“So, as you can see, we have two caddies available at the moment…” Jim, the course manager said and waved over towards Jenna and Tera.

The two friends had started caddying at the course almost a year ago after graduating university and being unable to find jobs in their fields. They had both figured it would pay the bills for a while and as a side benefit it had done wonders for the physiques. They had both been on the university golf team, even if they had never been the stars of the team.

At first it had just been some simple toning of their legs from all the walking they were doing, and dropping a few pounds from the exorcise. But after a few months something had changed.

Oh, they had known the kind of golf course they were working at, it was a tourist trap in Vegas after all, that only had scantly clad ladies for caddies, but even so they had stayed above the competition between the other caddies.

They had been best friends since high school and they had never felt any competitive tension between them, and working together they had staved off the other pressure from the other caddies as well. Oh, it had come at a cost, for sure. They made half the tips of even the lowest earner among the other caddies, but they had agreed that their self respect was more important than money.

At least for the first few months… then Tera had shown up one day in a much shorter skirt than was the “official” uniform and Jenna had been upset with her friend, but kept it to herself.

The next day, as a way to get back at her, Jenna had shown up in an even shorter skirt.

Things had quickly escalated between the two friends, and with the ever increasing tips they were receiving as a result, when the course had closed for a month for maintenance, they had both taken the opportunity to invest their earnings wisely.

Now, they were the top earners on the course and the other caddies were bugging Tom for time off to follow their lead.

The man standing with Jim nodded, “Well, it’s good that I have two foursomes then, ladies, a pleasure to meet you, I’m Richard.”

They both smiled and turned to Richard and giggled a little, “Like hi Dick!” Jenna replied and jiggled her tits a bit.

“Mmmm… Dick… It’s a pleasure for sure!” Tera said as she licked her lips and wiggled her ass.

Jenna wanted to roll her eyes, but held back. Sure they guys liked Tera’s ass better than her’s, and if she was honest Jenna thought they liked Tera’s blowjobs better too, if only just. But there was no doubt they guys like Jenna’s tits better, she couldn’t count the number of guys that had let Tera blow them, only to wind up finishing on Jenna’s massive rack.

But then again, she was pretty sure that just as many guys had pulled out of her mouth only to finish off on Tera’s firm round ass too.

It was a problem that Jenna was going to have to do something about. Fortunately the annual month off for maintenance was coming up again soon and she’d already scheduled her next surgery and she was sure that between that and the new exercises she was doing at the gym, that no one would pick Tera over her when they returned.

Then, a disturbing thought crossed her mind… maybe Tera had scheduled some upgrades as well? It passed quickly when she re-committed to being the best sexy golf caddy of them all.

Then Richard led them to the carts and the Tera and Jenna got to work. Because the only thing better than caddying at the course, was when the two best friends got to caddy together.

Tom watched Jenna and Tera walk away, their asses swaying as they stood on each side of Richard, his hands firmly on each of them.

A smile crossed his lips and he was glad that the two friends had finally come around. And not just come around, but fully commit to the course, to the point where they were leading now.

He’d been concerned after the first few weeks that they’d joined that there was no noticeable change in their appearance or attitude, after all the subliminals in the club house change room had worked on every other caddy he’d hired over the years. But then he’d never hired two friends that were clearly so close.

He’d figured out that it was that closeness, and the support for each other that it had brought with it, that was the problem. It didn’t take much at all to twist that around, just a little whisper in Tera’s ear about how she might get a few more tips if she wore a shorter skirt… after all, her ass was better than Jenna’s, and everyone knew it.

He hadn’t even been the one to suggest it, but instead had one of the other caddies say it. After all, who better to tear down a woman than another woman?

Once that little crack had appeared in Tera’s resolve, the subliminals had more than enough to worm their way deep in to her mind. Jenna had reacted just as the subliminals had been telling her two for months, and then the race was on.

And the race had started to pull in all of the other caddies as well, several had already gotten upgrades, more were scheduled to soon enough. In fact it had gotten so competitive between the caddies, that he’d decided that all the on course hijinks had really slowed the pace of play down and it was time to do something about it.

That something was the expansion of the clubhouse that was being worked on and would be finished by the time they reopened, a private VIP lounge where the players and caddies could properly relax after the round, including private rooms… all for a fee of course, paid directly to the club.

Tom smiled and was thankful that the sheriff, county clerk, head of the planning department, and even the mayor played at the course every week or so. It made getting the permits and avoiding any unwelcome attention a lot easier.