“Like, come sit over here baby! giggle” Kimmy said and tapped her hand on the cot that she sat on.

She had once been a respected academic, top of her field, on track to be a tenured professor at a prestigious east coast university, and somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind, she still clung on to that idea.

At least that was the only explanation I could find for her continued instance of wearing the glasses. I mean, I’d “fixed” her eyes long ago, soon after I’d fixed her mind in fact.

There was no need for them, they were just plain glass, not prescription at all, she had probably spent hours trying to figure out how to order them online. Complex things like how to use a computer and what a credit card were confused Kimmy these days, but no matter how many times I took the glasses away from her and thew them out, a few days later a new set would appear on her face.

I let out a sigh and walked over and sat down beside her, she turned at her waist and looked right in to my eyes. I smiled then reached up and pushed her glasses up her nose.

“Well, if you’re going to keep wearing them, I guess I’d better make use of themโ€ฆ” I said and her whole face lit up.

“Oh my gawd yes baby!” she squealed and quickly got down on to her knees between my legs. Just as quickly she’d pulled my swim trunks off and wrapped her tits around my hardening shaft.

It was all the foreplay she needed, I’d built her tits specifically for this after all, and I could see her whole body shiver as my dick hardened between them. She bounced up and down, wiggled from side to side, moaned and panted as she did, her eyes never leaving mine.

Then when I was good and hard, she scouched down and wrapped her lips around me, desperately stroking up and down my shaft and trying to keep both eye contact and her glasses in place.

It wasn’t long before she tasted the first bit of precum and instantly pulled off of me, only to grab hold with both hands and continue to pump me vigorously until streams of hot cum shot across her face and glasses. Her whole body shook as each stream hit her and an orgasm crashed over her.

Kimberly looked up at her owner through cum stained glasses and felt another shiver of pleasure course through her.

She had no idea how he’d done what he’d done to her. Reshaped her body and mind, making her nothing more that a living Barbie doll that wanted nothing more than to receive his cum as often as possible, but she did know he wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought he was.

Oh, it wasn’t like there was anything she could do about it. No chance that she’d ever consider trying to escape, or hurt him in any way, but likewise, he hadn’t wiped out as much of her old self as he thought he had either.

Kimberly was still in there, just buried under layers and layers of Kimmy.

It was only in these moments, Kimmy having been completely satisfied, that Kimberly could really bubble up to the surface as she had now, and there was only one thing she wanted to say to him.

“Thank you babe, like, that was amazing! giggle

The giggle held in the air for longer than it should, and Kimmy slowly took back control, but Kimberly didn’t care. The orgasms that came each and every time he used her were more than enough to make up for all the other things he’d done to her. Kimmy could have all the control she wanted the rest of the time, Kimberly was more than satisfied with feeling those orgasms and basking in the afterglow, even if just for a few minutes.