So the polls have been up for a while and it looks pretty definitive at this point:

  1. Yes to Tumblr
  2. No to the Fediverse

I was a little surprised at how lopsided the Fediverse answer was, but that’s fine, less work for me 😁

On the Tumblr side, I’ve hit a little bit of a road block.

I deleted my old account and when I went to create a new one, I can’t get my old blog name back. It’s not in use, but not available either.

Tumblr says that they may lock old names for up to a year, but since it’s been dead since 2018, this might be a problem. Unless someone else grabbed it in-between and just recently deleted it, it may not be available.

I did manage to grab FirstWorldBimboProblems as well as BimboOrBillionaire, but I won’t start populating those until I figure out what to do about the primary blog name.

I may just wait a while and see if it frees up in the next month or two.