Abby, deep down, had known the deal on the apartment had been too good to be true, but she just hadn’t been able to pass it up.

Sure, it was an older building, only 4 stories tall with no elevator except the private one to the penthouse on the top floor, but it was still a quarter of the price of the next closest apartment to her job.

And there were some upsides to an older building; there were four apartments on each floor but they were spacious, many of the tenants had been there for years and had a real community feel to them, the building had been in the same family for generations but had been recently updated with modern touches, the walls were thick and blocked out most of the city sound as well as the other tenants, etc.

The building manager Jim, who was also the owner and lived in the penthouse, seemed friendly and well, not a creep. Which was a nice change from the last couple of apartments she’d rented.

He’d even helped her move in when she was struggling with her stuff due to her “friends” bailing on her at the last minute.

It was only a few weeks later that she started to suspect something was wrong… unfortunately it had been too late by that point.

At first it was just little things, like the fact that all of the tenants seemed to be under twenty, women, and almost stereotypes of different kinds of hot girls. There was the sultry redhead, the bubbly bleached blonde, the quiet and sky asian, the dark haired vixen, the blonde supermodel, etc.

That in itself was strange, but not so strange to be a deal breaker, after all with the rent being so low and the building be close to, well everything, it was possible that such a vast cross section of women would live there.

But there was also how… handsy… they all were with Jim, and each other. Each and every one of them, when the met Jim in the hallway or main entrance, would touch him, give fake, and sometimes real, kisses to him, play with their hair, pose in provocative ways for him as they talked.

Which might not have been too strange, Jim was obviously well off and some of them may have been hitting on him for that. But they all seemed to do it with each other as well, like they were living in some kind of reality TV show where they were always on camera competing for the audience.

By the time she had started to notice more things, like two of the women making out in the mail room, or another one walking down the hallway naked as if it was the most natural thing in the world, or the seeming hierarchy among all the women which was based on your apartment number you lived in, she had found herself already starting to do some of the same things.

When she had at first noticed it, it had been when she had stepped to one side to let one of the other tenants pass her by. She had childed herself because it hadn’t been out of curtsy or anything as noble as that, it had just been because she knew the woman lived closer to the penthouse elevator and was therefor higher up in the hierarchy than her. She vowed to not do it again, which lasted for a day or two and by a week later, she’d given up and accepted it.

It had been the same when she had started to flirt with Jim whenever they met, and had ended in the same result.

She had almost managed to run from the building when the first of the other tenants had started flirting with her in the hallway, but before she could the woman had touched her hand and a shiver or pleasure ran up her arm and her knees had almost given out.

It was then that she knew it was too late. That whatever was wrong with the building had infected her and she was stuck here until whatever it was let her go.

A few days later she’d found out that it was in fact Jim that was behind it all. He’d almost been gloating when she’d dropped off her rent to him and she’d been unable to resist his advances. Before she left the office, she had been down on her knees sucking his cock and having a half dozen orgasms to boot.

He had been almost giddy as he explained the subliminal message generators that he’d installed in each of the apartments when they were renovated. How they had been slowly but surely worming their way in to her mind. How that now she was about to swallow his cum for the first time that there was no escape.

She knew it was true the instant that his cum hit the back of her throat and an overpowering orgasm crashed over her.

The elevator binged and the door slide open as Abby stood front and center in it, her hip cocked to one side, her one hand on the door, her other on her head.

“Hello Sir.” she said as she took a step back as Jim entered the elevator. When he was inside she stepped forward as the door closed behind him and draped her arm over his shoulder and with the other reached behind him and pressed the up button.

Then she leaned in and kissed him, pushing her body up against his, as he grabbed her ass during their assent to the penthouse.

The ride didn’t take long, and when the elevator binged again he broke it off and smiled at her, “Not bad Abby, you’re coming along nicely.”

She blushed before replying, “Thank you Sir.”

He then stepped out of the elevator and turned his back to her, just as the elevator door closed, she caught sight of the goddess that lived in the penthouse with him.

She was a living sex doll, bleached blonde hair, giant fake tits, big puffy lips, a nearly impossibly thin waist, a bulbous ass, and completely naked except for the towering heels on her feet and the collar around her neck.

The collar send a shiver through her body, or more accurately the words that were on it, “Fuck Toy”.

The doors closed and Abby let out a little whimper, she had no idea what the name of the woman was, when she’d asked some of the other tenants they had never heard Jim speak her name and she had already been there when they had arrived.

The other tenants didn’t seem to care much though, each one of them spent time with Jim and the goddess at various times, always filling the roll that Jim had assigned them.

There were two problems that Abby was concerned about that the other women clearly didn’t see. The first was that the blonde goddess in Jim’s penthouse was clearly getting older. She still looked to be in good shape, but even the heavy makeup she wore was having a hard time hiding all the lines on her face. If Abby had to guess, the woman was probably in her late thirties, which if the other tenants were any indication, was far older than Jim’s usual type.

The second problem that Abby could see, that perhaps due to all the surgeries and makeup, no one seemed to notice, was the stunning resemblance between the goddess and Abby.

A shiver of fear and anticipation ran down Abby’s spine. She had no doubt that she had seen her future, perhaps in a year, or two, or five, but there was no doubt in her mind that one day she would be the goddess in the penthouse that none the other tenants knew the name of, but were jealous of a no matter how many floors they climbed, how close they came to the elevator, none of them would ever be as close to Jim’s penthouse as his live in fuck toy.