“Pull that neckline down a little, you know how much he likes to see your cleavage when you walk in.” Devon said as he looked over his shoulder at Abby in the back seat of the limo.

“Yes Sir.” Abby replied and gave a tug on her top to expose some more of her tits.

“You ready for him? Got everything done in time?” Devon asked as he drove towards the high end condo of the client.

“Yes Sir. My lips were done yesterday, alone with an anal bleaching. I’ve been tanning three times a week.”

Devon nodded and turned the corner which brought the condo tower in to view. He spotted the parking garage entrance and made his way to it, using the client provided “clicker” to open the large doors.

He double checked his rear view mirror to see Abby sitting quietly in the back seat. She was one of the new girl’s his boss had brought on, and while he never knew much about their past, he was pretty sure she had known the client in her past life.

Abby was like all the girls he drove for, under the complete control of his boss. Devon didn’t know how the boss did it, but each girl went from being beautiful but “normal”, to drop dead gorgeous and a sexualized caricature of themselves within a few months of starting.

Abby had been no different, starting off as a timid, nervous woman who didn’t have the tits to pull off the kind of dress she wore now, to the sexual dynamo that she now was.

He almost felt sorry for her, this client was hard on the women that he dropped off, Abby was by no means the first, or the last. The last woman, Tammy, had lost his favour after the last round of implants hadn’t gone well. Though honesty, it wasn’t unexpected, by the time the implants get to be that large, well, complications are inevitable.

Abby had already, based on the clients instructions, scheduled her next surgery, and if things went to their usual schedule, he’d be bringing another woman to the client by this time next year.

Devon let out a little sigh as he pulled up to the elevator door and got out of the limo. He walked around and opened the door for Abby and she wiggled her ass across the seat and stepped out of the car. She smiled and then swayed her hips as she strutted to the elevator and waited for it arrive.

Devon closed the door and smiled as he walked back to the drivers door and sat down. That confident strut would be gone the next time he saw her, replaced with tender small steps.

Last week had been the first week that the client had used her ass, and he hadn’t been gentle. She had been barely able to walk from the elevator to the limo afterwards and Devon was sure this week would be no different.

He pulled the limo to the back of the parking garage and leaned back in his seat to relax. It would be a couple of hours before Abby messaged him that the client was finished with her, so no reason not to get some rest.