor Jill had responded with anything but disdain eventually he seemed to get the hint, though Jill had still caught him once in a while staring a little too long at them.

Max had caught Jill early on trying to take Claire for a “walk” down the hallway, and she’d been mortified. At least until Max had been very accepting of it, and at that very instant something clicked in Jill’s mind and she changed her opinion of Max instantly.

Jill had to admit that it was a big relief to be able to talk to someone other that Claire about what they were doing. Talking about every intimate detail, what turned Claire on, what turned Jill on, how they brought each other to orgasm, etc.

And she couldn’t really argue with him when he pointed out how turned on her descriptions made him, or that she should do something to take care of that problem for him.

It didn’t take long for a simple blowjob to evolve into a full on threesome with Claire, they’d even done several live streams of the sessions they had with Max. Jill had to admit that those were the ones that gave her the most intense orgasms, with Claire lapping away at her nipples as Max pounded her pussy. She could never see it, but she could hear Max’s hand landing hard against Claire’s latex covered ass as she mewed and whimpered in time with them.

Max shut off the video camera and put it away in his backpack before coming over to them. He stepped behind them and then between them, one hand landing on Jill ass, the other on Claire’s head. Both women let out little moans as he squeezed Jill’s ass and petted Claire’s head.

“Ladies, another great video shoot if I do say so myself.” Max said with false modesty.

“You think so?” Jill responded, a little hesitant.

“Oh absolutely! Don’t you agree Kitty?” Max replied, looking down at Claire and continuing to stroking her head.

Claire looked up in absolute bliss, her eyes wide, as a meow escaped her lips.

Jill’s pussy buzzed at the sound of Claire’s approval.

“See, Kitty agrees. By the way Jill, have you considered my recommendation any more?”

Jill’s cheeks flushed and she looked down at the ground, “I… I… well, I mean I don’t know Max… it’s a big step.”

“Well of course it is Jill. I mean quitting your career is huge, but just imagine the number of tips you’d get with kitty here licking two big tits stuck to your chest! I mean, by god, just imagine Kitty licking milk right off those things!”

The image flashed through Jill’s mind and her legs almost gave out from beneath her as she let out a small whimper. It was like he’d been watching her dreams of late.

“Max… I…” she stuttered but Max just kept going.

“Kitty here agrees, don’t you Kitty?” Max said and Claire crawled over in front of Jill, her face rubbing up against her leg until it was between her legs and she was nuzzling her nose right in to Jill’s pussy.

“Oh god Kitty!” Jill managed to get out just before Claire’s tongue touched the latex covering her pussy. Jill’s body shivered in pleasure as Max continued to talk.

“I mean, just imagine the money I’m… I mean, you’re going to make. Kitty licking those big fake titties, be pounding that tight little pussy, and you coming like a complete slut for the camera… it’s going to make a mint!”

“Oh god yes! Lick my big fake tittes Kitty!” Jill cried out, lost in the pleasure of what was happening, no longer even listen to what Max was saying.

Max watched Jill orgasm in the middle of the street, Claire lapping away at her pussy, as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the scene. He’d never imagine the two roommates would fall so fast or so far from a simple subsonic subliminal message generator he’d setup in his living room pointed at their living room.

All he’d tried to do was make them act more friendly to him, perhaps even be open to the idea of a casual friends with benefits style relationship, but this… this had been totally unexpected.

Of course, he wasn’t an idiot and was taking full advantage of them. He’d started the live stream just as a way to watch them whenever he wanted to, but it wasn’t long before he decided to monetize it, and them, for his advantage.

He figured in another year or two he’d be set for life and then he could decided if he was going to have one pet kitten, or two.